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5 Best Dishes to Try at Katong Restaurants


5 Best Dishes to Try at Katong Restaurants

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If you’re a fan of sampling out dishes for fun or satisfying your cravings, the plethora of Katong restaurants should be your favorite spots. These eateries have all it takes to mesmerize you with their savory foods, all diverse and wildly exceptional. But while you’re spoilt for choice with the vast food lists, a few best dishes are sure to awe you, perhaps wanting to taste them over in a loop throughout your isolated visits. Here are the best dishes to try at Katong restaurants.

1. Boneless Chicken Rice

This dish will sure drive you head over heels and is one of the sought-after in Katong restaurants. It’s one of the best chicken rice in Singapore and a universally loved dish due to its neatly chosen ingredients. Besides, it’s perfectly paired patterns will grace your eyes, spiking a ravenous appetite. The rice is usually yellow-tinged and steamed, and the chicken is perfectly roasted. Also, you’re sure to get a bowl of soup and achar, and perhaps, coupling it with a drink completes the puzzle.

2. Crispy Roasted Pork Shoulder

The crispy roasted pork shoulder is a must-eat if you’re a fan of pork. The dish vastly features fork-tender pork with a crisped layer and potato dumplings for a dose of starch. But, it’s a dish best served with a drink since you need to shove it down your throat effortlessly despite the fattiness. You could order this food or savor it onsite by visiting for directions and locations. As you make your rounds around Katong, be sure to grab a bite of the crispy roasted pork shoulder, and indeed, you won’t be disappointed.

3. Kombu Tater Tots

For people who’ve ever tasted mushy but subtly crispy dumplings, a bite at the Kombu tater tots will revoke a memory. These delicacies are proper carbs reserves and aren’t as greasy. They also tag along with a creamy source that’s not overly surfeiting or salty but robust with flavor. You may take this food as it is or use a few sips of your favorite drinks; undoubtedly, you’ll love every minute of munching on it.

4. Pappardelle e Coda Alla Vaccinara

The Pappardelle e Coda Alla Vaccinara is quite a familiar dish comprising rolled pasta ribbons shimmering with some tomato oxtail ragu sauce. They’re the best version of pasta in town, sweet and tender to the bite and dissolve in the mouth almost immediately. If you pay some close attention, you might pick out a meaty flavor, making it ideal for pairing with some red wine or any grape juice of your choice. Just be sure to order as much as you can hold.

5. Laska

When around Katong, ask for a bowl of laksa – a noodle soup dish. It combines numerous delicious herbs and coconut milk, and boiled eggs. Besides, its seasoning gives it its iconic red tinge, and its greasy feel connected with the flavors will immediately burst in your mouth.


Finding the best dishes to eat in Katong isn’t some leg work. However, the dishes in this article will surely make your day, and perhaps you’ll want to visit Katong more frequently. Hopefully, you’ll find these foods more savory and refreshing.

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