A Surprising Adoption: When a Family Mistook a Bear for a Dog, Vet Called the Cops

Once upon a time, in Kunming City, China, Su Yun and her family embarked on a vacation that would turn their lives upside down. Little did they know that adopting a new family member would set the stage for a bizarre adventure. It involved a vet calls police a dog and a surprising case of mistaken identity.

Unseen Signs of Trouble

It all started when Su Yun noticed her two-year-old dog, whom they named “Little Black,” exhibiting peculiar behavior. Something was off, and Su Yun couldn’t ignore it any longer. Little did she realize that her denial would soon turn into a looming problem, one that would involve law enforcement.

Not Ready for the Unimaginable

Su Yun made efforts to prepare for their new pet, buying essentials like a dog bed, collar, and lead. However, she soon found herself facing an unforeseen challenge. Little Black was growing at an alarming rate, outgrowing everything they had bought. The family was in for a surprise they were totally unprepared for.

Fateful Holiday Timing

The Yun family, seeking a break from the hustle of daily life, embarked on a holiday, unaware that fate had a surprise waiting for them. During their vacation, they stumbled upon a litter of puppies, setting the stage for a life-changing decision. The adorable pups captured the children’s hearts, leading to an impromptu decision that would later make headlines.

A Bear in Disguise: Family Thinks Bear is a Dog

Little did Su Yun know that adopting a family dog during their holiday would lead to unforeseen complications. The man who sold them Little Black claimed he was a Tibetan Mastiff, a breed they thought would be a perfect fit for their family. Little Black’s charming demeanor and the family’s immediate bond with him seemed like destiny unfolding.

Peculiar Tastes and Growing Concerns

As Little Black grew, so did the family’s concerns. His peculiar eating habits, preferring noodles and fruits over traditional dog food, raised eyebrows. Little Black’s insatiable appetite for these unusual treats became a daily challenge for Su Yun. It led to unexpected expenses and worries about their pet’s well-being.

Enormous Surprises and Disturbing Behavior

Little Black’s growth exceeded expectations, reaching a staggering three feet tall and 250 pounds at two years old. Su Yun’s initial shock turned into genuine fear when she witnessed him standing on his hind legs in the kitchen, showcasing disturbing behavior. The family’s once-beloved pet was turning into a cause for concern.

Moving Outdoors: A Growing Menace

To mitigate the challenges, the family decided to move Little Black outdoors, building him a makeshift dog house in the yard. Yet, the decision didn’t reduce their problems. Little Black, now an outside dog, failed to exhibit normal canine behavior, not barking or guarding the house as expected. Su Yun’s suspicions grew, prompting her to seek answers.

Growing Suspicions and Online Revelation

Researching Tibetan Mastiff behavior didn’t provide the answers Su Yun sought. Desperate for clarity, she posted a photo of Little Black online, seeking advice. A vet on the forum dropped a bombshell: Little Black was not a dog but an enormous black bear. , it was an Asiatic black bear, also known as a Tibetan or Himalayan bear.

Legal Woes: From Dog to Bear

The revelation placed Su Yun in a dire situation. Owning a bear in China is strictly prohibited, a legal offense that could lead to jail time. Despite her love for Little Black, Su Yun faced a harsh reality – she couldn’t keep a bear as a pet. With limited options, she reached out to the local zoo for help, only to be met with bureaucratic hurdles.

Police Intervention: The Unavoidable Outcome

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Su Yun had no choice but to call the police herself. Within hours, the authorities arrived at her doorstep, accompanied by wildlife experts. The vet who had seen her online post had tipped them off. Su Yun cooperated with the officers, providing all necessary information for Little Black’s relocation and the impending legal consequences.

Bear Examination and Wildlife Center Transport

Wildlife officials examined Little Black, confirming he was an Asiatic bear. Healthy and well-fed, Little Black needed to be relocated to a local wildlife center. The tranquilization process revealed the magnitude of Su Yun’s mistake – she had kept a dangerous bear in her backyard. The media caught wind of the story, turning it into a sensation overnight.

Public Outcry and Shared Stories

As the news spread, public outrage ensued. National Geographic covered the story, bringing attention to the phenomenon of mistaken identity in pet adoption. , others shared their own stories of adopting animals, only to discover later that they were different species. Little did Su Yun know that her misadventure had become part of a larger narrative.

Cooperation Saves the Day

Despite the legal implications, Su Yun’s continued cooperation with the authorities played a crucial role. It determined her punishment in the end.

She maintained that the incident was a case of mistaken identity. She emphasized that the seller had claimed Little Black was a Tibetan Mastiff. Thankfully, Su Yun avoided jail time, but the repercussions of her actions lingered.

A Happy Ending: Little Black’s Sanctuary Life

Little Black found refuge in a nearby sanctuary, away from the confines of Su Yun’s backyard. While the family thought that they adopted a dog, they missed the pet dearly. They were relieved, though, knowing he would live out his days in a safe environment. National Geographic’s coverage shed light on the prevalence of such cases, emphasizing the need for awareness in the world of pet adoption.

In conclusion, Su Yun’s journey from adopting a dog to sheltering a bear serves as a cautionary tale. The intersection of human-animal relationships and the legal consequences of uninformed decisions underscore the importance of responsible pet ownership.