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7 Marketing Tips For New Businesses


7 Marketing Tips For New Businesses

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If you’re looking to start up your own business, there are several useful tips and strategies to keep in mind that will help you maximize the growth and exposure.

Here are seven of the best marketing tips in 2023 for new business owners.

There are more than four billion users on social media across the world. We live in an era where a high number of people we know use social media daily, so why not use a simple resource to your advantage?

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are perfect platforms to advertise your businesses. For instance, you can even pay social media platforms to advertise your company/business — and it will usually be money well-spent.

For example, Bet365 Casino in Ontario faces a highly competitive marketing environment where optimal marketing strategies have to balance against tight marketing budgets. Sportsbooks like Bet365 have to put a lot of money into advertisements on social media, on television and at public events in order to recruit new customers — and it’s proven to be a successful tactic time and  time again.

You can use hashtags and use certain keywords to attract attention toward your business on social media. LinkedIn allows you to conveniently find people in the same type of field who may be looking for work if you’re looking to hire.

2. Knowing Your Audience & Communicating With Them


This is another important step that relates to No. 1. Social media allows you to conveniently reach out to your audience. Think of it as self promotion.

If you’re starting up a food/beverage business like a restaurant, for example, you’ll want to find ways to target people who may be interested. Maybe there are well-known restaurant reviewers in your area that run a social media page on places to eat. You can contact them about promoting your page and getting them to review it.

Depending on what your business is, you need to find the type of people that will be appealing and interested in learning about it. Using social media and finding ways to promote your business in-person and online will go a long way in bringing more exposure to your expenditures.

3. Ask Customers For Google Reviews


There are many folks out there who choose places like restaurants, hotels, attractions etc. by Google reviews.

It’s another simple and powerful tool that can really help your business boom. You just need to ask your customers to leave a Google review when you’ve finished completing something for them.

And don’t be discouraged by negative reviews. They can teach you how to improve and how to further address your customers’ needs.

4. In-Person Promoting Matters, Too


The internet/social media are the easy and most effective ways these days to promote your business. But don’t overlook the importance of doing some in-person self-promoting as well. After all, not EVERYONE uses the internet and social media frequently — and not everyone uses it to research businesses/companies.

There are limitless ways to market your business online. You can rent a table at a job fair, go to a free in-person seminar, hand out fliers at a busy local place like a shopping center, library or grocery store.

5. Loyalty Programs/Special Offers & Bonuses


One of the best ways to recruit longtime customers? By simply thanking them for their years of loyalty.

You can do a loyalty points/rewards system or maybe do an offer where if a customer uses your business X amount of times, their next booking with you will be free or discounted.

It also doesn’t hurt to frequently offer special deals and bonuses that will attract customers. Customers will always appreciate of good, honest company owners that show their gratitude.

6. Newsletters


If you run a restaurant, a store or a shop of some sort, you should be keen on sending out weekly newsletters to customers.

If your business is running offers/deals at any given time, an effective way to promote those specials is to send a newsletter. All you have to do is ask your customers to sign up for it if they wish to receive the latest news and details on offers.

Maybe your business had a “buy one item, get another one free” or something for a limited time? That’s where the newsletter will come in and help you maximize your sales during a special offer period.

7. Partner Up With Other Businesses


Depending on your business, you can certainly find other similar companies that would be keen on working together.

Let’s say you run a restaurant beside a movie theater. You could speak to the theater about offering a promotion where if someone spends a certain amount of money at a restaurant, they get a discounted ticket or a voucher to theater food, etc.

Maybe you run a home repairs business. You could talk to a carpenter, electrician or plummer and see if they’d want to network together.