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A Little Girl Brings Strange Animal to the Vet: The Vet Contacts the Authority Immediately


A Little Girl Brings Strange Animal to the Vet: The Vet Contacts the Authority Immediately

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This is a fictitious story about how a little girl saves a giant creature in the garden.

Jessy walked hurriedly into the vet’s office, with a huge package. However, no one was concerned as they thought the girl had come for her pet’s routine maintenance. However, she told the assistant that she had no appointment with the vet but wanted to visit the doctor for an emergency. She opened the package for the helper to have a look at it and his face tuned white. 

What could have been in her package that elicited such an expression?

Determined to Save the Animal

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A commotion in the waiting area did not escape the recipient’s attention. To add to her worries, some visitors left the place in a hurry. So, Jessy was rushed to the doctor. Jessy, though overwhelmed by fear, was determined to save the animal’s life.

As soon as the vet unwrapped the package, his face turned white. He left immediately with the package, leaving Jessy flabbergasted. “What has happened to it”, Jessy demanded an explanation while letting out a shrill cry. He did not feel like giving her a reply.

Jessy decided to stay there despite her mind crowded with questions demanding immediate answers. Her intuition told Jessy that the animal needed assistance.

She had dug out a rare treasure. She had never seen such a thing in the woods. When she was thinking over it, the vet came in hastily.

He Explained

The vet assured Jessy that the monster had been safely kept in a container. Jessy wanted to see the animal but the vet did not grant permission. “She should avoid any unnecessary risk”, the vet thought.

Jessy was in no mood to obey the vet but he blocked her way. He requested Jessy to take her seat and told that cops would arrive in a few minutes. Jessy was shocked. “Cops!” she yelled out.

Jessy had no clue what she had done that called for police action. She was sad, angry and scared.

Outdoor Alarms

Outside sirens shook Jessy out of her thoughts. The doctor has locked the animal in a chamber. Jessy was sure that there were more to what met the eyes. The police sent a team of environmentalists to the vet’s clinic.

They did not spare 12-year old Jessy and hit her with a salvo of questions. They were satisfied and let her go. Out of helplessness, she requested that parents be contacted.

Jessy’s Parents

After 15 minutes, Jessy’s parents arrived at the spot. They hurriedly entered the room. Jessy flatly refused to speak to the police. Meanwhile, they entered and exited the chamber where the animal was kept.

Jessy’ parents became angry with the police after knowing that they could not take her back home. “How could they keep a minor against her will?” The police finally explained everything to drive the nail home.

They pressed Jessy to divulge details. She was forced to provide them with some clues about where she had got the beast from. It could be a life-or-death situation. They were informed that a doctor was soon to reach.

Jessy was still determined to protect the creature. However, her thoughts were pierced by the nearby shouts. It was horrible. The animal had attempted to escape. Fortunately, its attempt was foiled.

The door was completely blocked. Finally, Jessy decided to open her mouth.

Jessy’s Love for Animals

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Jessy always had a soft corner for critters. She had a habit of strolling in the woods. She loved nature’s beauty and used to look for animals that needed a rescue.

Before that eventful day, Jessy had saved many creatures including dogs, cats, rats, birds and even a wild creature resembling boars.

She never wanted to be called “hero”. She was only happy saving the helpless creatures. They were too adorable to avoid. No kind people could refrain from helping a helpless animal. Jessy did just that.

Discussion with Authorities

Jessy’s parents informed police that their daughter was a young volunteer at the local animal shelter and had saved many creatures’ lives. However, that day was different as she found something in the woods.

Jessy went for one of her hikes in the woods when she heard a shrill cry from a wild animal as if it was crying for help. Silence returned and a few minutes passed by before she heard the cry for the second time. This time, it was a soft sound but like something she had never heard.

That day, Jessy tiptoed into the woods while chasing the sound. She ensured to walk quietly, avoiding the rustle of leaves. Suddenly, there was silence everywhere; the animal had stopped crying.

Meanwhile, Jessy had gone too far. She retreated a few steps till she heard the faint wailing. Initially, she failed to comprehend the nature of the sound. “What possibly could it be?”

She had been coming in the woods for a long time but was not familiar with this sound.

A Giant Creature

Finally, she could see the animal. It was gigantic in size, with a slim layer of moss on its top. Jessy grew curious to examine the giant beast. She had premonitions that the animal had suffered an injury.

The creature looked scary and scared at the same time. Its giant size could leave anyone into fear. However, size apart, there was nothing about it fear of. In fact, it was in fear and Jessy found no other creature in the vicinity.

Jessy started examining the place and became certain there were many strange things beyond his vision and comprehension.

Mossy Layer

Jessy took a closer look at the bed of moss on its back. It looked so eerie. She had never found the moss in the wild. The only thing that came to her mind was that an animal might have used this mossy thing as its nesting structure.

The more she thought about it, the more she inched closer to a terrifyingly puzzling situation.

Only option was left if the mossy layer was not a natural development. One person or a group of individuals went into the woods and left the creature in the wilderness.

Considering the place, animals and other situations, it was impossible to think about an alternative conclusion.

She picked up the animal with great care and put it inside her travel bag cover by transforming it into a makeshift carrier. 

The animal stung her hand and she felt pain. However, she was too busy with the animal to think about her pain.

It was only when the cops were interrogating her, they noticed the bite and informed the doctor.


Jessy noticed that the site of the bite had changed its colour to the purple colour. Jessy did not disclose it to anybody, lest her loved ones become worried but she knew she needed immediate medical attention.

Before Jessy was taken away, she had more to divulge. She signalled a passing vehicle and it stopped just before her. The travellers gave her a box and took her to the clinic.

The authorities wasted no time finding out the lady from her licence plate number. She complained of a purple rash. The lady was not stung or bitten by the monster. So, in all probability, infection spread through air from Jessy’s wound.

Almost at the same time, the veterinarian started coughing out so loud that it felt he would burst out his lungs.

These were unusual and isolated events. However, it was not impossible to connect the dot and conclude that the vet had become sick due to the beast.

The investigation team must reach the location where the best was found.


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A squad reached the place and combed it. Meanwhile, Jessy, the lady and the vet were rushed to the emergency room. Their blood samples were collected for medical investigation so that they could be treated as early as possible.

Jessy was taken away in an ambulance. The situation was surely serious. Doctors were concerned that the infection might spread to her parents and other staff and visitors at the premises.

Jessy’s parents were strictly prohibited to see their daughter. The infected people were isolated for observation.

Meanwhile, the search crew found a shocking thing in the wooded spot. Everything in the surrounding area of the spot where Jessy discovered the animal had died. Nothing was left – neither shrub nor a single tree. It was a terrible disaster.

The risk of injury and infection necessitated special protection. They demarcated a boundary around the zone to prevent the outbreak from spreading near and far.

Sample Collection

Collecting samples for lab analysis was important but many cops were panicking and scared of getting closer to the demarcated area.  

A courageous coup came forward to volunteer and delivered the sample to the lab. Quick action was the need of the hour.

By that time, Jeessy’s health deteriorated.

Special escort services were arranged to take the volunteering officer to the laboratory. A fleet of SUVs was called in for the purpose.

All the highways of the area were shut down. Everyone joined hands to ensure things went smoothly and as quickly as possible. After 15 minutes, the policemen arrived at the research facility.

Inside, the policeman stumbled upon two doctors wearing protective gears. The duo collected the sample and put the policeman in isolation. The gigantic beast was still locked up in the E office.

Everyone was praying for an immediate solution. Only a few men in the animal hospital were denied entry. The health agency contacted them.

The doctors decided to destroy the gigantic creature because they were not sure whether it would survive. They have already collected the specimen from the creature and did not need it anymore.

An Alien?

The scientists studied the animal’s geographic characteristics and were convinced that it was from another planet. How had it landed on earth? Most probably, by freight.

They shared their research paper and other details with other scientists across the globe to get more insights into the matter.

After a long wait, the health agency of a foreign country phoned to give some information about the beast. They had recently gone through an epidemic. They advised the scientists to destroy a single piece that came in touch with the mammoth animal.

Burnt to Ashes

According to the instructions from the higher authority, another team went to the woods and set fire to everything on the ground. They even threw into fire the clothing of whoever came in touch with the beast.

After that, researchers got to learn more about the animal. They had found a potentially harmful bug.

Jessy had escorted a lethal bug to the hospital without being aware of it. The animal was potentially capable of causing large-scale environmental damage and transmitting terrible diseases.  

No safety net could keep the dangers away. They became concerned about the blood test results.

A United Front

Many labs across the globe collaborated to help the researchers to identify the animal. The news went viral through the media. The leading vernaculars got busy reporting the latest development.

The hospital started receiving calls from panicky people and also those curious to know about what was going on.

Some people, who developed the same symptoms, contacted the police headquarters and the clinic.

Soon, it became clear that a large number of people got affected with an unnamed disease. Many hospitals had no way but to open their doors to admit the infected people who needed immediate treatment.

Such a situation must not be allowed to go uncontrolled; otherwise it could spell disaster and doom for everyone involved.

The Beast’s Unborn Babies

fantastic beasts and where to find them vfx feat

The monster animal was burnt to death within the protected area. From the location it was found by Jessy, some eggs were discovered. Those must have been of the animal’s. This is why some people were showing the same symptoms.

They must know the fate of the eggs.

The government created a toll-free number for the citizens of the country so that anyone with information could contact the authority.

A huge chunk of information started pouring in. People formed large groups to look for the eggs and found a few at the heart of the city and also on its periphery. .


At last, scientists focused on finding a remedy; otherwise it would spread everywhere and the situation would soon go beyond control.

Medications arrived from other countries that benefited from them. However, care was still not found.

Throughout the time, Jessy’s parents were closely monitored. Their blood samples were collected and analysed to prepare antibodies. Jessy got a shot in her arm and woke up after two hours of long wait.

Her health improved, healing from within and she was feeling well.

Jessy wanted to know what had happened to the animal and about frenzies all around. The medical staff told her everything in detail. She became worried. The physicians comforted her by saying that everything had been brought under control.

Rescue Operations

All the country felt indebted to Jessy. Had she not been to the woods, found the creature and rescued it, the country would have been destined to be doomed.

The authorities thought the creature had been strategically placed to unleash mayhem upon the country and send a clear signal to the government.

The authority got apprehensive of other members from the same or similar gangs who could be busy conspiring against the country.


After her full recovery, Jessy was invited to visit the president’s office. However, she was too modest to accept any credit.

The president expressed his happiness and gratitude to Jessy. That a little girl of her age was brave enough to save the nation would serve as an example.

She was awarded a medal and the President’s highest accolade for her bravery. Little Jessy grew up to become a staunch supporter of animal rights and welfare. She even went on to run her own shelter.

Summary: Jessy is a little girl. She loves animals and so used to go into the woods every day. One fine morning, she found a giant creature letting out a scary cry. She rescued the animal and escorted it to a vet hospital. However, she fell ill. With time ticking away, many people developed some common symptoms and pandemic broke out. What happened? Read the blog post.