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Advertise Your Online Business with OfferToro


Advertise Your Online Business with OfferToro

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OfferToro Advertisment

Wouldn’t you love getting extra exposure and revenue for your online business?

Well, OfferToro helps you do just that!

Using it, you can find new, targeted customers interested in your products or services.

But how does it do it? And how can you advertise your business with OfferToro?

Let’s find out everything about it in this article.

What Does OfferToro Do?

OfferToro allows you to turn your website, mobile app, or digital content into a revenue stream with its offerwall.

What’s an offerwall?

In the simplest of words, an offerwall is an in-app or on-web incentivized ad that rewards users for engagement. Those engagement activities include playing games, filling out surveys, or completing other essential tasks.

Users usually receive in-app or virtual currency, credits, or points as they progress through a game or level.

The offerwall improves the user experience by increasing ad engagement and ensures user retention. This way, businesses can advertise their products or services to a fully aware and interested audience.

Unlike the Offerwall, OfferToro provides various monetization tools like API, Surveys SDK, and stand-alone offers from its network.

How Can OfferToro Better Advertise Your Online Business?

Let’s look at three primary ways OfferToro offers better advertisement for online businesses:

Advertisers Want Brand Engagements, OfferToro Delivers

Let’s face it: brand engagement is the number one thing advertisers want.

After all, no one likes to spend their marketing budget on a cold audience with a low conversion probability.

Instead, businesses and advertisers prefer displaying their ads to active and interested users – they are most likely to buy!

OfferToro offers the right level of user engagement, which helps improve user retention, increase downloads, and boost in-app sales.

OfferToro Partners With Publishers (Apps and Sites Owners)

Business owners can only get their ads in front of users if someone shows them.

This is where OfferToro gets you seen by a broad audience. Your business’s offers or ads are displayed by publishers (apps and websites) in exchange for a commission.

OfferToro has partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry. And this is how OfferToro can show your ad to millions of users.

They have more than 10,000 publishers. Just imagine the exposure such a vast network of publishers could bring to your online business!

Publishers Recruit Users

For OfferToro to show your ad to users, they need to be actively engaged in the app or site. OfferToro’s publisher network does the job by constantly recruiting new users and keeping them engaged.

This way, you can get your ad in front of interested users, which leads to better conversions.

And, if you are thinking, “How many users do they have?” we have good news for you.

OfferToro has over 5 million monthly active users! This means your online business gets an impressive number of eyeballs with OfferToro’s help.

 Amazing, right?

By leveraging its extended publisher network and active users, OfferToro gets brands more and more engagement.

Why Is it Beneficial for Online Businesses to Use a Platform Like OfferToro?

An advertising and monetization platform like OfferToro is ideal for online businesses. It’s offerwall’s “freemium” subscription model allows users to access and engage with ads and get rewards – without paying a dime!

Therefore, they are more likely to accept further offers since they already subconsciously trust the offerwall. 

This trust, in turn, leads to massive gains for businesses.

According to Lilith Games (a mobile game developer), app installs increased by 250%, and retention rates improved by 50%. This was after using an offerwall ad network.

That is just a glimpse of what a platform like OfferToro could do. Here are some more benefits one can expect from OfferToro:

Improves In-app Purchase Rates

The purpose of any ad is to get people to buy a product or service and boost revenue and profits.

Through its offerwall, OfferToro provides interested users engaging content and rewards that encourage them to buy.

This increased in-app purchasing can lead to a massive business revenue boost. One study found that in-app purchasing can increase revenue by as much as 20%.

Generates More Leads

Another great benefit of using OfferToro is that it can help businesses generate more leads.

This is done by analysing users’ preferences and showing them engaging ads featuring relevant products or services. For example, suppose a user like playing games that involve organizing or sorting objects.

In that case, they might also want to install an app that lets them organize their daily tasks.

 Such ads with engaging content pique their curiosity and encourage them to sign up for a service or product.

This lead generation potential of OfferToro is enormous and can lead to a massive increase in business sales.

Improves User Experience

It’s no secret that ads can be intrusive and annoying. So, businesses need to use an ad platform that enhances rather than detracts from the user experience.

OfferToro does this – it provides users with relevant and engaging content that doesn’t interrupt their session. For instance, if a user has skipped survey tasks for a specific category, OfferToro won’t show similar tasks. After that, they will offer different activities to that user.

This makes the user experience better and keeps people coming back.

Boosts FTUE (First Time User Experience) & Acquisitions

The first time a user experiences your product is crucial. Therefore, it’s essential to use an ad platform that enhances the FTUE.

In this case, OfferToro offers rewarded or incentivized ads, which make users more likely to use your product or service. This leads to a better FTUE and helps businesses acquire new users.

Improves User Engagement and Retention

One of the essential benefits of OfferToro is that it helps improve user engagement and retention.

The goal is to keep users returning by providing targeted content and rewarding them for their loyalty.

As a result of increased engagement and retention, businesses can increase sales, increase leads, and improve brand awareness.

These benefits make OfferToro the perfect solution for online businesses looking to get more exposure, engagement, conversions, and repeated sales.

Overall, OfferToro is an incredibly effective way to reach out to new customers and grow your business. If you’re not already using it, now is the time to start!