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Experience the Charm of Alpine Cow Parades in Switzerland


Experience the Charm of Alpine Cow Parades in Switzerland

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Introduction to Alpine Cow Parades

As autumn arrives in Switzerland, farmers prepare to bring their herds of cows, sheep, and goats down from the high-altitude pastures. This marks the beginning of the traditional Switzerland cow parade, a spectacle that delights locals and visitors alike.

The Significance of Alpine Cow Parades

Alpine cow parades are deeply rooted in Swiss agricultural traditions and serve as a celebration of the end of the summer grazing season. For farmers, it’s a milestone in their yearly calendar, while for onlookers, it’s a unique cultural experience.

Upcoming Alpine Cow Parades in Switzerland

Let’s take a closer look at some of the upcoming cow parade Switzerland 

Aug/Sept: Various Alpine Cow Parades in Appenzell

The region of Appenzell hosts several alpine cow parades, offering visitors a chance to witness this age-old tradition up close. The parades feature a procession of white goats, dairy cows, and cattle, accompanied by farmers and herdsmen hiking from the alpine pastures to the town centre.

Sept 30: Cow Parade in Kerns

In Kerns, the cow parade marks the end of summer with a colourful procession through the village. Starting at 9:30 AM, herds of adorned cows, accompanied by herdsmen, make their way through the streets. The parade is followed by musical performances and festivities throughout the day.

Sept 30: Désalpe in Le Boéchet

In the canton of Jura, the désalpe in Le Boéchet is a unique event featuring farmer families and their cattle returning from the hills. The day includes music, a parade, and an artisanal market, offering a glimpse into local traditions.

Sept 30: Cattle Drive in Klöntal near Glarus

In Klöntal near Glarus, visitors can witness a cattle drive accompanied by a Swiss yodel performance workshop. The event also includes a market, alphorn players, and the opportunity for a refreshing swim in Lake Klöntal.

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Sept 30: Cattle Drive in Näfels

The village of Näfels celebrates the return of alpine herds with a procession through the village square. Adorned cows and their shepherds are honoured for their hard work, providing a picturesque scene for spectators.

Sept 30: Désalpe in St. Cergue

St. Cergue hosts a traditional désalpe, where farmers and shepherds parade through the village with adorned cows. The event features flag-waving, traditional attire, and musical performances, creating a festive atmosphere.

Oct 1: Glarner Alpchäs- und Schabziger-Märt in Elm

Elm’s annual market showcases the cheese produced during the summer months. The event includes a parade of farmers carrying heavy bells and the homecoming of livestock, accompanied by music and entertainment.

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Oct 6: Cantonal Cattle Show in Sarnen

The cantonal cattle show in Sarnen offers farmers the opportunity to showcase their best cows and cattle. The event includes judging competitions and various categories of bovines on display.

Oct 7: Annual Sheep Shearing in Savognin

Savognin hosts its annual sheep shearing event, featuring wool products, handicrafts, and a herding dog show. Visitors can enjoy local cheeses and witness the arrival of up to 300 sheep at the Plazza Grava square.

Oct 7 – 8: Alpine Festival in Seewis

Seewis hosts the Prättigauer Alp Spektakel, featuring a colourful alpine descent and a beauty contest for alpine beards. The festival also includes an artisanal marketplace and musical entertainment.

Oct 13: Cattle Show in Engelberg

Engelberg’s cattle show showcases around 200 well-bred livestock, with competitions and musical entertainment throughout the day. Visitors can enjoy beef pepper and other local delicacies.

Oct 14: Cantonal Cattle Show in Glarus

Glarus hosts its cantonal cattle show, where farmers display their most handsome bovines for judging. The event offers a glimpse into the region’s agricultural heritage.

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Alpine Cow Parades that Have Already Passed

Several alpine cow parades have already taken place in various regions of Switzerland, offering visitors the chance to witness this unique tradition firsthand.

Conclusion: Embrace the Tradition of Alpine Cow Parades

Alpine cow parades in Switzerland offer a glimpse into the country’s rich agricultural heritage and provide a unique cultural experience for visitors. Whether you’re watching adorned cows trot through village streets or sampling local cheeses at a market, these events are sure to leave a lasting impression. Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the charm of alpine cow parades in Switzerland.