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Amp Up Your Tutoring Business With Management Software


Amp Up Your Tutoring Business With Management Software

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Basic scheduling software won’t cut it for any tutoring business that wants to grow and scale. You need something with some teeth, like Tutor with Pearl, if you want to operate your tutoring business like a proper business and not just let it take up space in your spare time.

But how can you know if Tutor with Pearl is right for you and your tutoring business? Let’s break down all the things this tutor management software can do, how it helps you manage your tutoring business, and more so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not this software is right for you!

Why Do I Need A Management Software

Do you run a tutoring business? Is it successful? The best way to ensure the success of your business is by investing in tutor management software such as Tutor with Pearl. Using this service will help automate the operations and make managing your tutors much easier. Below are four benefits of using tutor management software for your company.

  1. Scheduling– Most organizations have many meetings on any given day. Every tutor has their own availability and other commitments during the day. This can lead to logistical problems in scheduling sessions and leads to them not showing up or being late on certain days of the week, leaving time blocks open on their schedule where they cannot be scheduled elsewhere. A good tutor management software can automatically create schedules based on these factors.
  2. Time Tracking– One of the most tedious tasks when running a small business is tracking hours spent on projects, including working with tutors. Tutor management software will give you an accurate account of how long your employees spend on each project and even allow you to track hourly rates for each employee. You’ll never have to worry about coming up short again.
  3. Expense Reporting– When reporting expenses for your business, some people use old-school methods like filling out forms and sending them in. But if you use tutor management software, you can complete your expense reports with just one click. It’s quick and easy to manage everything without spending hours on paperwork.
  4. Client Tracking– Many tutoring companies lose potential clients because they do not have enough staff members or cannot offer services at times convenient for their clients. With tutor management software, companies can easily see who is available at what times and match up client needs with suitable tutors who work those same hours.

What Questions Should I Ask Before Choosing a Tutor Management Tool

What features do you need? This may include document storage, classroom collaboration, invoicing, attendance records, and more. What platforms does the software work on? These include desktop, web, tablet, and mobile. You’ll want something available to your customers on their devices of choice.

Can I use other applications with the system? Can I access my data from another application like Microsoft Office or Google Docs? Is it easy to transfer data in or out of the system? Look for a program that will be easy to set up and even easier to import information into. Can someone else log in or see my company’s information when they don’t have permission or access privileges granted?

Where To Begin When Choosing The Right Software

When choosing tutoring management software, it is important to understand the following characteristics of a product. The first is the simplicity of the user interface. With any software, there will be a learning curve, but as a tutor, you will want something your clients can quickly and easily use.

The second characteristic is customer service. As someone who does not know how the system works, you may have questions or issues and would like them resolved promptly. Next is pricing. It would help if you considered the monthly cost for licensing and the subscription fees before making a decision. Finally, find out what features are included in the software to meet your needs best.

Which Technology Systems Are Right For Me?

If you are a tutor, there are many management software options on the market. Which technology system is right for you? Tutor with Pearl offers several features and benefits not found in other tutoring systems and plans available on the market. Whether you’re an independent tutor or offer tuition through your business, Tutor with Pearl can help you get organized so that life doesn’t get in the way of making money.

What does using this software look like?

Using Tutor with Pearl is simple. The software is available as a downloadable application or as an online service. It has all the features you need to manage your business, including keeping track of client schedules, creating invoices, and much more. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly so that you can access it from anywhere.


Suppose you’ve found success in your tutoring business, congratulations! Now is the time to consider how to take your business to the next level. One way is using tutor management software, which will help you streamline your workflow and stay organized.