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NumLooker Review: Is It the Best Address Lookup Service?


NumLooker Review: Is It the Best Address Lookup Service?

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Using a reverse address lookup, you can find out the actual owner of a certain house or who lives in the next block in your neighborhood. This is an important tool that can never be overemphasized.

In essence, this involves using a reverse address database  to look up the owner of an apartment and even the email and contact information linked to specific residences

For most firms, a reverse address lookup is a beneficial tool that ensures that organizations can verify claims by staff members given the necessary permissions by the legislation on such matters in the region.

NumLooker is pretty much a humungous search engine that compares search queries to the content of a sizable database with access to public records, NumLooker remains among the top address lookup services in the industry.

Additionally, the service offers information on the user’s gender preferences, email address, and past address in addition to supporting authentication. You receive precise results from this free people search service in only a few minutes.

What is Reverse Address Lookup?

Using a particular street address to obtain information about the current residents, previous residents, or property owners of a home or business is known as a reverse address lookup, also known as a reverse address search.

With the click of a mouse, anyone may access detailed information on a person’s age, home, phone number, family, and background.

There are a plethora of online companies promising unsuspecting users in-depth information on inputted addresses, unfortunately, most of these companies lack the structure to provide these results. This implies that redirects to more robust reverse address lookup utilities are often used to get results, while users are charged twice as high.

Thankfully, NumLooker exceeds expectations in this regard. NumLooker remains a leading reverse address lookup utility currently and seems to be ready to put in the work to maintain this position consequently.

What is NumLooker

NumLooker is a free online tool that conducts thorough personal searches and reverses address lookups among many other Sherlock holmes-type detective services. It enables you to quickly and easily find out detailed, accurate information about a person.

The best thing about NumLooker is that these features can be swiftly and simply evaluated. Finding a phone number, or address and learning who it is registered to is easy, safe, and rapid.


  • Who called me: This can assist you quickly in determining the identity of a strange caller. Could also be a frequent caller of your teenage daughter.
  • Email lookup: With the NumLooker email lookup utility, users can find out all the email addresses connected to a person by using an email lookup.
  • People search: Find a person’s phone number, current address, and social media profile with the people search feature.
  • Public record search: You can access a person’s criminal history, marriage, divorce, and employment history, among other things.
  • A background check: A background check might inform you of a person’s criminal history.
  • Address lookup: Assists in determining who resides at a given address and providing the contact details of the owner.

An in-depth explanation of how to use Numlooker to do a Reverse Address Search.

When you input the appropriate information in the search bar, NumLooker ensures a detailed report and ensures quick delivery of its service in line with its stated pros. Here are the steps to use NumLooker for a reverse address search.

  • Go to the NumLooker main page.

Visit the website’s search page by clicking here. You may also choose “Address Lookup” from the drop-down menu above the search field.

  • Type the whole address into the search area (zip code, street name, number of the house, and city name). When finished, click the “Search” button to proceed.
  • Click “Start Search.”The address-search tool will swiftly search its enormous database and provide a lookup report containing information about the location, the owner, and the property itself.

Pros of Numlooker

  • It provides a speedy lookup and presents outcomes immediately.
  • Available on PCs and mobile devices.
  • Appropriate for everyone.
  • Verifiable reports.
  • Reverse lookup services for phones are free.
  • Confidential and ensures privacy.
  • The interface is easy to use.
  • Superior customer care.
  • On a mobile device, all functionalities are available without any third-party software.
  • By clearly identifying the caller without any ambiguity, it is simple to use and saves a lot of time.
  • This tool’s information is accurate because it offers specific filtering choices.
  • Updates when new information or a change is made.

Cons of Numlooker

  • It might not include further details, such as the caller’s occupation.
  • When utilizing the website, it sometimes crashes.
  • Additional information may require a fee.

How Accurate is Reverse Address Lookup?

In general, an address lookup is more precise than you might imagine, especially with more efficient reverse address lookup services like NumLooker. Let’s say you wish to sell a house privately without using a broker. Enter the property’s address to get all the necessary information.

But, given this information from the lookup search, how can you be sure it’s the real deal?

  • You can view both the home and the former occupants using a reverse address lookup. Just entering an address is all that is required. This is especially helpful for real estate brokers or persons whose careers need them to move every few years or so.
  • The accuracy of reverse address lookups is typically higher for single-family homes or detached homes. When people fill out official paperwork or public records, they frequently omit some part of their address; therefore, the information can be sparse for addresses like those of large apartment buildings or office buildings with numerous offices. Additionally, these partial addresses find their way into the databases of marketing firms or are employed in organizational algorithms.

With the exception of a few rare instances when a human error may prevent an accurate search, the information returned by NumLooker’s reverse address search is often accurate.


Is Numlooker the best address lookup service?

Well, in our opinion, if you’re looking to receive quality searches for absolutely no cost, then NumLooker is the best address lookup service currently.

NumLooker remains the most practical approach to making an informed decision about a real estate transaction, searching for next-door neighbors to guarantee your family safety, hooking up with long-lost friends, or changing your location.

Remember that you can find everything you need, which eliminates the need for paid p