Best Marine Crane Suppliers in 2024


Best Marine Crane Suppliers in 2024

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Cranes are important rigging instruments in many different marine projects. Without these inventions, it would be impossible to lift and move heavy loads faster and easily. Rigging equipment manufacturers have introduced various cranes designed to withstand the harsh conditions of marine environments while helping lift and move materials and personnel with ease.

There are many advantages in choosing the best crane provider for your marine project whether loading cargo, transferring personnel or offshore gas exploration, mining, and transportation. The best marine crane supplier prioritizes value for money by providing safe and high-quality products backed by after sale services you can depend on, including readily available spare parts, and prompt technical support. Discover the best marine suppliers in this guide.


This high-tech enterprise specializes in durable, reliable, and safe lifting and handling solutions including cranes for maritime activities such as heavy lifting and cargo handling. 

With plenty of experience in the industry, the company knows where to focus its talents and resources to produce cranes that are easy to move and mount on ships. Right now, you can select from telescopic cranes rated for loads ranging from 2 to 20 tons.

Such equipment is designed for precise load control, ensuring the safety of operators and cargo during loading at the port and ship-to-ship transfer while at sea. They also have knuckle boom crane options for those looking for compact solutions to ensure large free deck space. Visit the manufacturer’s website to sample this equipment and find one that suits your marine project requirements

SHANDONG E-TOUCH Shipping Engineering Co

This Chinese manufacturer of professional marine excavation and transportation equipment provides many different types of cranes including truck mounted, hydraulic telescopic, knuckle boom, and customized hydraulic deck cranes. You can rely on the manufacturer to get you the best crane technology for your marine project.

The company is headquartered in China but has offices, teaming with staff ready to offer technical support for clients in places such as Indonesia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, and Bangladesh. With an average lead time of just 15 days during off peak season, you can acquire your crane in just a matter of weeks and set up operations.

Palfinger Marine

Palfinger was established in 1932 to manufacture deck equipment and handling solutions including Loader Cranes, Forklifts, Hooklifts, Tail Lifts, Railway Systems and Bridge Inspection Units. The headquarters of the company are in Austria but it has manufacturing sites in 33 countries allowing it to serve clients in many different parts of the world.

The marine side of the business focuses on developing and manufacturing innovative, reliable, and customized lifting and handling solutions including cranes, winches, and lifesaving equipment for players in the maritime industries.

Being a family-owned operation, this company is able to prioritize the needs of individual customers. They have over 1200 employees and 5000 service locations worldwide for spare parts supply and onsite support.

Liebherr Group

Liebherr manufactures machines and components for lifting and handling activities in both offshore and onshore projects. The group is headquartered in Bulle Switzerland and has been in operation since 1949.

Right now, it comprises over 140 companies in over 50 countries plus subsidiaries and agencies in various locations in the world. Liebherr Marine offers an extensive range of crane solutions for applications on land, in ships, and at the port. It has a network of manufacturing facilities and suppliers worldwide for original spare parts, technical training, crane transportation and assembly services.

These cranes come with the latest in state-of-the-art technologies including hydraulic systems, precision monitoring solutions, and electronic control systems for great value for money.

Huisman Equipment

This Dutch company specializes in custom-built behemoths for complex offshore projects. Think wind turbine installations and deep-sea exploration. It has been around for 100 years now and has been manufacturing cranes for 30 of them. They offer both off- and onshore cranes in various sizes and designs. customers are full of praise about Huisman cranes functionality and workability.

They point out advantages such as large free deck space, increased vessel stability, and extended lifespan. The company also boasts a wide network of service points on all continents for dishing out spare parts and remote support. They also welcome requests from clients looking for customized crane designs to suit their project requirements.