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How to Avoid Dry Hits and Burnt Coils In Your Vapes


How to Avoid Dry Hits and Burnt Coils In Your Vapes

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Encountering dry hits or burnt coils proves to be among the most frustrating experiences for vapers. Such occurrences, compromising not only your e-liquid flavor but also diluting overall satisfaction from vaping; however–there is good news: mastering proper priming art significantly reduces risk of these issues and extends coil lifespan in return. This article delves into the exploration of techniques: it investigates effective coil priming and sidesteps the ominous dry hit phenomenon.

Understanding the Importance of Coil Priming

Understanding the necessity of priming is essential before delving into its techniques. Coils, as heating elements, hold responsibility for vaporizing e-liquid; thus, saturating them properly with this substance becomes crucial to prevent dry hits and burnt taste. Optimal performance and flavor result from priming: a process that involves immersing the wicking material within the coil in e-liquid either prior to initial use or subsequent installation of a new coil.


Assemble your vaping device, new coil, and preferred e-liquid. Opt for an e-liquid abundant in vegetable glycerin (VG) as it offers a denser consistency and superior wicking properties; this is the advisable course of action. Disassemble your tank and, if necessary, remove the old coil. Inspect the wicking material for a new coil: it must be pristine–clean and entirely free of debris.

Drip E-Liquid onto the Coil

Employ a dropper or bottle tip to directly apply a few drops of e-liquid onto the coil’s exposed cotton wicking material. Ensure thorough saturation of the cotton, but steer clear from over-saturating as it may cause flooding.

Allow Time for Absorption

Apply the e-liquid to the coil, and then allow a sufficient amount of time for complete absorption by the wicking material. Depending on factors such as: e-liquid thickness; coil size – this process may take several minutes.

Priming the Wicking Ports

Saturate the coil, assemble and fill the tank with e-liquid. Priming is crucial: saturate the wicking material around your coil by letting e-liquid flow through it before you reattach the tank to your device.

Start with Low Wattage

Once you have reassembled the tank, initially set your device to a low wattage setting; then–in small increments–gradually increase the wattage. This method allows for a gradual heating up of the coil and prevents overwhelming of wicking material with excessive heat.

Monitor for Signs of Saturation

Pay attention to the flavor and vapor production while vaping. Should you perceive any indicators of dryness – a burnt taste or reduced vapor output, cease vaping immediately; allow extra time for optimal absorption of e-liquid by your wicking material.

Troubleshooting Dry Hits and Burnt Coils

Even with meticulous care, one may still encounter occasional instances of dry hits and burnt coils. Should you face these challenges, to ensure thorough saturation of the wicking material, disassemble the tank if you suspect inadequate priming of the coil; then, repeat and execute prime again. Lowering the wattage can relieve stress on the coil, preventing overheating–thus decreasing the probability of dry hits.

Ensure Proper Saturation by Checking the Consistency of Your E-Liquid: Thicker e-liquids may necessitate longer priming times. Therefore, either employ a thinner e-liquid or adapt your priming technique as required. If dry hits continue unabated, despite exhaustive troubleshooting efforts: one must consider replacing the coil entirely. Coils–over a period of time–undergo degradation; consequently, they lose their capacity to efficiently vaporize e-liquid.


Maintaining a satisfying vaping experience and prolonging your coils’ lifespan require you to prime them properly. This article outlines techniques that, coupled with vigilant attention for signs of dryness or burning, will enable your vape to relish flavorful, consistent vapor production without enduring the frustration of dry hits or burnt coils. Keep in mind: achieving optimal vaping performance hinges on patience and meticulous attention to detail.