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Buying Steroids Online Canada: Myths And Lies About Anabolics


Buying Steroids Online Canada: Myths And Lies About Anabolics

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Promises of fast results, effortless muscle growth, and cheap body recomposition in a month are everywhere. Before you purchase any kind of steroids Online Canada — make sure that you are fully aware of the ways of this market and the murky waters you’re about to dive into. Here’s what you need to know. 

What Are Steroids 

Let’s make sure we’re on the same ground first. Anabolic steroids are synthetic compounds that affect your muscle growth rate by mimicking the natural male sex hormone, Testosterone. Steroid molecules, taken either orally or through an injection, travel through your blood flow right to the muscle cells, connect to androgen receptors and promote protein synthesis. 

Steroids Benefits 

As a result, steroids online Canada — as well as steroids from a guy on the corner in the United States, or steroids from your gym buddy in Australia – are going to give you: 

  • Fast muscle gains; 
  • Extra endurance; 
  • Strength boost; 
  • Leaner and more fit look. 

IN general, steroids give you an ADVANTAGE. A notable and visible effectiveness boost that many call unfair. Do these effects come for free, though? 

Steroids Online Canada Side Effects

Hell no, they don’t. Anabolic steroids have side effects as well: 

  • Liver damage; 
  • Heart issues; 
  • Elevated blood pressure; 
  • Cholesterol imbalance; 
  • Natural Testosterone levels decrease; 
  • Gynecomastia (moobs). 

All the effects are dose-dependent, vary from person to person, can manifest overnight, or never actually show up. It’s all personal with steroids online Canada. 

Steroids Online Canada or The United States Legal Difference 

There’s a massive difference between buying steroids online Canada and ordering them in the USA: 

  • Steroids online Canada are illegal to sell but legal to possess. You can buy them and use them, but the source – the man who sold you the compounds – will be punished badly if they’ll get caught; 
  • Steroids in the United States are illegal in all ways possible: if the Police stop you with anabolic steroids on your hands, you can be ordered to pay a huge fine. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that you can safely order any kind of steroids online Canada and eat them daily without working out until you get the body of your dreams. It would be just too good to be true. 

Myths About Steroids Online Canada 

Many misconceptions and marketing manipulations surround the topic, and effortless muscle growth is just one of them. Let’s destroy three of the most prevalent lies: 

Myth Number 1: You Can Get Bigger On Steroids Online Canada Without Working Out 

Total and complete BS. While we do actually have studies on some of the compounds that document effortless muscle growth, it works only with people with severe muscle loss diseases. 

Take a look at this study on Anadrol effects: it proves the idea of effortless mass growth, but only with people that have AIDS and a severe muscle mass deficiency. An average healthy athlete will have to sweat hard in the gym to gain muscles, even on anabolic steroids. 

Myth Number 2: Legal Steroids Exist 

This one is just partially true. Legal steroids definitely exist, but they’re not suitable for any bodybuilding targets. With steroids online Canada, you have just three options: 

  1. Those are not steroids at all. “Legal steroids” are either herbal powder mixes or shady amino acids under a misleading label; 
  2. Those steroids are not for muscle growth. You can get corticosteroids (the ones that mimic Cortisol), or legal TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Steroids online Canada for TRT are prescribed by a doctor, but the doses won’t go over 200mg per week. You need at least 300-500mg per week to see any differences in size unless you’re a beginner; 
  3. Those steroids are simply fake. You can’t call the Police and tell them you got scammed when you tried to buy steroids online Canada. They’ll simply laugh at you. Buying steroids online is illegal, most people are smart enough not to snitch on themselves, and the scam part of the market is thriving. 

There ARE legit shops out there, but they’re – sometimes – rather hard to find. 

Myth Number 3: Steroids Make You Dumber and Kill Your Sex Drive 

These two – like dozens of other spooky-scary urban legends circulating around anabolic steroids – are nothing but fear-inducing BS claims. 

Steroids affect CNS (Central Nervous System) and can make you more aggressive or anxious, but so does a natural boost in testosterone production. Your cognitive functions are far from the first place in line to get the damage, even though some neurotoxicity studies are going on right now. 

Erection issues are a common side effect, but it rarely manifests on low to average doses and acts as a red flag, screaming, “you’re taking too much now”. Some steroids definitely affect your libido, but the exact outcome is hard to predict. You can turn into a sex machine, lose your erection for a couple of months, or not feel a thing in this field. To minimize the risks – always go for PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) and never take high doses. Shrinking testicles are not a joke, but they’re easy to avoid if you have good self-control (and a proper cycle plan). 

Steroids Online Canada FAQ 

Other issues that often surface in discussions on the topic are not really myths but proofs of the public’s inability (and lack of sincere desire to learn) to think critically. Here’s what we are talking about: 

  1. Not ALL steroids Online Canada shops are untrustworthy. pay extra attention to reviews and maybe ask a forum or two about the specific seller and the compounds you’re about to purchase – you’ll most likely get a complete answer; 
  2. Steroids are NOT addictive. This one is complete BS. You can get addicted to the benefits and feel of being “on”, but it’s 100% a psychological habit. On a physical level – steroids stay in your system for a while and vanish without a trace of addiction; 
  3. Steroids are NOT safe. Whoever claims that anabolic steroids won’t harm you – they lie blatantly. Steroids definitely can harm you, and your only weapon is experience. Get a couple of years on steroids under your belt (of course, with all the necessary pauses), and you’ll notice the malicious intentions of some “trustworthy” guys. Chances are, sellers just lie about safety to sell more. 

Conclusions on Steroids Online Canada 

Ordering anabolic steroids online should never be considered a magic solution to all your problems. Body recomposition takes months of strict diet and a proper cycle. People will rarely be on your side in conflicts, steroids online Canada are stigmatized. 

If you refuse to care about other people’s judgment and want to get massive – don’t rush to buy steroids online Canada. Do your research first. Sometimes knowledge is the only way that stands between you and a hospital bed. With the understanding of anabolic steroids’ mechanism of action, you will – most likely – be safe. Never forget that you’re the one in charge, and you’re the first in line to risk your health. 

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