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Collabit ERP Software: Water Hygiene and Treatment Solutions Made Easy


Collabit ERP Software: Water Hygiene and Treatment Solutions Made Easy

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A tried and tested solution for your water treatment business needs, Collabit lets you manage the entire water hygiene business like a pro!

Stay on top of your game with Collabit’s refined ERP water treatment software – we connect your entire company in a single system!

ERP for the Ultimate Water Hygiene and Treatment

Ensuring superb water treatment and hygiene service to over 100 companies –
Collabit’s software delivers the solutions for modern, niche-specific problems in the water compliance industry.

Collabit’s ERP software is a solution-packed tool that helps manage everyday issues arising from water and Legionella treatment.

Practical Answers in a Single Solution-packed ERP Software

A niche-specific ERP brand, Collabit offers spot-on and on-the-spot solutions for addressing water hygiene and treatment issues for businesses.

With our software, upkeep is a breeze!

Achieve efficiency without sacrificing quality with a simple tap on a screen – our software does the rest and keeps your business afloat! 

To do just that – resort to the Collabit library of forms! Find the for that suits your needs the best, and enjoy doing your work seamlessly and efficiently!

Tracking, downloading PDFs, and following up on matters is made easy with Colllabit’s intuitive ERP software aimed at all issues related to water hygiene and treatment.

Managing Water Hygiene and Treatment, Collabit Style

Collabit – a pre-built, niche-specialised ERP solution for water treatment – simplifies how you manage water hygiene.

It offers an effective yet simple solution – a designated software that takes care of various water hygiene and treatment aspects.

Collabit’s Almighty Library of Forms

Steadily becoming the go-to provider of all industry-related forms, Collabit makes it easy for clients to access, generate, and download what they need.

Armed with dedicated professionals, Collabit’s palette of forms that clients can download. First, select a job category from Collabit’s drop-down menu in the library – and then, download the file!

Once downloaded, you can edit and tweak the form and ultimately create the most unique form that caters to your specific needs.

Top Library Forms by Collabit

  • The Clean and Disinfections form: A trusted form sample by many clients. Clean-cut and easy to use, it easily detects sanitation issues;
  • The Sampling form: Mainly used for lab sampling, the form gathers all relevant key points of consideration;
  • The Legionella Risk Assessments form: A on-point form for those in the Legionella assessment industry. It highlights the main issue characteristics;
  • The Fired Damper Testing form: Used by companies in the fire safety industry, this Collabit form helps include all the right info, without missing a single issue;
  • The Kitchen Extract form: Another of Collabit’s forms that are utilized for gathering info on fire safety.

Each form includes so-called “built-in rules.” It automatically detects and flags a problem while also making a recommendation to clients on how to mend it.

Best thing about them? Collabit’s library of forms is easy to customise, create new flags, and change the report outline to make each file genuine and unique.

Collabit Library of Forms for Water Treatment: Our Clients

Collabit offers solutions to the so-called marginalised companies that are oftentimes invisible to the general public:

  • Clients delving into the water hygiene and treatment industry
  • Companies that belong to a specific niche and are facing industry-related challenges
  • Companies that deal with Legionella issues – controlling, risk-assessing, or companies in the water treatment industry;
  • Clients who need to make use of our Closed System Analysis;

Engineers can use the software to highlight workflows, integrate the forms into their workflow, and turn them into remedial works!

Why Trust Collabit’s Library of Forms?

A niche-specific ERP company, Collabit understands the everyday business routine of its clients.

Its main goal? To simplify the management of professional issues. Why love it?

  • It’s a complete, all-around software solution for water treatment and hygiene;
  • It’s a water compliance solution, particularly devised to offer seamless navigation through services revolving around Legionella (assessing risk and controlling) and water treatment;
  • Collabit’s forms are all-encompassing and intuitive, asking all the right questions;
  • Trusted by over 100 niche-specific companies;
  • Easily customizable to cater to specific business needs;
  • Relying on trustworthy parties like the LCA;

For businesses dealing with water treatment and hygiene issues – Collabit extends a helping hand with a unique ERP software and a library of forms that ensures maximum efficiency! 

Collabit’s ERP Software for Water Treatment and Hygiene: What’s There to Know?

Managing water treatment and hygiene is a bust – our ERP software can luckily help!

Learn all about our solution and water treatment beforehand – we have the answers.

What Is an ERP System for Water Treatment, Exactly?

Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP – is a solution-based software that manages day-to-day business tasks – planning, risk management, compliance, sampling, and more. In the water treatment industry., ERP draws attention to distinct issues and does the trick of solving them.

What Can the Collabit ERP System for Water Treatment Help With?

Collabit’s ERP software is mainly aimed at helping niche-specific companies in the water treatment and hygiene industry. It offers systematic solutions for the management of daily tasks the business deals with. Collecting data on samples, gathering on-site information, tracking, distributing, and downloading forms and PDFs are some of the benefits of using the Collabit ERP software for water treatment and hygiene.

What do Collabit’s Water Treatment and Hygiene Forms Include?

Targeting particular aspects of a niche-specific ERP business, Collabit’s massive library of forms collects data that matter to your business water treatment and hygiene needs, Different forms target different angles of doing business, and there are various job categories to choose from – clean and disinfection, biocide wash, and asset tagging, and more.