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How Can Employees Benefit From Confined Space Training?


How Can Employees Benefit From Confined Space Training?

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Confined space accidents are the biggest concern in different industries because of the hazardous circumstances. Working in restricted spaces like tunnels, pits, water tanks, pit wells, sewers, silos, pipes, boilers, etc., can cause severe injuries and even kill those involved. Thus, companies in the US are stressing seeking confined space certification. When employees have confined space training, they know the protocols for safe entry and exit and also analyze the risks and hazards. Furthermore, employees can also take necessary precautionary measures.

Aids Industry-Specific Training

Individuals whose work involves confined spaces must be aware of the potential dangers and accordingly implement risk control management before entering. Moreover, such people must undertake confined space training for specific hours, acquire a certificate, and improve their skills and knowledge. There are several industrial sectors where confined space is involved as their workplace. Each one of them requires different plans and risk management. Thus, industry-specific training is vital. Specific industrial sectors requiring confined space training are:

  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Food and beverages
  • Plumbing

Utilizing Specialized Tools

When a company wants its employees to carry out tasks in confined spaces, it’s vital to make arrangements for practical confined space training. Working in restricted spaces creates higher risks of accidents and even deaths. Thus, employees must learn new skills and gain knowledge, particularly related to the functioning of specialized tools and equipment. Because of their training, employees are aware of the ways to assess the confined space environment. Thus, it is easier to evaluate the toxic gas level, flooding situation, fire, explosions, dust, etc., in the restricted area. Employees must be equipped with safety gear like torches, headlights, helmets, high-visibility apparel, oxygen monitors, ventilation fans, specialist ladders, etc. A confined space certification helps employees handle various tools and machines that assure their safety.

Recognize Emergency Situations

When employees lack proper training, they miss out on identifying the signs of emergencies in confined spaces. A drop in the oxygen level is a common concern and can quickly become a difficult situation of life and death. Low oxygen levels will cause rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, seizures, collapse, and even death. When individuals are trained in confined space management, they can evaluate themselves and others and undertake steps to escape the emergency. Because of their training, they can assess many things before taking place.

What does OSHA space training teach?

  • Identifying potential dangers in limited spaces
  • Executing top-notch risk control measures
  • Utilizing PPE kits
  • Knowledge of emergency procedures
  • Learning the details of confined space entry permits and regulations


Recognizing potential hazards and taking necessary steps is one of the prime reasons for encouraging employees to undertake confined space certification courses. Because of the rising instances of confined space accidents and deaths, several organizations have made it compulsory for employees to undertake confined space training. It is necessary as employees can identify potential hazards and utilize the right skills and tools to save themselves and their colleagues.