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Custom Business Software Vs Run of the Mill SaaS: What is the Difference?


Custom Business Software Vs Run of the Mill SaaS: What is the Difference?

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The differences between a custom-made business software and a run of the mill SaaS solution are not unlike those between a tailormade suit and a readymade piece from the mall. In both instances, the custom product is made specifically for the customer, while the other is not. Let’s go through a few quick comparisons next, so that the simile starts to make more contextual sense.

All Features Vs. Some/Most Features

Custom-developed business software solutions are designed specifically for the customer, so it is only natural for the resulting application to meet all their expected (and possible) business needs. Software services, on the other hand, are always developed to specifically cater to a sector or subsector, and leading providers do an excellent job of getting the job done too.

Unfortunately, as SaaS solutions are not developed specifically for any one company but a general sector/niche, even the best of them are unlikely to meet all the individual expectations that their numerous customers may have. There will be some customization options available for sure, but those cannot match the convenience of using a unique product which was developed just for one customer from the ground up.

One vs. Many

As a result of the factors discussed above, the usage of multiple software services for facilitating one or more connected processes is inevitable. This would be unnecessary with custom business software solutions because:

  1. The solution is designed to have all relevant features that the company needs from day one.
  2. Adding more features to the same software on an as-needed basis will be a seamless process.

When a company works with several third-party software vendors to facilitate interconnected processes, they are likely to face problems such as:

  • Several, unnecessary steps for each process
  • More time would be necessary to complete each cycle
  • It will be a lot more expensive
  • There will be a higher chance of experiencing invisible bottlenecks
  • Ghost IT, aka unnecessary and unused IT subscriptions may add more to the total cost
  • Plans would cost more, and they could be paying for features which they have no use for

Restructuring All Processes Vs Seamless Process Improvement

SaaS solutions provide the same/similar interface to all their clients, which means that clients must adjust and restructure their own ongoing processes, just to accommodate the new system. On the other hand, custom business applications are developed around the client’s existing system, improving the processes through seamless integration. To optimize your existing business processes with a personalized software solution, visit

In all fairness, SaaS solutions do offer an immediate product, but it will take at least some time to properly develop a personalized business solution. Companies often use readymade software services to meet their needs as best as possible during this development period, which makes practical sense. It should also be noted that once a company begins to grow, it will become increasingly difficult to work without personalized, unique software solutions catering to some of the crucial departments.