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Unusual things to do in Montreal to discover the city


Unusual things to do in Montreal to discover the city

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Montreal, Quebec is a place of vivid culture, exciting places, and great cultural spots. Every year, Montreal is visited by visitors from all across the globe.

Tourists from all around the world get to enjoy Montreal’s nightlife, local culture, and great cuisine.

Even in the wintertime, there are great things to do and explore in Montreal. Simply said, there is no shortage of fun things to do in Montreal.

Whether you’re coming in for a day or you are planning to stay longer, there are some places that you must visit.

If not you cannot say that you put your leg in Montreal. Here are some of the most unusual and fun things that you can do in Montreal.

Start With City Tours of Montreal

City tours are a great way to get to know an area. Not only that you will get to learn and experience the city firsthand from locals, but also check out some of the most hidden city pockets. These tours are usually themed-oriented and if you are into beverages, especially beers you should definitely taste local beers in Montreal, as good craft beers are a great way to taste local cuisine and improve your bone density (when consumed in moderation good craft beers can contribute to your overall health).

Visit Old Montreal

Go back in time and see how Montreal looked centuries ago. Old Montreal is a unique place of charm, beauty, and authenticity.

Not only that this area is packed with old buildings, but it also offers some hip restaurants, museums, and gift shops.

Plus, it is located next to a famous old port. Great scenery for photos is guaranteed.

Check The City’s Cuisine

One of the best ways to explore any city is to do it bite by bite. Not only that trying local cuisine is an easy way to get to know the area, but it is also delicious. Plus, you will get to spend time with locals and hear some great stories.

Make sure that you try smoked meat and bagel shop in the Jewish community or the French Canadians and their delicious poutines.

Do not choose one, but have a bite of everything, or you will regret it big time.

Ten Things To Do In Montreal On Your Next Visit

  1. Climb aboard life-sized pirate ships at Voiles en Voiles
  2. Ride La Grande Roue de Montreal and see the city from up high
  3. Check Montreal’s mural arts
  4. Take a day trip to Quebec City
  5. Check out the fantastic Montmorency Falls
  6. Explore an Underground World
  7. Visit the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
  8. Learn how to make Montreal-style bagels
  9. Fly over the Old Port on a zipline
  10. Visit the Eudore Dubeau Museum of Dentistry

Whatever you decide to start exploring Montreal with first, you will love it. Not only that this city is great to move around, but it is also extremely safe.

Overall, Montreal is considered a safe city, but that doesn’t mean that you should conduct simple precautions that can ensure that you will have a safe trip. Pack well, plan and move smart, and have fun!