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Durians are Selling Like Hotcakes in Singapore


<strong>Durians are Selling Like Hotcakes in Singapore</strong>

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Durian is a very popular fruit in South East Asia. People in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia love eating durians. People love durians so much that they call it “The King of Fruits”. The growing popularity of this tropical fruit has led to a furore among people in Singapore. As the discussions are rife with the scrumptious taste of the fruit, more people are buying them to know why it is so popular. Despite its growing demand, there are some people that do not like durian at all. You might wonder why. Well, the reason they share behind it is that durians have a very strong aroma. Despite its strong smell, the lovers of durians never miss a chance to relish their favourite fruit.

Durians, just like many other fruits, come in different varieties. Each variety has its own characteristics and each variety has its own loyal followers. The most sought-after variety is Musang King or Mao Shan Wang, as it is also known. It has the best flavour and texture among other varieties. Owing to its popularity, it is an expensive variety of tropical fruit. However, people that love this variety of durians are not fazed by the fact that it is dearer than other varieties.

If you think that durians are only eaten for their taste then you are wrong. It is also eaten for the benefits that it offers. Durians are highly nutritive and rich in essential nutrients required by the human body. When you eat a portion of Musang King, you would be blessed by the amount of fibre, protein, vitamins, carbs, fat and minerals present in the fruit. It is highly rich in vitamin C, so much that a cup of durian pulp will contribute to about 80% of the daily recommended value. The best thing about this fruit is that it is loaded with antioxidants too. It means that you will have a good immune system to fight infections. It also helps to prevent heart-related diseases and reduce the risk of cancer.

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The durian tree is a boon for the people of Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries. Apart from the fruit, its leaves, roots and husks are also used by people. The parts of the tree are used to make traditional medicines that are known to treat illnesses like jaundice and high fever.

As durians are so popular in Singapore, they are used to making sweet and savoury dishes too. People eat the fruit directly by opening its spiky cover but they also take its pulp out to make juice, soup, candy and other desserts. It is commonly used in households but you would also find them being served in restaurants. Chefs love to use succulent durian fruit to make some mouth-watering dishes. If you are drooling after reading so much about durian, you should stop wasting any more time and get some for yourself. To buy the fruit, you need to necessarily visit the market. Buying them online would allow you to get the fruit at the comfort of your home.