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E Governance – An Easy Way To Apply


E Governance – An Easy Way To Apply

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Applying for a passport application online is now the most convenient way of appealing for and receiving one. Although the online method is just faster when it comes to filling out the forms and uploading the document, the passport office ideally takes the same amount of time to process the information that they have received. The Government does have a solution to this, and they allow people to apply for a passport faster through a system where they would have to pay a higher application fee.

What are the requirements to apply for a passport?

  • Your date of birth, which they can verify with a birth certificate.
  • An identity certificate along with a photograph provided by the Government and verified by Passport Seva.
  • Address proof of Indian citizenship, which should also be on a Government document.

These are requirements when applying for a passport, however, there are a few other documents that have to be applied for when going through the passport application process.

Can people still go through the passport application process without having an internet connection?

While the applications for getting through the process are now available online, they can still be accessed through the passport office that exists in every state in the country. Some people actually prefer handling the process in person and they would like to take their documents to the store and can apply there.

While the online method is better and faster, not everyone in the country is tech-savvy. Many people find it more comforting to ask a person about the next steps, even if it takes more time, instead of going through the application process and figuring it out at their convenience.

The passport website has all the information that a person could need to get through the process. If they have any questions, they can always get in touch with the team that is working behind the scenes. The website has also made it a point to add all the forms needed for various processes, to be coordinated with the passport office, which allows people to download them, fill them out, and take them to the passport office if they find that a better approach. The website can be used for various purposes of interacting with the passport website when the candidate has lost their passport. They would then have to go through the process and apply for a duplicate passport, which would need specific forms. The same works when a passport expires and that information has to be handled as well. Additionally, the worst challenge with passports is when all the information is provided accurately, and they still manage to make a mistake on the passport and the changes have to be made.

Additionally, the website allows people to coordinate with the office and get a list of the documents they have to upload along with the forms. All these changes can be handled through one account, and it can be used to assist with the process at the offline as well.

Information about the birth certificate process to make it easier for applicants.

When it comes to birth certificates since it is such an important document, there are specific rules to be followed when handling their application.

An applicant has to apply for a birth certificate within 21 days from the birth of the child. However, they do not register the birth in 21 days for any reason they can handle it later under the Delayed Registration provisions. There would be some additional documentation to be submitted, and a late fee charged. They would also have to mention the reason for the delay in applying for the birth certificate.

A few facts that people need to know when applying for a birth certificate or dealing with the birth certificate process.

What should an individual know when dealing with the availability of birth record information?

Certified copies of birth certificates only include legal information such as name, date of birth, state, city, county of birth, sex, mother’s name, father’s name, date of filing, file number, certification statement, seal, and signature. The statistical information collected at the time of birth is not for the public.

However, there is information that is released relating to the statistics of births and deaths which might not be annual, but in some cases over five years. This information is created and published for the public.

Who can receive the birth certificate?

Only specific, qualified applicants that have a reason to ask for the information are allowed to receive it. Registrant, immediate family member either by blood or marriage or adoption, a guardian, legal agent, or representative may collect a certified copy of the birth certificate.

Is the information about an individuals birth made public?

Legal birth record information is made available to the public only after the 75th anniversary of the date of birth. For all practical purposes, the release of birth record information is not public but there are legal means of applying and receiving this information if it is required for a purpose.

What is the process of registering for this information offline?

For registering this information offline, one must visit the concerned Municipal Corporation or Panchayat depending on whether the person was born in a village or a small town. Certain documents have to be submitted there. Along with the birth certificate form, the applicant has to submit supporting documentation and certificates concerning the parents. If the child is born at a hospital, the Medical Officer in charge will issue a letter that should also be submitted.

After the birth certificate form is filled and submitted, the details will be verified. The certificate is delivered by post, after the verification process.

There are easier ways of getting through the birth certificate registration process with a website that coordinates the entire ordeal for the convenience of the applicant. Other changes are made with all the documentation available for people going through and understand the exact requirements. They can also get in touch with the website team if they have any questions about applying for a birth certificate.

Senior Citizen Card – Know How to Apply for Senior Citizen Card

Summary: In this blog, we will explain the benefits associated with the Senior Citizen Card. Also, will describe the entire process of applying for Senior Citizen Card. So, read this blog till the end.

Seniors who are aged b/w 60 to 80 are benefitted for giving lower taxes if they have SCC. This card can easily remove the burden of senior citizen during retirement. The senior citizens card acts as a Government approved proof of age. Senior cardholders can also enjoy a higher return on investment and also take advantage of health insurance benefits.

What are the Benefits of Having SCC ?

1.        Reduced Tax Benefit

Tax reduction is very beneficial as it reduces the burden. The tax laws are very liberals. For older people whose income is 3 lakh they are not obliged to pay any tax. On the other hand, who’s income between 3-6 lacks have to pay 10% of the total income.  Also, between 5-10 lacks have to pay 20% and income above 10 lacks is taxed at 30%.

2.        Simpler Passport Application

3.        Applying for a passport can be a very hectic process, but it is now easier for seniors. You just need to submit a copy of your son or daughter passport over the age of 18. The child’s passport must mention the name of his parents.

4.        Cheap Airlines Ticket

Cheaper airlines ticket is one of the best benefits of senior citizen card. With this feature, they can enjoy various discounts on tickets. If your age is over 63 you will be benefited for 50% discount on domestic flights.

5.        Cheaper Railways Tickets

There is a different provision of discounts for males and females. Male can avail 40% and females can avail 50% discount on any class of the coach.

6.        Simpler Banking Service

Several banks in India are focusing on senior citizens to made banking services much easier for them. Therefore, they have separate queues for senior citizens and provides extra benefit on accounts.

How to Obtain Senior Citizen’s Card

•          Fill out the form of Rs 50

•          Attach any of the permanent address proof (ration card or telephone bill or voter identity card)

•          Any of the valid age proof (pan card or any school leaving certificate)

•          One birth proof (certificate from birth hospital)

•          3 stamp size photographs from which attach 2 photographs on white paper and one on pink paper.

•          Letter from any doctor government or private showing about  your medical health if you are allergenic to something

•          Report showing your blood group

•          It is necessary to bring the entire original document for verification.

•          After the entire process, it will take 60 to 90 days to generate your id

Note: One can also get senior citizen’s card from the collector’s office

Final Words

Above, we have explained the top 5 benefits of having a Senior Citizen Card. Also, we have provided the step by step process to know how to apply for a senior Citizen Card. I hope you find this blog useful.

For Senior Citizen Card FormPlease Click Here.

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