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Facebook Marketing in 2022


Facebook Marketing in 2022

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Facebook is a valuable marketing tool for businesses of nearly every type and size. However, the nuances of your Facebook marketing strategy have the potential to make or break the efficacy of this platform in the context of establishing customer connections and guiding them through the sales funnel. In particular, the video content you post to Facebook is especially important. Without further ado, let’s take a look at how to use Facebook to market your business.

Short Videos on Facebook Reels

You can make a meaningful impact on your target audience through Facebook marketing with the use of short-form video content. Facebook Reels presents a golden opportunity to post engaging videos that convert prospects into paying customers. Your company’s Facebook reels can last upwards of half a minute in length. Create Facebook reels content and you’ll connect with your audience through video, audio, and unique effects that heighten engagement all the more.

Facebook Reels are fairly similar to the stories posted on the platform as they are displayed in a dedicated panel positioned at the top of feeds. Facebook Reels are implemented directly into users’ news feeds and also within Facebook groups. This powerful opportunity for marketing drives user discovery, expanding a company’s reach to even more members of the platform’s audience, ultimately setting the stage for the creation of meaningful bonds that heighten sales all the more.

You can easily create reels for your company through the Facebook mobile app. Simply navigate to your business’s page, click the “Reel” button and start creating your half-minute videos. You can then modify your videos with music, special effects and speed alterations to make the content all the more engaging. Study the Facebook video ad specs to nail down the perfect format and dimensions, and the videos you post to the platform will make a potentially indelible impact.

Take Advantage of Facebook Live Streaming

Facebook live streaming isn’t strictly limited to popular individuals who want to host a virtual get-together with their friends. Seize the opportunity to live stream a presentation or demonstration of your value offering on Facebook and you will make a meaningful connection with your target audience. Ideally, you will use Facebook for streaming at least once per month to remind your current customers and potential customers of your company’s products/services, to show off new offerings, demonstrate the utility/appeal of your products and detail special offers.

Even if you simply hold a question and answer period during your live stream on Facebook, it will help establish a rapport with your target customers. Above all, your live stream should contain informative content that encourages Facebook users to like and share it after it airs. When in doubt, respond to viewer comments and inquiries to provide a more accurate idea of the value added by your specific products or services. Once the live stream is scheduled, share the link to the event with your customers through email and text message to maximize views.

Facebook Stories Featuring Video

Facebook Stories is a valuable marketing tool for businesses, providing an opportunity to engage the audience for a 24-hour period. Create a Facebook Story and it will remain live for an entire day. Though this period of time might seem comparably short, it is enough to make a lasting impression on your audience. Facebook Stories are presented to the platform’s users toward the top of their newsfeeds.

Facebook statistics show the platform’s Stories are broadly viewed with nearly 70% of family app users viewing Stories at least once per week. Try to keep your Facebook Story videos around a minute to a minute and a half in length or even shorter. Attention spans are shrinking and people are quick to scroll through Facebook so don’t assume your audience will be willing to sit through videos that are more than a couple minutes in length. Many sources indicate that online videos that are two minutes in length or shorter receive the most engagement.

Every business owner, manager and marketer should be aware Facebook Stories are more than merely video content. This conduit that connects product and services providers to customers can also include text, stickers, events, polls, music, images and more. You can even link Facebook Stories to your company’s homepage or a specific product page. In fact, the technology is advanced to the point that you can schedule such links for publication ahead of the point at which they go live.

Use Facebook Augmented Reality Tools

Facebook’s augmented reality technology for businesses makes advertising through the platform’s News Feed ads that much more impactful. This seemingly futuristic technology empowers customers to try on makeup, glasses and other wearable items without accessing a different application. The platform’s augmented reality technology extends beyond the fashion industry, providing other businesses such as automakers to empower customers to customize vehicles in Facebook messenger.

Post Diverse Content to the Platform

If your business were to strictly post short videos to Facebook, your audience on the platform would eventually grow tired of that content. Instead of inundating your audience with one video after another, diversify your content on the platform with regular text posts, responses to questions/concerns posted by customers, sharing content from relevant sources, adding images and GIFS, posting polls and more.

In some cases, it even makes sense to post user generated content. If you are struggling to come up with new ideas for posts on the platform or considering venturing to another platform, don’t give up! There is a reason why more than 90% of marketers use Facebook for advertising. Facebook has more than 2.3 billion MAUs. MAU is an acronym for monthly active users. When in doubt, consider taking advantage of social media management tools to help share content more efficiently. As an example, Revive Old posts makes it easy to automate your posting schedule to Facebook and share content with ease.