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Top 8 Tips To Find the Best Dental Hygienist


Top 8 Tips To Find the Best Dental Hygienist

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Finding the right dentist to care for your teeth can be stressful and complex. You want a dental hygienist who knows what they’re doing, is thorough and efficient, but still treats you with the proper respect and manner. You need to consider several items that will make it easier to find the one dental hygienist that will work great for you and your family. The fact is that this can help you obtain the health benefits that you have been looking to have, like successful dental implants or excellent teeth whitening. This will help you find someone who is a true professional in this field and will provide the service you need, even during emergencies that require an emergency dentist. This blog post will give you the top tips to find the best dental hygienist.

Is the Dental Hygienist in Your Area Properly Licensed?

Before you make an appointment with any dental hygienist, ensure that the state properly licenses them. Many states require dental hygienists to have at least two years of experience before becoming licensed, and some require five years or more of experience before granting a license. This will mean that they have completed an accredited educational program, passed a written and clinical examination and met other requirements set by their state board of dental examiners. If you suspect someone practising without proper licensing, look for another dental hygienist.

How Many Years Has the Dental Hygienist Been Around?

The more years a dental hygienist has been practising, the better they will be at their job. This means that you can trust them with your mouth when it comes to teeth whitening or dental implants. They know what they are doing, so there is no need for them to practice on anyone else before they get started on your teeth. You can trust them with any task because they know what is going on with your mouth even before you do.

What Kind of Reputation Does the Dental Hygienist Have?

The very best way to find out about your potential dental hygienist’s reputation is by asking around. Ask friends or family who have been to that dental office and see if they were happy with their experience. If there are any complaints about the dental hygienist’s services, address them before you make an appointment for yourself or your family members.

How Do They Protect Client Information?

The best dental hygienist will have a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant practice, which means you can rest assured that nobody is accessing your medical records except those who need to know about them. This includes dentists, doctors, and insurance companies, but not other dental hygienists or assistants who work at the same practice.

What Do Online Reviews Say About Them?

You can start by looking at online reviews of dental offices and their dentists and dental hygienists. This way, you will know what other people think about these professionals and whether they are up to par with the dental issue, including dental implants and teeth whitening or not. If there are complaints regarding any of them, then it might be an excellent idea for you to look for another dental hygienist instead of choosing that one for yourself.

Do You Have the Option of Paying for Services Through a Dental Insurance Plan?

Your insurance company may have a list of preferred providers, including dentists, orthodontists and dental hygienists. If so, you might want to start there and ask if they know someone who can meet your needs. This can be helpful if you don’t know any dental hygienists personally.

What Are the Costs of Their Services?

Dental hygienists can charge anywhere from AU$100 to AU$200 for a cleaning. If you have so many cavities or gum disease, consider asking about any additional charges. Some dental hygienists may also be able to provide other services like teeth whitening or dental implants, which can be expensive.

Schedule a Consultation Appointment

During your consultation appointment, make sure you bring along a list of questions about various aspects of their practice, such as insurance coverage or payment options, so that you can get all of your concerns addressed in one place. Questions can include: How often do you recommend routine cleanings? What kind of flossing methods do you recommend?


Trying to find the right dental hygienist is a bit of a tricky process and can be downright expensive. Just because someone has the experience and good credentials doesn’t mean they’re right for you. And this is why you should use the criteria described above to ensure that you find someone not just well-qualified but also a good fit for your particular situation, for example, a dental implant. Now that you know the top tips for finding the best dental hygienist, you can now be very confident in finding one, even an emergency dentist if needed.