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How Cloud Conferencing Is Changing Business Communication


How Cloud Conferencing Is Changing Business Communication

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Cloud conferencing is a relatively new concept that’s gained a lot of ground in the realm of business communication. The way we communicate with each other as individuals and businesses has changed dramatically in just a few decades. Landlines are on their way out, mobile is king, and video conferencing tools allow us to connect face-to-face from hundreds of miles away.

The way we communicate can often dictate the strength of a relationship—including those in business. If we don’t communicate with clients, we’ll have problems. If we don’t communicate with superiors, we’ll have problems. Noticing a pattern here? Communication is key in any relationship, and a cornerstone of a successful business.

Let’s take a closer look at how cloud conferencing is changing business communication forever, and what the future might look like because of it.

Improved Organization

Have you ever been on a conference call that felt incredibly unorganized and poorly-planned? This can be exhausting. Trust me, I’ve been there, too. The organizer seems to take forever just to get to the point of the call, and even when he/she gets there, everything is so unorganized and scrambled that nothing seems to be accomplished.

With cloud conferencing, you can organize your calls like never before. Using your browser, you can join a call from anywhere in the world, and some services even include screen sharing capabilities. The Vast cloud conferencing platform is one that comes to mind. With HD video conferencing, unlimited conference calls, and cloud storage, it’s certainly a worthy investment.

A more organized call or meeting is simply more productive. Set goals, a meeting time limit, and keep distractions to a minimum for the best results. Remember—while it’s certainly important to have the right tools, those tools are only as good as their user.

Fewer Limits

The great thing about cloud conferencing is that it removes some of the limitations that you have with a landline. It’s more accessible, and, being web-based, it’s easier to share details and invite people to the call to begin with. You’re also getting more value from a web-based service, because you’re not just getting calling services. With web conferencing tools, you’re getting an entire arsenal of tools to help improve your calls.

You’ll likely save money, too. Online conferencing services are usually only a few dollars per month, whereas a landline service usually costs twice as much, but with half the features (if that).

Why do business with such limitations in place? The landline isn’t what it used to be, and communication is constantly evolving. It’s time to get on pace with the future!


In the days of the landline, long-distance calling usually included an extra fee of some sort. With online conferencing tools, those long-distance fees are a thing of the past. You can pretty much talk to anyone anywhere in the world via the web. Got a client in China? No problem! Simply set up a conference call online and they can connect for free. You won’t have to pay extra fees, and you may even get a better connection than you would with a landline.

That lack of long-distance fees can help make your debt a little lighter, and with more accessibility than ever, you can potentially expand your operations worldwide. Think of the possibilities that can arise from simply improving your means of communication.


In January of this year, rumors of a new virus originating in China began to circulate, but those rumors were largely disregarded by the American people and the administration in power. Just a few months later, the nation went into lockdown; schools closed, businesses shut their doors forever, and we weren’t allowed to visit the ones we love.

For some businesses, the need to survive was more dire than ever, and luckily, conference calling services were right there to help meet our new communication needs. We were able to stay in touch with friends and family and conduct business while respecting social distancing.

To say that cloud conferencing and other services played a vital role in the COVID-19 pandemic response is an understatement. Without them, we all might have gone a little crazy from isolation!

The Future

We already know that cloud services are the way of the future, but what about cloud conferencing and other online conferencing tools? There’s a good chance we’ll see a lot more remote meetings in the future, simply because it can be more efficient and is certainly more sanitary. Even when we’re not in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, we’re still exposed to germs and other pathogens on a daily basis.

There’s a good chance many businesses will adopt a full or partial work-from-home model, which means that conference calling services will soon become a necessity.


The bottom line? Modern businesses need cloud conferencing. Landlines won’t be around forever, and, as the needs of modern businesses changes and factors like a pandemic come into play, the way we communicate simply must change, too.