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How Does Bulk Construction Software Work?


How Does Bulk Construction Software Work?

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Managing a bulk construction materials business can be incredibly difficult. It requires not just managing customer accounts and orders, inventory, and employees. Bulk construction contractors also face challenges not shared by other industries, such as very short time windows for dispatching materials and the need to monitor heavy loads. The good news is that the right bulk construction software solution can make these and other complex tasks much easier.

Improves Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

One of the first uses for bulk construction software in the business cycle is CRM and quoting. A good software solution will offer mobile sales tools that allow users to access customer records, projects, and reports and offer accurate quotes. Bulk construction CRM software also makes it easier to interact with customers by offering multiple communication methods and access levels. Whether companies are working with B2B clients or they provide B2C services, excellent customer relationship management practices will help to improve their reputations and drive more sales.

Integrates Cloud-Based Dispatch

Not all bulk construction software offers fully integrated solutions. However, the top software designers offer cloud-based, fully integrated dispatch systems that make delivering challenging materials like bulk concrete much easier. The dispatchers can access all of the company’s data, from customer information to fleet tracking and inventory, from the web portal or mobile app to streamline the process and ensure that materials arrive within their usable windows.

Offers Real-Time Updates

Contractors in the field used to be left hanging when it came to load and truck statuses. Now, app-based chat tools, in-app e-ticketing and order requests, and real-time activity tracking make everyone’s lives easier. Access to information like how many loads are still on the road and have yet to be delivered makes it easier to run day-to-day operations efficiently, and detailed metrics assist with tracking productivity.

Concrete finishers and other contractors aren’t the only ones who benefit from real-time updates. Contractors can develop better relationships with their bulk material suppliers. The suppliers, on the other hand, can benefit from an improved reputation and more efficient communication.

Allows Electronic Ticket Delivery

A truly comprehensive bulk materials app will make users’ lives easier from the first step to the last, so it should come as no surprise that good software programs offer e-ticketing solutions. E-ticketing makes it possible for bulk materials suppliers to deliver paperless, touchless invoices and other documents. The contractors then electronically sign off on the documents, which can then be downloaded or printed in PDF form.

Makes It Easy to Track and Understand Data

The right software solution will be able to take all of the data gathered from CRM, e-ticketing, and other modules and analyze it to determine pain points and produce helpful reports. When data is made available across the supply chain, everyone from suppliers to finishing contractors can see what’s happening and get a better understanding of how to operate more efficiently. Even the end customers wind up benefitting because greater efficiency leads to lower prices, which can then be passed on to property owners.

The Importance of Finding the Right Software Solution

Not all software solutions provide the same results, so it’s important to find the right one. Purchasing and learning how to use multiple out-of-the-box software programs designed for general use can be incredibly frustrating. The best option is always to find an integrated software solution designed specifically for the concrete materials industry.