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How to gamble responsibly


How to gamble responsibly

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Online responsible gambling

With the huge influx of new players that choose to register for online casinos, it’s more important than ever to understand what it means to practice responsible gambling. We will take you through all of the information you need to watch out for when you choose an online casino to play and how to spot fraudulent websites.

We will also explain the measures you need to take at the beginning of every session to make sure you don’t bet more than your budget allows. Follow these simple guidelines, and you will make sure that your online gambling sessions are always an enjoyable experience.

Check the safety of the platform

When you want to check the legitimacy and how safe an online casino is, you need to be on the lookout for some key information. The first and most important piece of information you need to check is the casino’s license. All NJ online gambling websites will provide on the bottom part of the page the license number and the name of the regulatory body that gave out the license. If you don’t find the license number at the bottom of the page or in an information section of the website, then it is time to look for a new casino to join.

Another indicator that a casino is safe is the providers of their casino games. When looking at the catalog of games and you see widely known slot providers like NetEnt, Pragmatic, or Quickspin you can be sure that the games are safe and calibrated correctly. Big-name developers have their games tested a lot, and more often than not they create games with higher RTP values than lesser-known casino games developers. Big providers also make sure that their games will be well-optimized for all platforms you will choose to play on.

Choose wisely the payment method

After you find a casino that adheres to the license laws of your state, the next thing you need to look for is the types of payment methods that are available to you when making deposits or withdrawals. A very good feature that the best casinos have to provide a safer transaction experience is the SSL and TLS security certificates, these protocols are in place to encrypt any sensitive or personal customer information during the transaction process. Just like the licenses, you can usually find information about these encryption systems at the bottom of the page.

If the casino you chose has good encryption services for transitions, the next step is checking whether they offer the deposit methods that you want. Online casinos have many payment methods they accept. The most popular transaction method is payment through debit or credit cards, however, you can find others. Prepaid cards and electronic wallets are also the most used payment methods from many casinos. You might also find some online gambling websites that allow you to pay via Bank transfer or in very rare cases you can even find casinos that let you play by phone.

Watch out for scams

The numerous legitimate online casinos that came up on the market in the past years also brought along some pirated casinos. These illegitimate websites prey on unsuspecting and ignorant players. Pirated casinos use interfaces that make them seem like normal online casinos to trick players to deposit money. The severity of these fake casinos can go from offering fixed or low RTP games to straight stealing of the money players deposit on them. Learning about these scam casinos can discourage new players but it is not hard to distinguish illegitimate websites from legal casinos if you know what to look for.

When you want to join a new casino it is good to always check for reviews on the internet. This can offer you a lot of information about the casino, and you can find out very fast if a casino has a track record of shady or malicious practices. Another dead giveaway is when a casino does not clearly show the specifications of its games. The information you want to see is the RTP and the volatility of each game. Be careful with games not provided by big reputable developers since their RTP and volatility of some pirated slots can be changed without the user being able to know about it.

Don’t overbet

If the casino has passed all of our previous tests and you are sure it is a safe and reputable casino to play at, then the next place we need to keep in check when gambling responsibly is our gameplay. There are many pitfalls that a casino goer can fall into, but one of the biggest problems can be bad budget management. When playing any game of chance it is very important to understand when it is time to stop so that you don’t end up losing more money than you can afford to. Luckily, these days most casinos have measures in place to help players with responsible gambling.

Before you start a session, it is advised to use the settings provided by the casinos to set up limits on your balance or deposits depending on the bankroll you are willing to play. Many gamblers can end up chasing losses and adding more money to their balance just to lose it all. So use the provided responsible gambling settings at your disposal to not end up going over budget.


Online gambling can be a very fun experience to have, but you need to be smart with the choices you make to not end up losing money to a pirated website. So when you look into joining a new casino, take your time and check its legitimacy before you start depositing. There are many resources for new players to use in their quest to find a safe casino and practice responsible gambling, so use them to your advantage.