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9 Professional ways to Get More Listeners on SoundCloud


9 Professional ways to Get More Listeners on SoundCloud

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9 Professional ways to Get More Listeners on SoundCloud

The SoundCloud platform is ideal for artists to promote their music. Because it is a social network where fans gather to enjoy content and get access to new releases or previews of singers before they hit the virtual record shelves, for that, to get your music out to many people, it is essential to get more listeners on SoundCloud.

You are responsible for growing your music as an artist, and SoundCloud can make this job easier for you. But growing your account is more challenging than it seems; it takes a lot of time and patience to succeed on the platform. If you are interested in learning how to do it, this article will find the best tips to make your music known to more people.

How to Get More Listeners on SoundCloud?

Here are the nine most effective SoundCloud promotion strategies to get more listeners on SoundCloud and gain relevance in the music world. 

1) Create Quality Music

The first thing you should do to attract listeners on SoundCloud is to make good music. The music content you upload to the platform must be of high quality so that it is more likely to impact people positively. For this reason, it is not enough to have an attractive profile and many artist friends; for your music to have a great reach, it must be produced professionally.

Invest time in writing engaging content, mixing interesting beats, producing high-quality tracks, and creating music videos to grow on SoundCloud. Everyone values a good piece of music, and if you can upload an engaging way that you’re proud to share with the world, you increase the chances that your fans will feel the same.

2) Build your Community

On SoundCloud, just like other social networks, building a community is just as important as uploading tracks. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you constantly interact with users to get them to become your loyal listeners. This way, you can generate many listeners right from the start.

SoundCloud viewers love the interaction and can recognize if a channel is truthful. That’s why socialization around a channel by interacting with listeners whenever and wherever possible is essential. SoundCloud’s algorithm will favor your channel over other creators if you have loyal subscribers, so you must focus on growing your community.

3) Remix your Popular Tracks

Remix your Popular Tracks

Another excellent tactic you can apply to position yourself in the search results is to take advantage of the success of the songs and popularity of some artists of the same genre by spinning their music. Since they have already achieved a broad reach by using it, you exponentially increase your chances of getting more listeners.

You can remix, cover, or mash up your favorite track, whichever option best suits your musical style. Ensure you don’t use anything the copyright owner has not authorized.

4) Release Consistently and at Right Time

The best way to get more listeners on your SoundCloud account is to upload more songs at active hours. Focus on posting exciting content as often as possible to increase the chances of organically growing the number of listeners. This is because many SoundCloud users search for music based on the number of listeners.

To effectively reach your target audience, it is essential to be consistent with the time to post and add new music at least once every few days. The more often you post your songs, the more exposure you will get. You can significantly improve engagement rates and people listening to your music by posting consistently, which will help you benefit from SoundCloud’s algorithm.

5) Use Relevant Tags

One of the best ways to make your music popular is by assigning tags to them. Tagging gives you visibility when a listener is searching SoundCloud because it is one of the factors the platform’s algorithm uses to recommend content.

The best way to tag is to work around a primary genre to keep things clear, making it easy to find your music. The more specific your tags are, the easier it is for your music to be discovered and played by new listeners.

6) Post your Songs on Music Forums and Subreddit Sites

Even though social media is now the predominant promotional channel for musicians, forums are still an incredible option for getting new listeners on SoundCloud. Reddit remains a popular place where people search for artists and relevant music to listen to. As such, the website has dozens of active musician subreddits, including one dedicated exclusively to SoundCloud.

In addition, you can post your songs on dedicated music forums providing context around them. Make sure to place links in your posts and write an exciting description, such as the music genre, inspirations behind the tracks, and technical aspects. This information is beneficial to arouse readers’ interest and encourage them to click on the link and hear your track.

7) Use SoundCloud Ads

Take advantage of SoundCloud’s promoted tracks program to advertise your music. You can implement several ad campaigns and choose the most suitable one. One of the most common forms of promoting your music on SoundCloud is using short snippets of tracks played before other channels.

You must first sign up for the SoundCloud Premier program to promote your music. Premier plans of SoundCloud promotion allow you to receive direct revenue from your advertised tracks, whether you work as an independent artist or with a record company. By implementing it, you can make your music known to more people getting more plays for your track more quickly, thus saving time and money.

8) Cross-Promotion on Social Media Platforms

Cross Promote on Social Media Platforms

One of the most effective ways to get more exposure for your songs is by sharing them through other social networks. With this marketing strategy, you will manage to attract users on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Pinterest by promoting your releases on all the sites related to your target audience. The more exposure you get by sharing your music, the better for you to get more plays.

9) Buy SoundCloud Listeners

Getting your tracks to have a considerable number of listeners is essential because people are inclined to listen to tracks that many are listening to. Therefore, an effective way to boost organic growth is to buy SoundCloud listeners.

Buy SoundCloud Listeners from Media Mister because they are a reliable provider offering the best market packages. They offer 100% authentic listeners with secure payment and a money-back guarantee. This way, you will make your channel stand out by getting many listeners, thus helping you quickly reach a massive audience.


To get more SoundCloud listeners, you must put a lot of effort and dedication into seeing results. However, you can follow the strategies we shared with you to exponentially increase your chances of getting more listeners to your songs. This will significantly boost your future releases, which will be a determining factor for them to do well.