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How Well-Designed Break Rooms Improve Employee Satisfaction And Productivity


How Well-Designed Break Rooms Improve Employee Satisfaction And Productivity

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Employee satisfaction and productivity are essential components of a successful workplace. But how can employers best ensure that their employees remain engaged and motivated? One key factor is the design of break rooms – settings where workers can relax, refuel and socialize during breaks. Well-designed break rooms have been proven to improve employee satisfaction and increase productivity in the workplace. This article will explore why designing effective break rooms is so important for a productive and happy workforce.

Creating inviting places where people can take a breather from work has become increasingly important as organizations strive to create positive working cultures that foster collaboration, creativity and innovation. By understanding the impact of break room designs on employee satisfaction and productivity, businesses can gain insight into how they can better support their staff members – ultimately leading to improved job outcomes across the board. In this article, we’ll look at some ways in which business owners should approach designing their employees’ break areas in order to maximize workplace happiness while maintaining high levels of productivity.

Designing For Comfort

Creating a comfortable, inviting break room space is key to improving employee satisfaction and productivity. Ergonomic seating, temperature control, and calming colours are essential components of an effective design.

Ergonomic seating should be the first priority in the break room’s design. Furniture that supports employees’ posture while they relax can help reduce aches and pains caused by hours spent at their desks. Selecting chairs with armrests and adjustable backs allows each person to adjust their seat height for maximum comfort. Providing adequate cushioning also ensures employees enjoy sitting on the break room furniture.

Temperature control is another important element when designing a break room. Keeping the area cool or warm depending on the season offers employees relief from working in conditions that may not always be comfortable outside of their personal workspaces. Achieving this goal requires thoughtful thought about heating and cooling options such as windows or air conditioners within the space itself.

Finally, adding relaxing elements like calming colours or plants can improve employee morale during breaks away from desk-bound work areas. Incorporating shades of blue, green, yellow, and white into the palette creates a peaceful atmosphere that encourages restful conversations among colleagues while enjoying snacks or drinks together in between shifts.

Healthy Food Choices

Providing healthy snack options is an important factor in keeping employee satisfaction and productivity high. Stocking the office kitchen with items like fresh fruits, nuts, and whole grain crackers can help workers make better choices when they take a break. Additionally, having essential cooking supplies on hand such as microwaves or toaster ovens allows for quick preparation of more nutritious meals that are just as easy to prepare as processed snacks from vending machines.

Having access to healthy food delivery services is another way employers can support their employees’ nutritional needs. Offering discounts or reimbursements towards meal subscription boxes eliminates time-consuming trips to grocery stores while still providing tasty and nutritious dishes conveniently delivered to the workplace. This service also encourages team bonding since everyone receives the same delicious offerings each week, making it easier for colleagues to chat about common interests during lunch breaks.

Creating a comfortable and well-stocked environment contributes greatly to improving overall employee satisfaction and productivity. By offering ergonomic seating, temperature control, calming colours, healthy snack options, essential kitchen supplies, and convenient food delivery services, companies can give their workforce something special that will increase morale while boosting performance.

Fostering Collaboration

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In addition to providing healthy food options, employers should also focus on fostering collaboration and team building through the break room design. Providing comfortable seating in a variety of shapes and sizes encourages social interaction and can help build relationships among colleagues. Open areas with multiple tables are ideal for larger groups while individual booths are great for private conversations or one-on-one meetings. Incorporating fun elements like board games or puzzles can add an element of enjoyment to breaks while promoting teamwork skills as well.

Having designated spaces specifically designed for team projects is another way to facilitate collaboration during lunch hours and breaks. These rooms allow employees to easily move from casual conversation to productive brainstorming sessions without having to leave the break room environment. Equipping these zones with whiteboards, projectors, easels, or other creative tools allows teams to get creative when tackling their tasks together, further enhancing productivity levels.

By creating inviting break rooms that promote both healthy eating habits and socialization opportunities, companies have the potential to increase morale within their workforce which will ultimately lead to higher employee satisfaction rates and improved performance at work. Employers who invest in making their breakrooms more functional, comfortable, and enjoyable places will undoubtedly reap the rewards of increased engagement and productivity amongst their staff members.

Encouraging Breaks

Breakroom design should also focus on providing an atmosphere that encourages employees to take breaks and relax. Designating areas with comfortable furniture, such as armchairs or couches, can help create a cosy environment away from their desks. Adding plants and natural elements can further enhance the calming energy of the room, helping workers feel more relaxed during their break time. Incorporating soundproofing materials into walls and floors is another way to provide relief from any noisy distractions that may prevent employees from being able to truly unwind.

To make the breakroom even more functional, consider installing a boiling water tap that allows employees to quickly make tea or coffee without the hassle of a traditional kettle. Boiling water taps are also more energy-efficient than kettles, making them a great addition to any eco-conscious workplace. By providing employees with a convenient and sustainable way to enjoy their hot beverages, you’ll create a happier and more productive workforce.

Employers should also consider offering amenities like books, magazines, colouring supplies, puzzles, etc., which can be used for entertainment purposes during lunch hours or short breaks throughout the day. Additionally, having access to televisions equipped with streaming services allows employees to catch up on shows they enjoy without taking too much time away from work. These activities are great for reducing stress levels and giving people something fun to do while still getting back to their tasks in a timely manner.

Designing a breakroom that promotes relaxation is essential for improving employee satisfaction and productivity levels. By creating an inviting space where colleagues can take well-deserved breaks while engaging in enjoyable activities, employers have the potential to foster a healthier working environment within their organization.

Aesthetics And Employee Well-Being

Beyond providing amenities and areas for relaxation, having an aesthetically pleasing breakroom can also have a positive impact on employee morale. Aesthetics play an important role in how people experience their environment, so it is essential to choose colours, décor, and furniture that will create a pleasant atmosphere while promoting feelings of comfort and well-being. Incorporating artwork or photographs into the space might be another useful way to add visual interest without taking away from its overall aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, employers should consider ways they can make the breakroom more inviting by ensuring that all elements are properly maintained and kept clean. This includes regularly cleaning surfaces, organizing clutter, replacing lightbulbs as needed, stocking supplies such as refreshments, printing paper, etc., and making sure any appliances like microwaves or refrigerators are working correctly. Taking these steps will not only help maintain workplace hygiene but may also contribute to improved levels of productivity among employees due to increased comfort within the room itself.

It is clear that designing an effective breakroom requires thoughtful planning and consideration of both functional features and aesthetic elements. By creating a space that encourages breaks while still allowing workers to focus on tasks during work hours, businesses can ensure the best possible outcomes when it comes to employee satisfaction and productivity.


The workplace break room is an important part of any company. It has the potential to impact employee satisfaction and productivity in a big way. Designing a well-thought-out, comfortable environment can make all the difference. When designing for comfort, it’s essential to take into account furniture ergonomics, temperature control, and accessibility options. Providing healthy food choices helps employees make good decisions about their health and wellness during work hours. Fostering collaboration with creative seating arrangements and technology encourages team-building activities that help create stronger bonds among coworkers. Finally, aesthetics are important too; creating an inviting atmosphere boosts morale and increases job satisfaction. With these considerations in mind, companies can design a break room that not only meets their needs but also creates an enjoyable space for their staff to relax and recharge during their busy day.