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The Keys to Attracting Customers, As Seen in Different Industries


The Keys to Attracting Customers, As Seen in Different Industries

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Different marketing strategies are needed in each industry, but there are some ideas that we can take from certain sectors and use elsewhere. So what are some of the key ways of attracting new clients that you need to know about?

Great Photos and Descriptions for Clothing Stores

What do you look for when you want to buy clothes online? It’s clear that money-saving promotions and deals are very welcome, but there are other things that people want to see on a site like this too. High on the list are useful descriptions of the items for sale as well as photos that show them in the best possible light.

Let’s take the example of Boohoo, which started with three employees and is now classed as one of the planet’s fast-growing retail brands after being founded in 2006. Its profits have regularly doubled year-on-year, and part of its success comes down to the way it lists up to a hundred new garments every single day. This is clearly a challenge from a manufacturing point of view, but the logistics of updating the website are also worth considering.

All of its garments have at least one clear, stylish photo where you can zoom in and see all of the details. They also come with a clear description that lets you see at a glance the crucial details like the size, the fabric, and whether it’s in stock. Naturally, the ordering process is fast and simple too, so there’s nothing to stop visitors from finding what they want and paying for it in a matter of moments.

Several Industries Offer Big Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are a big part of many different industries these days. They’re particularly useful in those sectors where it may be difficult for anyone joining for the first time to work out which sites suit them best. A useful bonus added to their new account can persuade people to join a particular site instead of others that appear to be very similar.

The online casino industry gives us a good example of the importance of bonuses. This look at the best online casino sites Qatar Qatar residents can try shows how it works, as sites such as Betway, Betfinal and 888 Casino offer first deposit boosts or free spins to encourage visitors to visit them and sign up. The need for fair wagering requirements is also mentioned below this list, as this is what allows users to have a fair chance of withdrawing cash winnings from their bonuses.

This same approach is also present in the growing cryptocurrency business. While the blockchain is increasingly important in areas like healthcare, it’s best known for its investment potential. Exchanges like KuCoin, eToro, and Coinbase all make their services more appealing by giving bonuses to newcomers who sign up with them. These bonuses are sometimes given in cryptocurrencies, meaning that new investors can start building up their tokens right away.

Instant Price Comparisons on Travel Sites

Millions of people look online for travel deals before going anywhere. With so many options to choose from, finding a site that compares everything on offer is a good idea, which is why sites like Kayak and Expedia have become so popular amongst travellers. They try to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find a price that suits them in as few steps as possible.

The idea here is that you can feel confident that you haven’t missed out on any special deals or alternatives. We don’t all have the time needed to search on individual airline sites and search for local hotels. Therefore, looking at a single site that brings everything together and makes it easy to plan can save us a lot of time too.

Of course, not every traveller wants to choose their trip solely by price. Some people might want a more central location while others want certain amenities in their hotel or the quickest possible flight. This is why there is always a selection of filters and tabs that let you narrow down your options in whatever way you prefer.
These ideas don’t apply equally to all other industries, but they’re certainly interesting tactics that are worth bearing in mind no matter what kind of online customer you want to appeal to.