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Forget About Diamond Nose Pin Prices and Check Out the Latest Collection


Forget About Diamond Nose Pin Prices and Check Out the Latest Collection

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In India, maximum women get their noses pierced. One of the key reasons is tradition, but that’s not all. Nose pins enhance facial features and beauty and add more charm. Women love experimenting with nose pins, but there’s one pin that is everyone’s signature style. So, if you are also looking forward to experimenting and finding your signature nose pin, you have come to the right place. Check out our fantastic collection of nose pins and diamond nose pin prices that you can access!

Yellow Gold Circular Diamond Nose Pin

The 14-karat yellow gold nose pin is a beautiful piece with a classic design. It has a circular shape with sparkling diamonds, giving it a shiny and glamorous look. In the centre, there are two teardrop-shaped motifs made of yellow gold. You can wear this nose pin every day, and it’s suitable for any occasion, enhancing your beauty. This diamond nose pin price is INR 22,969, which is affordable considering the artisanship and quality. Investing in this diamond nose pin is worthwhile.

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Rose Gold Minimalistic Diamond Pressing Nose Pin

If you want to get firsthand a diamond nose pin that is perfect for get-togethers, festivals, or such, this 14 Kt rose gold diamond pressing nose pin is ideal for you. The diamond will shine brightly on your nose and only enhance your beauty. You can pair it with casual or any party wear outfit. You can wear this nose pin even if your nose is not pierced. The diamond nose pin price is INR 9,099 and is affordable. Add this to your collection and surprise everyone with your new nose pin.


Shiny Rose Gold Diamond Nose Pin

For women that love florals or want something to stand out and make a bold choice, then this 14 Kt shiny rose gold diamond nose pin is a perfect choice. The stylish diamonds are studded in a leaf-like manner that dazzles on your nose, making you stand out from the crowd. The diamond nose pin is perfect for festivities and can be paired with ethnic wear. The diamond nose pin price is INR 9,269, and you won’t be disappointed with this beautiful nose pin.

Why Should You Invest in a Quality Diamond Nose Pin?

Investing in a quality diamond nose pin can be a wise decision for several reasons. Here are some points to consider apart from diamond nose pin prices:

  1. A quality diamond nose pin is crafted precisely and made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and longevity. Investing in them means having a long-lasting accessory you can cherish forever.
  1. Diamonds are renowned for their timeless beauty and classic appeal. Unlike trendy accessories that may go out of style, a diamond nose pin symbolises elegance that transcends fashion trends. Therefore, you not only focus on the diamond nose pin price and realize its value.
  1. Diamonds have historically held their value well over time. They are considered stable investments and tend to retain their worth even during economic fluctuations.
  1. A diamond nose pin is a versatile accessory with various outfits and styles. Whether you prefer a minimalistic look or want to make a bold statement, a quality diamond nose pin can effortlessly complement your style.
  1. A well-crafted diamond nose pin is a work of art. It involves meticulous diligence and skilled craftsmanship to create a piece that is visually stunning and structurally sound, hence why you should forget about the diamond nose pin price and gift one to yourself.


The above-mentioned diamond nose pin prices and designs are from Mia by Tanishq, a brand that is trusted by millions of Indians because of its quality and credibility. With such backing, expert artisanship, and value for money, forget about diamond nose pin prices and focus on their designs. Visit Mia by Tanishq’s website today!