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Where Are They Now? A Look at the Lives of the Reality Show Stars


Where Are They Now? A Look at the Lives of the Reality Show Stars

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Brianna Guerra – A Journey to Motherhood

Brianna Guerra, once known as the “bad girl” on “girls incarcerated where are they now,” is now a mother to three children. Despite her past troubles with drinking, armed robbery, and drug use, Brianna has turned her life around. She’s currently raising money on GoFundMe for her son Corleone’s medical needs after he experienced seizures.

Paige Mcatee – Finding Stability

Paige Mcatee, known for her temper on the show, is now a mother of three boys. She’s successfully working as a dental assistant, lash technician, and nail technician while pursuing a career in sonography. Paige is also in a happy relationship and has two step-children.


Heidi Lakin – A Troubled Journey

Heidi Lakin’s story of trauma and abuse captured viewers’ attention. While she may have had a child and come out as gay, her current whereabouts remain uncertain. Speculations suggest she might be back in prison, but details are unclear.

Aubrey Wilson – A Tragic Loss

Aubrey Wilson’s journey ended tragically with her untimely death due to a suspected overdose. Despite appearing to be doing well on social media, her passing shocked fans of the show.

Taryn Twine – Seeking Solace

Taryn Twine, who voluntarily entered the facility after a tragic car accident, is now a mother. A former gymnast, Taryn is adjusting to life with her one-year-old daughter.

Armani Buckner – Back to Freedom

Armani Buckner, after her time behind bars, is now out of prison. Though she returned to prison at some point, she recently announced her return to social media, signaling her freedom.

Sarah Maxwell – Overcoming Adversity

Sarah Maxwell’s challenging upbringing led her down a difficult path, but she credits the show and the facility for her success afterward. She’s now happily married with two daughters, finding stability after a tumultuous past.

Najwa – Finding Contentment

Najwa, who had no place to go after her release, stayed in the facility and is now content with her life as a mother. While she keeps a low profile on social media, she prioritizes her child’s privacy.

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Jesse Rose – Struggles and Progress

Jesse Rose’s criminal history landed her in the facility, but she later enrolled in college. However, recent reports suggest she’s back in jail, awaiting release.

Tiffany Kristler – Reconnecting

Tiffany Kristler, who struggled with violence, has reconnected with her daughter and welcomed another child. She’s rebuilding her life while working at Aeropostale.

Zarriah Thomas – Comedy and Reconciliation

Zarriah Thomas, the youngest of Season 2, is rebuilding her relationship with her mother. She’s pursuing comedy and working at Gucci after her studies.

Hannah Aberegg – A Journey to Stability

Hannah Aberegg’s troubled past included addiction and trauma, but she’s now reportedly doing well and engaged to be married.

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Carisa Hale – Embracing Motherhood

Carisa Hale, now a proud mother, has stayed out of trouble since her time on the show. She enjoys cooking, spending time with her son, and cherishing moments with her family.

Carli Imel – Struggles and Recovery

Carli Imel’s battle with addiction led to multiple arrests, but she’s now working on rebuilding her life with her partner and son.

Harley Moody – Maintaining Stability

Harley Moody, known for her calm demeanor, continues to stay out of trouble. She’s single, has a son, and works as a cleaning technician.

Arionna Davis – Legal Troubles

Arionna Davis faced legal issues after the show and has been arrested multiple times. She remains inactive on social media, with her current situation unclear.

Conclusion: A Mixture of Paths

The stars of “Girls incarcerated season 2 Where Are They Now” have taken diverse paths since their time on the show. While some have found stability and success, others have faced ongoing challenges and legal troubles. Despite their differences, each story highlights the complexities of life after incarceration and the resilience of the human spirit.