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Making A Difference With SEO: What You Need To Keep In Mind For Your Business


Making A Difference With SEO: What You Need To Keep In Mind For Your Business

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Getting started with search engine optimisation (SEO) can be confusing for any business owner due to the huge number of different practices and ever-changing search engine algorithms. Business owners often give up on trying to understand how SEO works as it seems like an impossible task. Antonie Meeker, the multi-award-winning SEO expert and CEO behind AM Marketing, believes that it doesn’t have to be this way. Meeker educates his clients on the benefits of SEO through his unique SEO SCOOP system. The reality is that SEO is a combination of straightforward, clear steps which need to be actioned in a certain sequence to bring about real results – it’s that simple. Read on to discover some of the impactful SEO practices that every business should invest in.

Smart Keyword Strategy Is Key

Every SEO strategy starts with keywords. In order for your website to rise in the Google rankings, you need the correct combination of keywords that have high search volume, good purchase intent and low competition, says Meeker. However, many business owners, when trying to do SEO by themselves, fall into the trap of going after the most popular keywords with the biggest search volume. However, the lack of proper keyword strategy may result in your brand staying at the same position on Google for months, or even going lower in the rankings.

Large, Readable Fonts

When browsing a website, there is nothing more annoying than having to struggle with small, hard-to-read, unresponsive fonts, especially on the mobile version. Typography plays a huge role in the overall user experience – and the right typography can significantly lower the bounce rates, encouraging website visitors to stay on your page for longer. When building your website and choosing your typography, remember that it’s important to strike a balance between something that matches your brand identity but is also crisp and very easy to read.

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Maximising the Impact of Backlinks

Implementing a smart backlink strategy is another important step towards SEO success and bringing your website to Google’s front page. However, as with content, quantity doesn’t always mean quality – and it’s the latter that SEO teams and business owners should really be focusing on. Meeker recommends focusing on securing backlinks only from websites with high domain authority (DA) and genuine, well-written content. One quality link will be much more powerful than three poorly-written ones from lower-DA portals.

Show Your Expertise on Your Blog

Creating considered, strategic long-form content for your website really makes a difference when it comes to SEO. Many business owners wonder what they should write in their blog posts and, most importantly, how. While you might be tempted to start churning out shorter, less informative blog posts that mimic what others in your industry are doing… don’t. Meeker strongly recommends going for longer, well-researched blogs that really nail the details on a given topic and provide truly valuable information to your customers. It may be even better if you can share some specific advice from your practice that is impossible to find elsewhere.