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A man claims he visited future and warns everyone to leave America


A man claims he visited future and warns everyone to leave America

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I will share with you a real-life incident of how a man claims he visited the future. The man’s name is Oliver. He even wanted people to leave America in 2024.

Oliver was in a hospital room. The room was dimly lit. He was blinking his eyes slowly, as if he was awakening from a long, deep sleep. The surroundings looked like a familiar place yet a distant dream as the morning sun rose.

He was staring at the machine beeping on the table beside him. He could feel the strong smell of sterilizer in the room. He could even recognize the faces of his family members but only vaguely.

He tried to speak but his voice almost choked. His throat felt scratchy and dry. A nurse came to him and offered him a glass of water. “Take it slow”, a physician said gently. “You lost your consciousness for some time”.

What Oliver Was Thinking

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Oliver had no time to slow down. He had to warn people before it was too late. He summoned all his strength and finally brought himself to murmuring a few words. There was something in his voice that no one could ignore. 

He took a pause after saying “By next year”. He needed a few seconds to catch his breath. All people got the wind of emergency in his tone. And then came the words that silenced everyone in the room: “All of you must evacuate”.

Oliver’s utterances about what the US would experience in 2024 could be easily ignored as delirious utterings of a man who had come out of a 10-year old coma. He had been away from the real world for a long time after the awful day. Still, there was some weight of convictions in his voice that people could not make little of his predictions. 

What Happened to Oliver?

22 July

Ten years have gone by. On that fateful day, Oliver met with a horrible accident. It was a stormy night. The roads were slippery. Little did he know that an unfortunate twist in his fate would change the course of his life once and for all.

Oliver had dreams and ambition. All these were brutally crushed. Everyone slipped into a state of mourning. They thought the young boy would be gone forever. However, Oliver came round after a decade-long coma. What is more, he came with a strong message. Though people in the room were sceptical but could not brush it away.

He predicted America’s downfall. It had already happened across the USA. The early signs of trouble were already evident. Everyone was stunned. How could he have known all these as he was in a coma for a long time?

It Was Never Easy for Oliver’s Family


After Oliver told about his dream, people were shocked. Soon, his prophecy started spreading like wildfire and people started leaving the country. They were determined to escape the wrath that Oliver saw in his dream.

Oliver’s family had grim hope of his waking up ever. Even doctors gave up hope. They failed to give any concrete answer to Oliver’s family members.

Still, his parents and brother Liam did not give up on him. They used to visit him regularly at the hospital and even talked to Oliver, who was seemingly unresponsive. Finally, when he regained consciousness, everyone expected a joyful reunion.

Every now and then, friends and relatives used to ask, “How long will this go on?” But Oliver’s parents and Liam were determined to keep it up. “As long as his heart is beating, we will keep visiting him.”

It was not easy for them. They used to watch Oliver, once a joyful and energetic boy, with a heavy heart. The memory from 10 years ago still haunted them. A phone call informing them about the gruesome accident! They wanted to bury the memory forever but it was hardly possible. 

The hospital staff used to talk among themselves that Oliver had a wonderful family. They had a strong belief that Oliver could hear everything despite being in a coma. Day in and day out, they reassured Oliver, hoping that their voices and comforting words could make a heart-to-heart connection.

A Ray of Hope

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The situation was really difficult for Liam. He was the younger, playful brother but now the roles were reversed. The unfortunate event put a comma in his otherwise smooth journey. His thoughts always drifted to the faithful day.

On that eventful day, Liam was sitting beside Oliver’s bed. Liam leaned closer to him and whispered a few private talks with her girlfriend Lisa. They had moved to a new address and discussed their future. Lisa wanted to be a mother and was planning to have children with Liam.

He felt a lump in his voice while revealing their planning to Oliver. “You’re going to be an uncle,” Liam whispered into Oliver’s ears. But as soon as the words escaped his lips, a fleeting expression across Oliver’s face prompted him to pause.

Had he seen a twitch? Was it an involuntary muscle spasm? Oliver had not stirred for a decade. Liam rubbed his eyes. He could not believe it. He heard his heart beating fast as doubt and hope were at the tug of war in his mind.

In that quiet room, Liam was keeping a tab on his beloved brother. Suddenly, he saw a slight movement on Oliver’s face. He thought it was his fantasy or tricks of his teary eyes. But as soon as he resumed his story, he saw it again.

It was a faint stir. He was blinking rapidly to clear the haze from his eyes. Liam wanted to put his senses on high alert. And then a ray of hope passed through his mind, He could not tell anyone how hard he had wanted to see the day.

Liam’s heart was racing fast in disbelief. Was it finally happening? Hope and panic were playing hide and seek in his mind. He felt almost paralyzed for a few seconds. What would he do now? Should he tell everything to his parents? Or should he wait?

He feared to startle Oliver. What if acting too hurriedly or speaking too loudly disrupted  his fragile movements?

Finally, Oliver was awaking from what looked like an eternal slumber. He was slow in his movements. Oliver rose from his chair and called over to his parents. “Mom, Dad, please come here!” Liam avoided screaming.

His parents rushed to the room. Soon they understood the situation. They moved to Oliver’s bedside.

“Thomas, Thomas! Wake up please. Can you hear us?” Liam darted out of the room to call in a nurse. She ran to the room to see the situation, hoping that Oliver was finally awakening.

Nothing Happened But Then


The air of disappointment hung heavily in the room. He was pulsating with enthusiasm, hoping that his brother would come out of a decade-long coma. Instead, it felt like an endless silence. Liam sighed and sunk into a chair next to Oliver’s bed. He apologized to his parents for giving them false hope. And then….

Liam’s gaze was always fixed on Oliver’s face. Even a subtle flutter of his eyelids did not escape Liam’s attention. It hinted at some underlying movements. Liam was sure that something good would happen.

The nurse was still there. She too noticed the twitch. She called in others and in a few minutes, doctors and other staff came rushing to the room.

With many people huddled in a small room, a decent chaos erupted to fill the air with hope. Machines were showing some movements, nurses got busy giving quick orders.

Amidst the cacophony, Liam almost steeled his movements, with his gaze hovering over his brother’s face, tears glimmering in his eyes, lips whispering prayers to God for even a faint sign of life.

Prayer Was Answered

morning prayers

Suddenly, Oliver opened his eyes slowly. For Liam, the time stood still. A mix of disbelief and joy overwhelmed him. After 10 long years, Oliver made eye-to-eye contact with his beloved brother.

Liam and his parents were moved beyond words. They were completely wallowing in emotion, with tears rolling down their cheeks. The doctors waited a few minutes and then declared the good news. However, Liam and his parents did not need any confirmation, they had witnessed everything.

The doctors told everyone to leave the room. A one-day full rest was important for Oliver. He was feeling sleepy and tired. Oliver was making great efforts to keep his eyes open.

And finally the moment came. The faint smile on his lips said it all. He could now recognize his parents and Liam. Everyone moved closer to his bed. They embraced him like never before. They locked glances. Silence and tears said everything.

The family was still under heavy suspension of disbelief. Their voices sounded like whispers. After the burst of sudden joy and happiness, they hide an unspoken worry. They had no idea of Oliver’s mental state and what challenges they would have to face.

The smile on his lips was a sign that he recognized his family. But doubt still pressed heavily on their mind.      

“Could he talk or walk again?” “Will he have to learn the basics step by step once again?” They had just got a slim yet shimmering hope. However, the future looked like a blank canvas.

With every fleeting moment, Oliver was showing signs of getting back to normal Life. He  gathered strength to utter a few words. Those around him moved closer to decipher his whispers. And hearing what Oliver was murmuring and repeating, they were shocked.

The accident and coma must have taken a toll on his health more than what they had feared. “By next year”, Oliver managed to push these words past his lips. The family moved their ear closer to his.

They badly wanted to understand the meaning of those broken words coming out of a fragile figure lying on the hospital bed. An emotional Liam tried to say something; Oliver’s voice sounded so soothing yet haunting to him.

How Did They React? 

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Oliver went on harping on the same string. Though he was weak and his voice was trembling, the chilling words caused a wave of shiver coursing through Liam’s spine. “People must leave the country.” The haunting clarity in ominous messages startled everyone.

Oliver’s strength was rapidly on the wane, as if he had got out of his coma only to convey the warning messages. And now his body was sucked out of energy. Exhausted, Oliver closed his eyes and slipped into sleep.

It was no less than a miracle for Oliver to speak up soon after coming back to consciousness after a decade-long coma. Liam and his parents looked at each other. A troubling thought swelled up in their minds.

“Why did Oliver utter such a dire warning during his short-lived moment of consciousness? Is there really an imminent danger for the country? If yes, what is it?”

The weight of Oliver’s seemingly ramblings filled the room with an eerie silence that almost stifled others. Everyone was standing still like anchored boats at the shore. 

Behind the closed doors, the muffled voice and hushed movements were proof of the world moving on at a usual pace but in that room, a mix of doubt and disbelief made them breathing statutes.

The doctor came in, cleared his throat and broke the silence with carefully chosen words. The gist of what he said was that sometimes such patients failed to differentiate between dreams and reality. Liam and his parents were looking to the doctor in hope of some assurance.

The doctor went on telling that such patients needed time and no one should take those words as prophetic utterances, at least so quickly. Liam’s tightened jaw could clearly tell that he did not agree with the doctor.

Their bond, forged in childhood and fortified with the passage of time, convinced him that Oliver’ words must not be laughed away. He could not shake off the nagging feeling that those words would be coming true.

Oliver Spoke Out Again


Liam decided to sit like a sentinel beside his brother’s bed. Days rolled into night but Liam never felt tired from his unwavering vigil. He was hoping against hope to hear from Oliver once again. Oliver looked frail and even his breathing was almost unheard.

The eternity of time made Liam teary-eyed once again. And then, he spoke out once again in a voice that was weak but stabbed the silence.

Oliver started telling his experiences of what looked like an eternal coma. Those words took everyone in the room through the dark alleys of his memories that were a depiction of a haunting journey through familiar but unfamiliar places, as if he returned from a long rambling towards other dimensions. 

Liam and his parents felt shocked once again. They failed to make any head or tail of his chilling words. All present in the room were consumed by those ominous messages. The concerns, shock and disbelief were heavily hanging on their faces.

But Oliver was not done with his story. He sighed heavily. The eyes on his pale face looked sad. He revealed his shocking experiences of how badly he wanted to come back sooner but some unexplained forces held him tight. He had travelled to the future and saw something extremely alarming.

“There are some disturbing messages and I must tell everyone”, Oliver said. All in the room were staring at him, with the creases of concerns and confusion clearly visible on their forehead. Their anxiety was palpable in the room that suddenly felt colder.

However, the doctors and nurses tried to offer some explanation by saying “many people, after waking up from a coma, talk about intense visions that they feel are real. Medical science has no answers for such behaviour.”

Surprisingly, the doctor’s comment elicited a prompt and fierce reaction from Oliver. His bloodshot eyes were speaking volume for his desperation and frustration. The conclusion that his comments were fabricated out of illusion hit him hard.

“I returned to warn you all”, his voice was trembling. “You must listen to me; I’m not blabbering.” He strived to break open his lips to speak his mind. The firmness in his tone despite his quivering, weak voice transfixed everyone.

They almost leaned on him. Oliver was still energy-anaemic but gathered every bit of his remaining strength to spew what he must to save the Americans. Words left his lips like a heavy flow of water.

Once he looked at his family. They were staring at him with wide eyes that gave him a strong feeling of disbelief. He paused and those few minutes felt like eternity. Finally, Liam’s words pierced the silence.

“I believe every word of yours.” Oliver felt assured. The shadow of sadness let out a sigh of relief. Liam put his hand on Oliver’s and gave him a reassuring smile while looking deep into his eyes.

It was clear that Oliver needed time to heal. Liam wanted to be by his side as a solid rock so that nothing could impede and slow the healing process. However, Liam had no clues to what would come next.

Oliver Wanted to Spread His Messages

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Oliver warned that everyone should leave America by 2024. A few faint voices in the room implored him for an explanation but he offered nothing. Oliver wanted to talk to the media but Liam did not budge.

Liam knew that the media, people outside of the hospital would laugh it away and mock his brother. He could not bear it. “Who will believe that a man visits the future?”

Liam and his parents assured Oliver that they would spread his message but only after his full recovery. Oliver knew he had no option and so agreed to the condition.

Time was the key as 2024 is almost knocking on the door. It happened one year ago. Hence, there was not much time. The country has a population of more than 330 million. Evacuating them in a year is almost an impossible task.

Oliver kept his family in the dark while contacting the media a week after his waking up from coma. He was not in his fine fettle physically. However, he was feeling strong mentally.

Oliver tried for an interview or looking for a kind of platform to spread his message near and far. He reached out to the leading media houses first. Unfortunately, their reactions were not encouraging. 

None took his words seriously. Some stopped him midway while others started mocking him from the very beginning, thanking him for giving them reasons for hearty laughter.

For two weeks, Oliver’s family were not aware of his activity. They believed that he would honour his promise. And then, a reporter came to the hospital.

Oliver badly wanted to talk to the US president but he knew it was impossible. He hoped that he could convey his message to the president through this reporter. However, his family was not as optimistic as Oliver.

They learned that the reporter worked for a sensational news site that mostly published false stories and clickbait. They advised Oliver not to talk to him. They feared that his report would only make Oliver a laughingstock for the entire world.

However, the journalist was dismissive of their concerns. Moreover, Oliver was eager to talk to him. The reporter, being on a mission, must write about Oliver’s outlandish claim. He knew the coverage would earn the site millions of clicks.

The family failed to prevent it. Oliver had worked behind their backs. Liam tried for the last time to dissuade his brother from speaking to the man but Oliver was adamant. Instead, he begged for some space and a helpless Liam complied.

The family waited with bated breath outside Oliver’s hospital room. The door was closed and they could not hear anything. However, they could observe their gestures through the glass window. Oliver looked enthusiastic while talking to the reporter who was writing everything on his notebook with an impish grin hanging at the corner of his lips.

Suddenly, the report’s expression changed. He paused his writing though Oliver went on. He was staring at Oliver in disbelief. Several minutes passed before Oliver noticed and sensed that something was wrong.

The reporter left his chair and walked out of the room without saying anything to Oliver. Liam heard his brother calling out to the journalist, asking him repeatedly if he had done anything wrong but the man did not reply.

Oliver’s family stood like a statue. They were shocked to see the man coming out with a ghost-like expression that made his face look pale. “Why did you react strangely? What did he tell you?” Liam kept on asking. The man shrugged off and finally a few words slipped from his lips, “He’s right.”

Liam and his parents, confused as they were, were looking for answers to many questions. However, they were sure the reporter would not tell them anything more. “I’m sorry. I must contact my wife immediately”, he said in a shaky voice.

Liam and his parents tried to eavesdrop and managed to catch only snippets of the conversation. But one sentence sucked the blood out of them.

“We must leave America immediately”, the man whispered into his phone. So the reporter was not sceptical of what Oliver said but believed every word of it.

What Had Happened?

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Liam was now convinced that Oliver’s warning was not far-fetched. However, his gut feeling told him that Oliver pleaded with Americans to leave the country but was yet to divulge the real reasons that, according to Liam, must be gruesome.

Liam entered the room. Oliver looked downcast. Liam hugged Oliver to comfort and reassure him. Though he initially did not like Oliver’s snitching around with the media, he could now understand the urgency.

“I’ll help you. But first, you must tell me everything. What will happen to America in 2024?”

A tight-lipped Oliver was weighing the consequences of divulging the details. He did not want his family to come under pressure after knowing the TRUTH. However, he decided to tell Liam. He trusted him.

After taking a deep breath, Oliver started, “I travelled to the future during my coma. But I was at some other place, not the US. My country was destroyed by wildfires. It was too fierce to control. The sight was too haunting to bear”.

Liam felt tense; a glint of horror showed in his eyes.  He was trying to connect the dots. Last summer, horrible wildlife broke out and as per predictions, it would be worse the next year. However, there were more to leave him shocked beyond words.

A massive wildfire broke out when Oliver was in coma. How could he know that? Now Liam understood what baffled the reporter when Oliver talked about the devastating wildfire.

Liam was feeling uneasy. Every time he tried hard to dismiss Oliver’s cryptic messages, he found himself tightly enveloped by a haunting thought. “What if it comes true?” How could his family be safe if the USA was destined to be doomed by 2024?

Americans Believed Oliver


They embarked on a whirlwind discussion on how to spread Oliver’s message to every nook and cranny of the country so that people could find a way out to save their lives. The reporter spread the message but did Oliver a favour by not sharing Oliver’s story on his tongue-in-check platform.

The story appeared on a doomsday preppers’ website. Liam thought readers would brush it off. Fortunately, he was wrong. In fact, the country started thinking that if Oliver’s story would come true, how they could prepare in time.

Shockingly, a wave of Americans started preparing to leave the country before the 2024 summer. No one wanted to take the risk of landing in a devastating inferno.

Oliver felt people were doing the right thing but it was not enough. His message reached only 0.1% of Americans. What about the rest? He thought of requesting the major news channels to broadcast his interview.

Backed by a little bit of credibility, thanks to a published report by the journalist, he must act as quickly as possible.

Oliver Received Warning

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Oliver was in luck as a man from national security approached him. The man had read the story and wanted to speak to Oliver. Oliver felt overjoyed but went for shock after learning the man’s messages.

A wave of disappointment washed all over him as the gravity of the man’s words hung heavily on his mind. Imprisonment – the word shuddered him. The thought of being thrown behind the bars in a cold, dark room while the USA was burning left him crippled. Burning alive in fire – ”Oph, it must be horrible than what I think.”.

He buried himself in pillows. The hospital room felt like a cage, in which he was tied to his bed with invisible shackles. Liam and his parents gathered close.

“Don’t worry, this shall pass too.” His family was trying hard to comfort Oliver, knowing that it would be difficult for him to accept. Oliver wished only if everything was that much simple.

Imagining fire engulfing the country he loved so much, he could see the flames crawling into his prison like a monster. Oliver could even feel the smell of burnt flesh. He felt like letting out a scream; instead, he started sobbing inconsolably.

Feeling frustrated, exhausted, Oliver sunk into sleep and the visions returned. The smoky smell entered his nostrils. Ashes were falling down from the blood-shot sky like a heavy rain. The entire city was stripped of its wonderful beauty layer by layer. Smouldering ruins on every hand! He could hear people screaming in fear, trying hard to escape but finding no way out.

He jerked awake. He could hear his heartbeats. Though Oliver tried hard, he could not erase the horrible image from his head. On top of that, the agent’s threats clouded his mind.

The next morning, Oliver woke up with a ray of hope. A good night’s sleep steeled his resolve and refilled his energy level. He would continue his fight at any cost. Silence was not an answer as the lives of millions of innocent people were hanging in the balance.

He pushed on, knowing that he might have to pay a price for it. He must spread the message to every corner until everyone was aware and could foresaw the danger coming to destroy everything.

Oliver decided not to sit idle and see millions of people consumed by inferno. As long as he was alive, he must do something.

It was a daunting task but he could not leave so many people at their fate. He kept the flame of hope alive. Oliver told himself that he must sustain through the upcoming trials that would test his resolve, spirit and purpose.

But he could not be an escapist. He must make his way through darkness to take others to the shore of safety.

Come hell or high water, Oliver would continue fighting for all people he had known and also for others he had never met.

Summary: A man claims that he visited the future after recovering from a decade-long coma. At first, nobody took him seriously. One day, a reporter came for his interview and believed what he said. What followed next was a traumatic experience for Oliver and his family.