Millie Bobby Brown: Now a Plastic Beauty?


Millie Bobby Brown: Now a Plastic Beauty?

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Millie Bobby Brown caught our attention when she was only a 11-year old girl. At that tender age, she essayed her role as Eleven on Stranger Things and grabbed our eyeball. It is not easy for a teenage girl to have grown up in full glare of public eye. And now she has become a touted talk of the tinsel town for her rumoured plastic surgery. Even ordinary people are curious to know if the grown-up darling has really become a plastic beauty. 

What’s the truth about Millie Bobby Brown Plastic Surgery?

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Millie Bobby Brown, the famous Enola Holmes actress, is yet to open up about the alleged rumours that she has undergone plastic surgery. However, her silence on the matter has only added fuel to the speculation which has now spread like wild fire. 

Many people strongly believe that Millie has gone under the knife for nose job, breast augmentation and may other things. As per reports, what was considered Millie’s natural beauty due to her good genes and puberty is now thought of as a result of cosmetic surgery. 

If rumours are to believe, her gorgeous smile is an outcome of Invisalign and may be, veneers as well. 

What does Millie say about her skin?


The Spaniard has always been candid about her getting breakouts and pimples. In an Instagram video dated March 3, 2023, she appeared without makeup and pointed at different parts of her forehead and cheeks while saying, “This zit is not very happy. These pimples up here are not very happy. This one right here isn’t,” adding, “I think they’re hormonal.” The actress even wrote in the caption “embracing the imperfections”. Later she applied some mud musk from her Florence by Mills beauty line to treat blemishes. 

Is she active on social media?


The Godzilla: King of the Monsters star has opened up about the perils of constantly being in the public eye, from being sexualized at a very young age to receiving threats and rude comments from online trolls, which even led her to retiring from Twitter and TikTok. However, she has not deleted her account on Facebook and Instagram though she does not keep these apps on her phone. She talks to her fans about Florence by Mills, her beauty brand, through her blog posts.

What does she say about her plastic surgery rumours?

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It seems she is reluctant to say anything about her plastic surgery rumours. However, it has only strengthened people’s belief that the actress indeed underwent plastic surgery. She just keeps on reiterating that she is focused on her acting career and ready to adopt different looks according to the demands of her characters in movies.The actress did not mind shaving her head for Stranger Times. The Intruders star always thanks her family and loved ones for supporting her decisions.