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Our Top-3 trusted Skin Clinics in Petaling Jaya


Our Top-3 trusted Skin Clinics in Petaling Jaya

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3 skin clinic in Petaling Jaya

If one thing is clear about the age of smartphones, it is that we always have to be prepared to look our best.  You never know when a photo opportunity or reason to look sharp will pop up! It is important to keep your appearance fresh and fab with the proper skincare practices and treatments, but it’s hard to know where to start if you want a little something extra. Those looking for a trusted skin clinic in Petaling Jaya have a lot of great options at their fingertips, but choosing the right one can be a bit challenging.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!  We have highlighted just a few of the best skin clinics in Petaling Jaya that can help give you that radiant glow or extra something you have been looking for. With the right treatment, you will be able to roll out of bed and be ready to shine. And if you have any hesitations about seeking improvement, you know how the old saying goes: look good, feel good!

NextMed Clinic

Led by Dr. Alicia LiwKwei Huan, NextMed Clinic is the premier skin clinic in Petaling Jaya. Their top-notch treatments come through collaborations with some of the leading clinics in South Korea and China, giving clients confidence in the quality of their work. From anti-ageing solutions to health screening services, NextMed is continually updating and improving its treatments to keep pace with advancements in the field. 

Their service doesn’t just stop there! NexMed is a leader in aesthetic treatments as well, including nose augmentation, wrinkle reduction, and double eyelid suturing. Routine follow-ups and round-the-clock service showcase NextMed Clinic’s commitment to their client’s health and wellbeing.

Dermlaze Skin Laser & Aesthetics Centre

Specialising in laser treatments, Dermlaze has become a leader in PJ for hair and blemish removal. For over 25 years, Dr. Jeswender Singh has been practising laser and non-laser skin treatments, earning accreditation from governing bodies in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Beyond laser treatments, Dermlaze also performs aesthetic treatments, such as body shaping, hair transplants, and nose augmentations. If your beauty desires involve laser treatment, then Dermlaze is your spot!

Sliq Clinic

Located in Oasis Ara Damansara, Sliq Clinic is a neighbourhood lifestyle clinic providing quality face, body, and hair treatments. This boutique clinic does not focus on flash, opting instead to deliver quality, tailor-made treatments for both men and women. Their expertise is in hair replacement, hair removal, and acne treatment. 

Sliqspecialises in non-invasive treatments with quick recovery times, prioritising clients’ personal lives over lengthy procedures. Their staff has earned a reputation as being friendly and inviting without being pushy for unnecessary or expensive treatments. 

With plenty of options for skin clinics in Petaling Jaya, it can be overwhelming to choose the one that is right for you. Understanding what you are looking for in skin or aesthetic treatment is key to choosing the right clinic, but luckily all the clinics we recommend offer excellent consultations which provide the necessary information you need. If you are in the market to spruce up your look, these are a great place to start.  

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