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How Businesses Use Phone Number Location Tracking for Security


How Businesses Use Phone Number Location Tracking for Security

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According to a Statista study, 85.74% of the world’s population (6.92 billion people) own a smartphone in 2023, up from 49.40% of the global populace (3.668 billion people) in 2016. Nowadays, cell phones are no longer just a tool for our entertainment but a vital instrument in our social and professional lives. The average person’s cell phone holds valuable personal information as well as sensitive data from their workplace.

As a business owner, chances are your employees are using their phones to access company information and communicate for work. Some organizations will even provide their staff with company-owned smartphones for use in carrying out their duties. The importance of securing these devices cannot be understated, as data loss or leakage could easily cripple your business. If you’re curious to learn how to track and secure these devices, read on.  

Why Should Businesses Track Employee Cell Phones?

2023 was marked by several mass layoffs in several industries. Such high employee turnover presents a unique challenge in safeguarding company data and collecting all company devices, especially now that remote work is quite prevalent. One way to solve this would be to invest in a solution that can locate a phone number anywhere in the world.

For good measure, here is a breakdown of the various reasons why a business owner might want to track their staff’s phones:

  1. To prevent theft – Smartphone theft is quite a common occurrence in today’s world, and it could happen anywhere from the workplace to out-of-town conferences. Having a cell phone number location tracker could help you retrieve a stolen device or even remotely lock the device to prevent leakage of sensitive corporate data.
  2. To monitor staff productivity – Knowing the whereabouts and communication patterns of your staff can help you monitor their efficiency in the field. 
  3. To enhance fleet management – For a transport business, an effective cell phone tracker could help gauge and improve the efficiency of your fleet management.
  4. To safeguard the business against insider threats – Phone tracking software could alert you whenever disgruntled employees engage in unusual activity or attempt to leak confidential files and data. 

Is It Legal to Track Someone Else’s Phone?

The legality and ethics behind tracking someone else’s phone depend on the purpose and jurisdiction. In most cases, tracking a device within your ownership, such as your child’s phone or your employee’s company-issued phone, is acceptable without consent. However, it is important to consider local, federal, and state laws concerning the proper phone-tracking guidelines. 

Types of Tracking Technologies

There are various methods that a location number tracker can employ to pinpoint a device’s location. These include:

  • GPS tracking – This method utilizes GPS technology, which is typically built into modern smartphones. When activated, GPS is capable of pinpointing the device’s location within a 5-metre radius.
  • Cell tower triangulation – This method uses signals from nearby cell towers to estimate a mobile device’s position. Though less accurate than GPS, it works even when the target device’s GPS is turned off. 
  • Wi-Fi tracking – This technique is used to track devices indoors, where GPS signals may be weak. It involves tracking the Wi-Fi networks the device connects to.
  • IP tracking – IP tracking approximates a phone’s location by tracking its IP address when it connects to the internet.

Which Is the Best Phone Location Tracking Solution for Your Business?

Naturally, the ideal location tracker by phone number should employ a combination of tracking technologies for maximum accuracy. After extensive research, one such tracking app stood out head and shoulders above its competition. Enter,

The website

LocationTracker is a comprehensive location tracker by phone number that can pinpoint the exact location of any iPhone or Android device. With it, you can stay constantly updated on the whereabouts of your family and employees. 


  • GPS tracker – LocationTracker employs GPS to pinpoint your target’s exact location on Google Maps. 
  • IP logger – Even if your employee has not turned on their phone’s GPS, LocationTracker lets you track their device’s location from their IP address. 
  • Wi-Fi tracker – LocationTracker can establish your target’s location by tracking the Wi-Fi network their device is connected to.  
  • VPN detector – This monitoring app is capable of detecting when your employees use VPNs to mask their IP addresses. 
  • Cell phone carrier detector – LocationTracker provides a detailed report on the device you’re tracking, including the phone carrier information, OS version, phone model, and more. 

How It Works

Notably, you do not need to have physical access to your target device to track it with LocationTracker.  Instead, you’ll only need their phone number or social media and an interesting message. To get started:

  1. Visit the website and click on “Get Started”. Register for an account using a valid email address.  
  2. Choose your preferred subscription and proceed to purchase.
  3. Log in to your LocationTracker account using the credentials you just created.
  4. Upload any photo from your phone, and the app will generate a special tracking link.
  5. Copy the tracking link and send it to the employee you wish to track. This may be via any messaging app they use regularly. 
  6. Once they open the link, location tracking will be activated on their device. Check your online account’s user space to view their location data.   

In a Nutshell

The prevalence of cell phones in today’s digital world has seen tons of sensitive company data change hands across these smartphones. As a result, there is a growing need for business owners to track their employee’s locations and communications in order to safeguard their data. To that end, the easiest way to keep tabs on your employees is by utilizing a reliable location tracker by phone number app like