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Prior to Cosmetic Surgery:  What Things You Need to Remove


Prior to Cosmetic Surgery:  What Things You Need to Remove

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Prior to Cosmetic Surgery: What Things You Need to Remove

As your cosmetic surgery date approaches, it’s normal to feel a mix of emotions, including excitement, anticipation, and anxiety. Though you may be nervous, remember that you’re on the path to achieving your aesthetic goals! To help stay focused on the excitement rather than the anxiety, it’s wise to prepare for what to expect on the big day. Patients often wonder, “What should I wear on surgery day, and what should I avoid?”

This is an excellent question that all patients should understand thoroughly before arriving at the clinic. While it may seem simple (just wear comfy clothes!), certain items are prohibited on surgery day as they can interfere with a smooth procedure.

Do Not Wear Metal Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are easy to remove and pose little risk. However, bonded hair extensions that use metal rings present problems during surgery. The metal can conduct electricity when cauterising incisions during electrosurgical procedures, resulting in burns and sparks. Although it’s acceptable to wear them during surgeries that involves the lower body, such as a tummy tuck or thigh lift, taking them off can enhance comfort and safety.


All piercings must be removed from the ear, breast, nose, lip, and navel. These items may interfere with incision sites and can also be dangerous if electrocautery is being used. That’s because the current will flow towards the metal. Burns, tissue damage, and other injuries can result. Therefore, make sure to take it all off.

If you have to wear them, replace metal jewellery with plastic ones. However, the surgery type and piercing location are important factors. For breast surgery, you can’t wear plastic piercings if they’re on your breasts.


Patients must remove all nail polish, acrylic nails, gel nails, and nail extensions. During surgery, staff monitor oxygen saturation levels by clipping a pulse oximeter probe onto the finger. Polish or artificial nails can interfere with the probe’s accuracy. Another reason is that they contain unseen dirt and bacteria. Even if the nails appear clean on the surface, there could still be contaminants present that pose an infection risk. It’s best not to take any chances, so removing acrylics ahead of surgery will eliminate this potential hazard.

Fake Eyelashes

Strip lashes, individual lashes, and eyelash extensions must be removed before surgery. Tape is often applied to the eyelids during cosmetic surgery. Taking off the tape after surgery could pull on lash extensions and damage your natural eyelashes. Any eye makeup that you wear will also get smeared or removed, so you should not wear that either.

Final Thoughts

Cosmetic surgery preparation goes far beyond just the physical procedure itself. Removing accessories, nail extensions, fake lashes, and more play a crucial role in your safety and satisfaction.  Maintain a wide perspective and adhere to every pre-operative instruction for optimal results. Comprehensive preparation is imperative for a smooth, safe surgery and recovery.