Reducing the Crashes on Roads by Utilizing Red Light Camera


Reducing the Crashes on Roads by Utilizing Red Light Camera

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Safety on the roads becomes serious issues now. There are many drivers riding motorcycles, cars, and other transportation. On the other hands, there are people who walk on the streets, and some occasions may make them have to cross the street. These conditions create high risks of accidents and crashes. That is why traffic lights are made. However, there is phenomenon of red light running. Some drivers or riders do not pay attention to the red light on traffic, and this leads to many crashes. It is not only accidents involving vehicles hitting the people crossing the road, but it may also lead the vehicles crashing other vehicles.

This seriously becomes serious issues. At least, there were more than 900 victims killed by the accidents caused by the red light running. Then, at least there are 28% of crashes occurred in intersections, and these are caused by the red light running. Because of this issue, solution should be made to reduce the cases.  Lately, there is solution called red light cameras. The cameras are installed around the corners of intersections with traffic lights. The camera will capture the image of vehicles ignoring the red light. There are in-ground sensors that will trigger the cameras, and later the drivers ignoring the red light will get the violation tickets.

Some people may still think of ignoring the cameras for choices laser shifters. They may think that they are able to locate the cameras. However, government also knows how people think in rebelling and disobeying the rules. That is why the cameras are hidden, so people will not be aware of it. Of course, this is not effort with bad results. In fact, the crashes and accidents can be reduced. Based on the data released by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the crash rates are reduced up to 21%. This is surely effective, and it is good solution to create more awareness of safety on the road. 


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