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Seniors with Tattoos? Well, They Look Cook Even in Their Sunset Years


Seniors with Tattoos? Well, They Look Cook Even in Their Sunset Years

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We often say age is just a number. However, it is just like preaching or a way of comforting ourselves or others. How many of us take these words seriously? Definitely, not too many. But some do coz they want to live life to the fullest. Old people with tattoos are happy with the needlework on their bodies.

They don’t care what others will think about them. “Oph, you look awful!” Yes, it is a common comment often hurled at old men and women with monochrome or colourful tattoos. “What’s that to you?” Pat comes the reply from some seniors; others show nonchalance. We love that attitude in them.

We should not be too judgemental about them. They are loving it, they are fine with it, they look cool and that’s all!

In this blog post, we will talk about 30 tattooed seniors who rock with the needle artworks on their body. We bet you will go crazy about how they are sporting it.

Granny with a Pair of Inky Sleeves

Some seniors want to be rebellious where others prefer a soothing look that makes others do a double take wherever they go.

This woman has pretty intricate tattoos on both her hands and we like these pair of tattooed sleeves. It seems that she is just back from her Harley Davidson ride or going to a rock concert.

Ladies take time to get ready before going out. But she is definitely not one of them. These beautiful tattoos give her a ‘ready to go’ look round the clock. These colours are looking great on het yesterday. She certainly takes care of her skin; otherwise, the lines and colours cannot look so prominent like what they do now. One thing more, these masterpieces don’t age.

An Old Woman with Young Soul

Lonni of @grayhairandtattoos is a popular name on Instagram. She strongly advocates for welcoming the old persons with grey hair and tattoos at workplace. To her, it’s all about acceptance.

Lonni thinks that senior people with the so-called crazy look are as good as uninked employees. And we cannot agree more.

Her inkwork is an exciting ‘mix and match’ of black and white pieces as well as colour work. The visual extravaganza is truly appealing.

Going gray is not bad at all. The colour can befriend with both bright and soft hues. Vibrancy easily catches eyes and some colours still look amazingly fresh.

Does she visit a tattoo parlour regularly for new inkwork? Well, we can only guess.

Modified Muscle

Another Instagrammer Sandy also flaunts her strength with her tattooed muscles. Old people, especially women with full-sleeve tattoos, would have looked strange even a decade ago. However, time is changing fast and she is one of many who walks with a ‘don’t care’ attitude. We admire it.

On one of her hands, we can see pretty good work on her forearm. She poses like a weightlifter or bodybuilder who proudly shows off her muscles.

She may be a regular at a gym you frequent. How can one mess around her? So, please beware of her.

Inky Wrinkles

She is Whang-od Oggay, a 103-year old tattoo artist from the Philippines. She has wrinkles all over her body. However, she looks cool, with her eyes still gleaming to tell the story of her journey she has travelled for a century.

Her tattoo speaks of traditional tribal culture, teaching young girls about the popular stick-and-poke art to support the village.

She believes tattoos are a treasure because they remain on body even after our death. Tattoos defy death. It is a low-tech, traditional art form that causes greater pain but that’s worth it. She passes the baton of her traditional art to young girls so that they can keep the art form alive

We don’t know if that volcanic energy keeps her up and going for so many years.

GettyImages 923194638.0

Partners in Tattooing

According to a good rule of thumb, never get the matching tattoo work with your partner. However, that rule is overruled if you are married for years and still getting along with your significant others. 

Couples’ tattoos could be risky. However, for this couple, everything seems to be coming easy. They are standing by side with the same ink work on their back. We have a hunch that got it done by the same artist.

The couple evidently admire classical art. They look stunning together and will still look so if things ever turn sour between them (we are surely not wishing it upon them).

They are no in the mood to impress the world but only the other inked partner. Long Live Love!

Pretty Palm

Hand tattoos start ageing quickly. Hands are heavily exposed to daily wear and tear. Frequent skin shedding is a big issue.

However, there are ways to maintain even the hand tattoos fresh and fine for decades. This pair of blinged-up hands can make an example.

These finger tattoos definitely came alive with a lot of pain. However, they look blinged up with or without rings.

These tattoos look fresh and fascinating even on old persons. Finger tattoos can easily turn into blobs of ink if they don’t dry quickly. We can only assume that a good tattoo artist must have been behind the scene.

Pretty Pin-up

Traditional tattoos and pin-up artwork have always been popular, with each being a medium of expression originating in 1940’s.

We are clueless about how much time it took to get the inky artwork from head to toe. However, seeing the outcome, we can safely claim that her time was not wasted.

The work looks like an entire novel. It definitely hurt her a lot but she never seems to regret her pain. She looks pretty comfortable with it. The vibe is clear. The granny rocks! 

Through An Artist’s Eye

New Orleans tattoo artist Jacci Gresham has been in the business since 1976. She runs a shop Aart Accent Tattoos & Body Piercing. It is the oldest tattoos business in Louisiana.

For years, she has been designing art on others but also loves to do it for herself. This style is simple but sophisticated.

Tattoo artists are extremely finical. Hence, we don’t wonder that she looks beautiful with her linework. Living in Louisiana? You are definitely lucky.

Tattooed Couples

Couples with tattoos are epitome of compatibility. Tattoos remain fresh for years and even last a lifetime. If you are a couple, getting a tattoo together will display a lasting commitment to each other. A reflection of style and dedication through the same inky work!

They clearly had a lot of fun when undergoing the process of inking. They have always been good friends and still love each other like nothing else.

It is not easy to bear the pain of needles pricking through your skin for hours at a stretch. But they sit through the entire period. Who says seniors are not strong?

Oh, So Young

The old man is young in his mind. He is bold about his tattoo choice. Only a few go for a forehead tattoo. However, if you are heavily inked, it will not look like a mismatch.

Sitting through hours for whole body inking is definitely a headache though.

Modern-day music artists and rappers are great influencers for the young minds. They are getting face inked because their idols have set the trend and made it famous today.


People with Head-to-toe tattoos still find it difficult to get their dream jobs. However, how can that be a barrier for the granny to look the way she wants?

Some people don’t mind giving every inch of their body for ink work. However, only a few seniors can be so daring. The lady has run out of her real estate for tattooing. She impresses.

We guess that she has put her name on the Guinness Books of World Records. The kaleidoscopic beauty of ink work looks like a painter’s masterpiece. We can bet she never grows her hair to flaunt her head tattoo.

Only a few old people are brave enough to go for head-to-toe needlework. This woman dares to do so. A big salute to her!

posco losco tats tokio 1024x1024 1

Proud Portrait

People with tattoos are inspirations for others due to their profound love for the artwork. The best point of tattooing is that each piece of work looks unique and inspirational. The man in this picture looks like he has been living with the tattoo for a long time.

The style looks older and no longer in vogue nowadays.

To some people, it may look crass but others will love the fine line work. It definitely took many hours to do the delicate needle art and so, we’re not surprised that he loves showing it off.

With so much time and effort gone, everyone in his shoes would love to do that.

Snide Smoulder

Tattoo placement is as crucial as tattooing. If a piece of artwork does not fit with the natural curves of one’s body, it looks distracting and awkward.

Placing a tattoo is like sewing a cloth. It must be just or things will go wrong and look ugly.

The tattoo artist has done a fantastic job. The dragons and water flow beautifully, with pink lotus in the yellow background blending flawlessly.

It’s extraordinarily beautiful and masculine at the same time.

Tattooed Heads

Couples with head tattoos together always stay put with each other through thick and thin.

The couple looks incredibly happy. However, they must have undergone heavy pain while undergoing head tattoos. We are sure they shared their pain with each other.

Both are passionate about tattoos. We guess they have multiple tattoos on their bodies.

Chest Canvas

Kids have shown a passion for tattoos since their school days. Elderly people did not have the chance of having artwork because they were most probably busy with their studies during their teenage time.

However, better late than never! This young-at-heart lady got tattooed at the age of 65. It proves one can undergo needle at any age.

Her tattoos are really great. A shout out to the artist who designed the flower because it took a higher level of artistic flair and technique.

Average persons don’t have that quality.

Pink Pixel

Body modification always comes down to personal taste. It does not matter if others don’t like the work. If it is your choice, feel confident to bask in its glory.

This tattoo is unlike the common needlework we see around. It is an imitation of lace or an old saloon bodice. The pink hair makes it look like a puzzle.

The granny is definitely stylish. She could be an inspiration for the young. She is both punky and elegant. Everyone wants such a stylish and carefree grandma in our family.

Art on Arm

No one ever gets too old to get a pair of artistic arms. In fact, the more you age, the more you will love the idea of those permanent linework.

The woman in the picture chose a creepy cardinal. However, it looks nice despite being terrible. This kind of tattoo is not something that you see everyday.

Cardinals are as popular as sparrows. The lady with flowing hair is wearing a crown that has no flowers but fir and pine cones.

The old people get good tattoos most of the time.

Little Lovebirds

The image from the last 70s shares with Elizabeth Weinzirl that her husband wanted her to get tattoos and she did not want to go out for her passion for ink.

Regardless of the reason, her linework looks extremely beautiful.

Elizabeth is often called the “Tattooed Grandmother”. She started undergoing the needle in 1947 in Portland and never stopped since then.

By the 70s, she became a grand ambassador of tattooed work. We thought it was a dream life and she enjoyed it.

Stealing the Show

An average nanny usually doesn’t choose a full sleeve tattoo. The magnificent designs come alive with pretty and prominent ink. We don’t know who inspired her but she wears it with grace.

The needlework is a collage of vibrant colours, especially yellow appeals to eyes. Yellow and orange blend well, prompting us to think it’s watercolour.

It proves you must visit a good artist for such a great tattoo design.

Stylish Sideburns

Though his sideburns look so bizarre that many people will loathe wearing it but the impeccable tattoos do a great job of putting all things together.

The hairstyle looks appealing but for the wrong reason. The guy looks like coming out of an Irish mobster movie of the 70s. 

Lots of Love

This is an adventurous man. He is 79-years- old. He escaped from her home to get a tattoo. Starting with a small tattoo won’t hurt. Most people don’t know how painful it is to go under the needle.

One has to sit for houses if the person wants to get something big. Micro tattoos are popular these days. So, she is following the trend.

We like the woman who has her heart on her sleeves.

Elegant Croatian 

Some people hate tattoos because permanent inking does not go with their culture. However, in many countries like Croatia, a long tradition of having tattoos is a norm as a part of their religious culture. 

To some, these inkworks may not look as beautiful as others but we find those extremely gorgeous. 

These tattoos, which are a part of their religious culture, makes a clear point that bigger and better are not synonyms. 

You don’t need to get your full sleeves done to full your passion for ink. The woman in the photo is restrained enough to show her love for tattoos in an elegant way. We do think everyone should love her elegant display.  

Cool Biker

Not all tattoos are meaningful. In fact, neither tattoo artists nor those who are getting ink work think long and hard about the meaning always. 

The main point of getting it is tattoos are meant for permanent commitment. If the design is good, they go for it. Why take the trouble of explaining the meaning of your life choices to the world?

The lady has surely been visiting tattoo parlours many times in her life. She looks so cool with such awesome ink. 

We cannot help but praise her choice of drink; it’s both unique and cool. We won’t blame those getting envious of her. 

Creative Cult 

Other tattoos have a thick, mystic veil surrounding them, carefully hiding the secrets of the universe. Maybe, it’s all our imagination and has no such deep meaning. However, people often get too interested in their body mods. The inked look seems to be showing off a Croatian cult? 

We don’t know much about the Croatian grannies but they simply love going wild. We hope they live life on their own terms. Women like this granny surely have so many tale to tell; we are willing to lend our ears to. 

Better Late Than Never 

Helen Lambin was 75 when she got his first tattoo. She wanted to shake her life a little and the decision led to more than 50 tattoos. 

She compensated for the time she lost and got inkwork in vibrant colours. She loves displaying those beautiful designs. She proves you will never go wrong with tattoos at any age. 

Some people say those with tattoos will regret their decision of going under the needles as these are permanent linework. Helen regrets too but it’s all about starting so late. 

There will always be naysayers but you should now allow them to dictate your decision. You should do what makes you happy. You can take off even in twilight years. Live life queen size just like Helen. 

Bandana Granny

Her tattoos took so much money, time and effort to look so beautiful. Why should people hate a gorgeous beauty like her? Just because she has got a tattoo? 

Look at these and you will admit that those who do it are artists. They are like painters, with only the canvas being different. 

Once the art is complete, who will not love to show it off? She is wearing it with pride. Her confidence shows off. 

Old age is not meant for taking retirement from all the good things in life; rather it’s time to renew your energy and do all these you never thought of or had no choice of doing. 

Cheeky Grandma 

She looks rude but age does some bad things to your cool and composed demeanour. At this age, many people easily run out of their patience and drop etiquette at the drop of a hat. 

She got it done on her backside but the linework looks good. What is the harm of letting your bums for inkwork? It will still hurt but this time, pain will be less.

There is no denying that granny looks sassy and sexy even at this age. She definitely visits tattoo conventions every now and then, at least that’s what we can guess from the picture. 

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From There to Here

The two pictures show the evidence of permanent survival of tattoos. The Pharaoh’s horses look like they are done just a few minutes ago. So fresh even decades later! 

If you can cover an area with fine linework, why go under the knife for cosmetic makeover?  At least, you will look less weird in your old days. He did not add anything else and it surprises us. However, we are curious to know how he manages with her lower half. 

The colours look a little faded but are flawless and fabulous. The man, even at this age, is still a hot guy and especially so with his lovely tattoos. 

Bearded & Brawny

Gray hair, full bear and teasing tattoos – you get an automatic licence of bragging rights. And we have still not mentioned his perfectly gelled and styled moustache.  

The man looks too strong to mess with. His muscles say it all. However, a good man is always a dangerous man with incredible control over his strength. At least, we have learned it from Jordon Peterson.

Hipsters love to mimic such men but never get the style right. He has the ‘X’ factor that not everyone can brag of. 

Masculinity is a magnet and we’re sure he still has many women hanging around him. And blaming them will be an act of foolishness. 

Skin Deep

Some people are least expected to show a tattoo craze. But we are so wrong!  The first impression matters a lot but we should not base our opinion only on that. 

We love elderly persons with tattoos on their necks. A needle pricks and play around your jugular vein. Oph, that sounds horrible. So, a thumbs up to those going for it. 

The traditional tattoo shows her cultural side.  The woman has been through many ups and downs in her life and now she wants to tell her story through painstakingly done linework. 

Wrapping up

The most fascinating part of tattooing is how people show their inkwork. It shows an artist’s skill and someone’s patience and passion that makes him/her sit through the painful process. 

We love these elderly people who have gone all out to get tattoos. Hence, they prove you still have a lot to do for giving some lovely twists to your twilight saga. Do you have any plan to write a book? We’re waiting to hear from you.

Summary: Getting tattooed is a craze among youngsters and teenagers. However, some elderly people have discovered their passion for inkwork. We love their ideas and the way they present themselves with beautiful tattoos. In this blog post, we have covered 30 elderly people with tattoos. You cannot help but love their enthusiasm.