Seven Benefits of Using Bongs and Pipes


Seven Benefits of Using Bongs and Pipes

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There are many ways to smoke cannabis. While some people use cannabis for recreational purposes, others find the herb useful for its medicinal value. Bongs and pipes have been around for many years and are popularly endorsed by people who use cannabis. Read on to find out the most important benefits of using a bong.

1)    Cooler Smoke

A critical function of a bong is its ability to cool the smoke before it hits the throat and the lungs. Cooled smoke ensures a less intense and more enjoyable smoking experience. Traditional methods of smoking can irritate the throat and cause intense coughing. Bongs and pipes bring down the temperature significantly and make the smoke smoother.

2)    Filtered Smoke

Cigars and regular glass smoking pipes increase your chance of inhaling tar. The overall experience is often labeled as unpleasant. When you use a bong, the smoke from the marijuana percolates through the water. The water absorbs the harmful substances from the smoke before it raises the bong and touches the user’s mouth. Tar, ash, and certain carcinogens are removed while using a bong. This makes using a bong or a pipe one of the best smoking devices that offer a clean and healthy smoking experience.

3)    Better Taste

Many users of marijuana believe that bongs and pipes can provide hits that taste better than using a dry pipe. Since the debris from the smoke is filtered out, the hits are purer and better-tasting. Some people also add an ash-catcher for a better smoking experience. Head Hunters carries a complete line of Diamond Glass ash catchers perfect for your needs.

4)    Bongs Provide Better Control

It is easy to control your intake with a bong. When you think you have reached a reasonable level, you can stop taking any more hits. When you buy a bong with a carb hole, you can also control the amount of smoke you inhale each time you take a hit.

5)   A Good Investment

Every standard bong is affordable. When you clean and store the bong carefully for a better lifespan, a well-maintained bong can even last a lifetime. If you enjoy smoking cannabis with a group of friends, you may share the cost of the device and enjoy more economical smoke sessions. Buying a bong also reduces the impact on the environment as it generates minimal waste.

6)   An Aesthetic Masterpiece

A creatively designed bong can act as a good decorative piece. It can spice up your interiors and offer an artistic touch to your living space. They are available in different materials, shapes, and sizes to suit your tastes. Bongs can also be customized and made to include any additional features as needed.

7)   Easy Maintenance

When you clean your bong regularly, it becomes easier to maintain it in perfect shape for many years. Cleaning the bong involves a few knacks, but it is not a difficult task.

The water from the base of the bong traps the tar and other undesirable substances. The water turns brown with time, and the internal walls may be stained. Experts recommend cleaning the bong after every use. To clean the bong, empty its contents and take out all the removable pieces. Add isopropyl alcohol along with some Epsom salt and give the device a good shake. Next, rinse with plain water and some soap solution. Allow it to dry completely before you store it. Store the bong in a cool and dry place. The bong becomes clean and sparkling new right after every wash.           

An Overall Enjoyable Experience

Bongs provide cleaner hits. Some people believe the cleaner hits allow them to enjoy the more powerful effects of cannabis. The pure and toxin-free hits enable users to achieve a pleasant psychoactive high sooner than usual. Bongs and pipes are thus undoubtedly a great way to savor the benefits of marijuana.

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