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Reasons to Shop Bongs with Badass Glass


Reasons to Shop Bongs with Badass Glass

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To purchase good quality glass bongs, you must visit an online store with a comprehensive collection of bongs, glass bongs, and other devices suitable for smoking weed. This is essential as it will give you an idea of the different types of bongs available in the market. Moreover, a store with a wide range of products means you can choose ones within your budget. You can check out bongs with different designs and select one that you like the most.

Wide Selection of Glass Products

Glass bongs are usually the favorite of serious smokers. You want the effect of the weed to be potent and long-lasting. Hence, it is essential to select the perfect shape and design of the bong. At Badass Glass, you will get a wide selection of glass products and bongs. If you want to purchase a straight bong by Diamond Glass, one of the best smoking bongs, this is the place to be.

Similarly, you can purchase designer pyramid-shaped ones, zong bongs, showerhead bongs, and bongs of several other designs. If you are looking for a shower head ball rig to make your smoking experience even more potent, it is here that you will find it. You will find a wide range of glass products, from a double chamber bong to a heart-shaped pink glass bong.

High-Quality and Durable Glass

At Badass Glass, you will find that all glass bongs sold are of the best quality. Irrespective of whether you purchase a bong for under $100 or for more than $200, you will find that all bongs are made from the best quality glass. The company prides itself in providing bongs designed to last long and withstand high temperatures. You will find that when you purchase a water bong from the company, it guarantees that you are not only buying a product of high quality and durable glass, but you will get a smooth hit with every puff. The glass is strong enough to hold the temperature for an extended period, making the smoking experience even more exquisite.

Unique and Innovative Designs

When you buy a bong, you want to be impressed by the design. A simple water bong shaped like a beaker might serve the purpose, but the design may need to be more attractive. If you are planning to hold a party and you want to impress your friends with smoking bongs of different designs, then check out some of the following:

  • The Honeybee bong has imprints of bees on the glass surface.
  • The ancient pyramid bong is unique in design and gives a perfect puff.
  • The black zong bong which is ideal for a serious smoker
  • The twisted spiral bong has a unique blue glass body.

Other than these, on the Badass Glass website, you will find various designs, such as girly, bubbler, and bongs in different colors.

Competitive Pricing

Badass Glass is one of the few stores offering you bongs that are below $100. The company believes in offering customers a wide choice of bongs and different price ranges. Just because a bong has a different design or color does not mean the price will increase. Moreover, several bongs are available for sale, making purchasing them competitively easier.

Exceptional Customer Service

At Badass Glass, you can expect exceptional customer service. The fourteen-day return policy is unique to the company. All you must do is ensure that the product is intact and unused. You must also keep the papers associated with the purchase ready for an expedited return. The company also quickly responds to customer queries through their online chat service.

Discreet and Secure Shipping

Badass Glass is your best option if you want a company that believes in being discreet while shipping smoking bongs. All orders are shipped blind, which means the product will be sent via USPS to your address in an unmarked box. The shipping labels will not indicate that Badass Glass is delivering it. Instead, it will carry the brand the parent company BAG Distribution uses. Hence, you can be assured that the entire shipping process will be secure and discreet.

Trusted and Reliable Reviews

If you check online, you will find that Badass Glass has some of the most trusted and reliable reviews. The company sells the best quality bongs, and the studies will prove it. You will find that several returning customers keep purchasing from the company’s website repeatedly. This is conclusive evidence regarding the quality of the products, and you can be assured that the reviews provided by the customers are genuine.

Commitment to Privacy and Safety

The company has a strict privacy policy where it does not share any customer information with a third party. When you purchase from the company’s website, you will find that there is an option to do it anonymously. This will assure you of your privacy and safety. The company’s website uses cookies to collect information from the customers. But this information is used to enhance your experience of visiting the website, and no information you provide is shared.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Badass Glass, you can be assured of complete satisfaction regarding the choice of bongs, designs, and durability. The company offers a curated range of bongs and ensures total satisfaction. If you are unhappy with the product, you have the easy return policy provided by the company. However, customers rarely use the company’s return policy. The company ensures that you are delighted with the product you purchase.


If you are looking for an exclusive glass bong that will last you for a while and come in a unique design, then Badass Glass is the place to visit. Here, you will be spoilt for choice as there is a wide range of products, and if you are into dabbing, you will also find items to suit your requirements. The company believes in understanding what the customer wants and providing him with exactly that item. So, if you are looking to upgrade your smoking experience, buy a bong from Badass Glass.