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Small business project managers – essential skills


Small business project managers – essential skills

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For the small business owner, the words “project management” can suggest more work, and in some cases greater financial output. This does not need to be the case. Some project management skills are often skills that you already have, and utilise on a daily basis, and these are the skills that can help you to work smarter. Even if you don’t employ specific project management practices, the skills that come with them can help to lead to a decrease in costs and an increase in productivity.


A core project management skill is communication. This is something you will learn on any project manager course. When the communication within a team is good, then productivity is improved. This communication isn’t just about communicating important information to your employees, but also about listening to what they have to say. It’s also about making sure that all forms of communication are used to keep people in the loop, so if you utilise project management software, and even a small company should consider this, that you keep communication within the program so everyone can see it.


At the heart of any good project is great planning. Taking the time out as a small business owner to effectively plan out your time on a project could pay dividends. Not only will It help you to save your schedule but also your budget and resources for later. Think about the details of the entire project and don’t “leave things until later” because this really can have a negative effect. It is also important to be prepared for any problems that might arise in your project and even allow some time to tackle these should they occur.

The right project management tools

For every team out there, project management will look different. And this means a different approach will work best. There are lots of project management tools out there from complex systems to those that offer a much more basic way of working; there is no right, or wrong, solution for any project so what works for one project may not work as well for another. As a small business project manager it may be better to opt for a simpler tool with a learning curve that is not quite so steep.

Set your goals and objectives

Be firm when it comes to setting your goals and objectives. Ensure that the members of your team know exactly what is being aimed for, and when the project will be considered “done.”

Celebrate the small things

A project is not just the big success that comes from completing it and achieving your end goals. It’s all the small victories along the way. It is an important skill as a project manager to be able to identify these small victories and also ensure that they are celebrated.

Choose the right people

A project team is only as good as the people who are a part of it and the skills that they have. It is important to identify everyone’s strengths and make sure that they are used to the best of their ability within your project. Identifying how best to use these vital resources is essential, especially when you have a small project team.