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The Best Ways Your Company’s Website Can Work Better for Customers


The Best Ways Your Company’s Website Can Work Better for Customers

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Your company’s website is usually the one-stop-shop for customers if you are a retailer or offer some sort of online service. Website visitors want to be able to quickly find what they need and access the information they want on your site without encountering any confusion or roadblocks. Businesses should aim to make their sites free of frustrations. Additionally, there are several helpful features you can add to your company’s online retail site to help them get what they need quickly. Here are the best ways your company website can work better for your customers and site visitors.

Quickly Loads

If your website is optimized to load quickly and still give your customers the information and products they want and need, visitors will appreciate it. Today, customers and site visitors are used to pages that load in an instant. If your site takes longer than that to load, visitors may give up and look elsewhere at your competitors. You can improve your site’s load time by choosing the right hosting options and creating a design that doesn’t lag or slow down. Consolidate your site’s files and improve your performance speed to make a better impression with new potential customers.

Looks Great on Mobile

It’s also important to make your website function in a mobile format. In the past, most websites were designed solely for the desktop experience and didn’t really consider mobile users. Now, more web traffic than ever comes from mobile devices and tablets. It’s necessary now to make design choices with your website so it displays properly on a smaller screen. You also need to consider the functionality of forms, menus, and other features that may operate differently on a phone or tablet.

Links to Social Media

Your retail website should also seamlessly link to your company’s social media accounts. Your social media sites should also link back to your website so visitors don’t have to devote any time to search for your web address. Not only do customers appreciate finding everything in one place, but your business can also benefit from having social media accounts featured on the site. Posting regularly on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram give your customers real-time news and updates about products, offerings, and services and fleshes your brand out much more.

Easy-To-Follow Design

Another feature site visitors are sure to appreciate is a clean, simple design that puts function above everything else. Your site doesn’t need excessive bells and whistles, such as videos, music, animations, or other busy design elements. Instead, aim for a clean design that emphasizes navigation and ease of use. Potential customers should be able to quickly navigate the site with a highly-visible menu and clickable options. Links should be functional and intuitive within the site. Extras like pop-ups, subscription options, and automatic redirecting should be avoided if you want to keep visitors from seeking a quick exit.

Live Support Options

Customers also need a way to access help from your team when they have a question or concern. Simply including an email address or a contact form isn’t enough in today’s digital world. Instead, consider adding a live customer support option that gives site visitors instant answers to their questions. Live chat support gives site visitors a convenient way to get information without having to resort to a phone call. Support in the form of a chat session also gives customers a way to contact you while multitasking at work or in other places.

Extensive Product and Services Listings

Finally, give your website visitors plenty of information to read about and see with a detailed list of all of your product offerings and services. Customers today want to be able to get as much information as possible from your site without stepping foot into a retail location or calling someone on the phone. You can give them what they need by including a comprehensive online store that features high-quality pictures of each product or service and a complete description. Increase your sales and get more results with your store’s performance by providing plenty of details about your offerings.

The key to online success with a retail business storefront is a site that doesn’t irritate visitors. Incorporate these in-demand features that customers and visitors expect to see in order to keep them from jumping ship and experiencing frustration.