Things to Consider When Buying a Car Audio Amplifier


Things to Consider When Buying a Car Audio Amplifier

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Good music always brings in relaxation and has the power to kick off stress on long drives. But what if you couple it with a car audio amplifier to improve its quality? Sounds better? Yes, if you are a music enthusiast, car audio amplifiers can enhance your overall experience by making the sound clearer, louder, and more energetic. 

Even though most cars have an in-built audio amplifier, they are not powerful enough and amplify flat music. To help you out, we have jotted down a few essential things you need to consider when investing in a car audio amplifier.

  1. Amplifier Wiring

The best car amplifiers beat the race by having extraordinary wiring, mainly of oxygen-free copper. However, OFC amplifier kits may cost an arm and leg due to an abrupt increase in copper cost in the past few years, but it is totally worth it. 

CCA kits have a central body of aluminum and an outer layer of copper. Never go for copper-clad aluminum kits as copper is a better conductor of electricity than aluminum, which assures OFC amplifiers longevity.

  1. Warranty

Even if your favorite amplifier is on sale and at a significant discount, never compromise on warranty. People usually tend to ignore this one thing and later get caught in problems when their amplifier suddenly stops working. 

Beware, most manufacturers do not consider the warranty if the amplifier is not bought from their authorized retailer. If you aren’t sure about the retailer’s credibility, then the best way is to check the manufacturer’s dealer locator. Another way is to call the company and inquire about their authorized retailer directly.

  1. Power

It is advised to install speakers prior to buying an amplifier. However, if you have an in-built speaker, check out its RMS value and then buy an amplifier accordingly. The amplifier should deliver at least 755 to 150% of the RMS value to function correctly. 

Don’t let the size fool you. A small size amplifier can also deliver good power in addition to the benefit of its easy placement under your seat.

  1. Channels

The number of channels in an amplifier interprets the number of audio systems it can power. When buying a car audio amplifier, it is best to go for ones that can channel multiple speaker units. 

To know the number of channels that would fit your pocket, determine the number of speaker systems you have. The amplifiers are available in different configurations, and each speaker has its own channel. Car speakers, in general, are compatible with 2, 4, and 6 channels.

  1. Flexible Features

Go for amplifiers that support a good voltage range that is 0.25 to 4 volts. This is perfect for running most of the applications. If not the digital signal processor, then buy an amplifier with in-built electronic crossovers. 

It is an important consideration in light of the fact that it ensures longevity, less bass, and enhanced performance of the speakers. If you are buying it to amplify your subwoofer, then pick the one you can control on a remote level. This will help to fine-tune and adjust music according to your preference.

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