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How to Have the Best Time at Mini Golf with Your Family


How to Have the Best Time at Mini Golf with Your Family

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golf club with ball scaled
Golf club and ball. Preparing to shot

Gather up the crew and Enjoy Mini Golf in Melbourne – Le Mans Entertainment. Get ready for some wildly fun family time at the mini golf course! This classic pastime offers hours of entertainment across creative holes and whimsical obstacles. Who will claim bragging rights this round? Follow these tips to ensure your next mini golf adventure scores big smiles.

Arrive Early

Showing up right when the course opens avoids any long waits at the first tee. You’ll have the option to go at your own relaxed pace rather than feeling rushed by groups behind you. The course will also be in top shape early on without divots or distractions from large crowds.

Fuel Up First

Make sure to fuel up with a healthy snack or meal beforehand. Those 18 holes take concentration and patience, which runs thin when kids are hungry or tired. Pack easy portable snacks like energy bars, fruit, and trail mix to refuel as needed. Stay hydrated with water bottles too.

Set Expectations

Have a quick pep talk before starting play. Remind kids that mini golf is about having fun, not fierce competition. Everyone will likely hit poor shots or maximum strokes at some point. Focus on keeping things light versus getting mad over a high score. Taking turns and not rushing others’ shots is key too. If you’re looking to make the game even more enjoyable, consider using hybrid golf bags to carry and organize your clubs efficiently during your mini golf adventures.

Get Silly

Infuse the game with plenty of laughs and goofiness! Challenge each other to hit trick shots like under the leg or behind the back swings. See who can strike the most ridiculous victory pose after holing out. Get creative naming holes based on their features, then striking theatrical poses to match. Snap selfies capturing all the hilarity. The sillier, the better!

Enjoy Friendly Competition

A dose of friendly competition keeps mini golf exciting without dampening the fun. Set creative side challenges at different holes, like who can bank a shot off the wall or hit closest to the hole in one try. Provide small prizes like candy or stickers to winners. Just keep the stakes light and rotate who picks the challenge.

For larger competitions, split into teams of kids vs parents or girls vs boys. The losing team sings a silly song or performs a dance routine at the end. A little friendly rivalry brings lots of laughs without the pressure.

Take Breaks When Needed

Don’t be afraid to take quick water and snack breaks, especially if frustration levels start brewing. Let antsy kids run around or do handstands for a minute to reboot their mood. Joke about your own silly shots to lighten the tone too. If you’re still waiting on an open hole after a long delay, simply skip it and move ahead.

Focus on Milestones 

Rather than purely tracking scores, celebrate mini golf milestones that boost confidence. Cheer first-time holes in one, new lowest scores on a hole, or shots that narrowly miss going in. Mark down good-effort holes with a star on the scorecard. Focusing on achievements keeps motivation strong.

With the right mindset and techniques, a casual round of mini golf quickly goes from standard to spectacular family fun. Follow these tips to make treasured memories filled with laughter, friendly competition, and milestones cheered. Now grab those putters and let the family fun commence!