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Top 8 Must-Visit Atlanta Attractions


Top 8 Must-Visit Atlanta Attractions

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Atlanta is the capital of Georgia and has remained the principal center of America for quite a long time. Originally, the city was a military outpost that soon became a railway junction and into a popular commercial town. Lately, Atlanta has become a significant economic and cultural center. It’s a frequent hub of air traffic. You will find most internationally popular businesses including CNN and Coca-Cola – they have their headquarters here. You cannot expect to find a romantic getaway here, instead, it’s a large and vibrant city with a lot of things to see and do. The tourist attractions range from sports to art including notable museums, theme parks, and historic monuments.

1 Center for Civil and Human Rights

Atlanta has achieved its renowned position in the American Civil Rights Movements of the 1950s and 1960s. It is marked beautifully with the famous art gallery that places this long-lasting struggle into the greater global movement for human rights. The Center for Civil and Human Rights discover the olden times of Jim Crow commandments with newscasts, audio-visuals, speeches, personal accounts and interactive experiences that can beautifully give you an in-depth overview of the struggle. Stories and portraits depict the hard work of men and women who lost their lives in the struggle. The site brings along the store into the wider picture of human rights around the world – inspiring visitors, the rights of children and women’s rights.

2 The Fox Theatre

Built-in the 1920s, the Fox Theatre worked as the Yaarab Temple Shrine Mosque with the stunning Arabian theme design. It had a diverse history with several issues during the Great Depression. Though it has always been admired for the antique and unique construction. The site is registered on the National Reister of Historic Places. A lot of work has been done to keep the interior of the theatre alive and maintain its original grace. The furniture at the Fox Theatre has preserved its presence since 1929. You will come across diverse entertainment options such as concerts, operas, movies and much more with several hundreds of performances every year. In addition, you will find two ballrooms including the Grand Salon and Egyptian Ballroom. Both of these have been wonderfully restored and are available for exclusive events.

3 Piedmont Park

Piedmont is a dream pace for bocce players, joggers, and picnic lovers. With prosperous greenery, flowing water and busy wildlife, it’s a unique world that will take you away from the metropolis of the city. This natural place is a site for frequent art fests all through the year including fine art events, a spring celebration of flowers, dogwood festival, memorial day weekend festivity and Atlanta Jazz festival in addition to many outdoor performances. Many of these events take place every year by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in summers.

4 Georgia Aquarium

When it comes to best Atlanta attractions,Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest indoor aquarium in the West hemisphere with more than 100,000 people visiting the place every year. The site is adjacent to Centennial Park. It boasts fresh and seawater habitats to keep the visitors happy and satisfied for several hours. The popular stars of the aquarium include dolphins, massive whale sharks, penguins, and Beluga whales. Also, you will be accompanied by a free self-guided tour app to download that can navigate you through the exhibitions.

5 EatMeSpeakMe

This pop-up restaurant is sure to visit. It’s worth escaping slightly out of town to Decatur’s SOS Tiki Bar and finds EatMeSpeakMe every Wednesday on weekend. The restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients and therefore the menu changes every week. The chef offers you an omakase-style five-course tasting menu. Though if you are looking forward to tasting a delicious meal, this restaurant operates on a first come first serve basis. Treat your taste buds!

6 Paris on Ponce

Paris on Ponce is a great multivendor vintage destination with a few different faces to satisfy any type of customer. You will find more than 35 deals selling everything from indie-designed bridal gowns and unique furniture to estate jewelry and breathtaking light fixtures. If you are unable to invest some bucks on the treasures for sale, you can still enjoy the window shopping and have a tempting cup of coffee from Three Heart Coffee Roastery.

7 The Clermont Lounge

Most celebrities from Jennifer Lawrence to Anthony Bourdain has made it a common point to visit. In 2018, the motel looks considerably different and thanks to million-dollar renovation who re-launched the property as Hotel Clermont complete with a French restaurant, posh rooms and rooftop bar. You will find beautiful customer restrooms, crush beer cans and popular dancers. It’s hard to describe unless you visit the place yourself and enjoy the exotic environment.

8 Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum

This public-learning institution and monument is dedicated to the Georgia-born 39th President’s legacy and definitely makes for a fanatic day out. Visitors simply love the Charter Center for its interesting history and inspiring programming that features literary exhibitions and events. Inside, scrutinize artifacts from the Charter administration and armistice advocacy travels ranging from a full-scale imitation of the Oval Office to the president’s journal.


Atlanta is known for its sweltering summer weather and is home to the world’s busiest airport. The things to do in Atlanta will simply go beyond your expectations. This largest city boasts ancient sites and attractions such as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthplace, a vibrant nightlife scene, antiquated performance sites like the Fox Theatre and wide-ranging activities to handle with the children in tow. Above we have discussed all popular places in Atlanta that you must visit and make your experience simply unforgettable. From culture ventures to history buffs, we have covered everything you must be looking forward to. Explore the real Atlanta!

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