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What Are the Types of Crypto Calculators and How to Buy Cryptocurrency?


What Are the Types of Crypto Calculators and How to Buy Cryptocurrency?

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Crypto investments bring fruit if you know the principle of the market and are able to analyze it on your own instead of relying on Internet forecasts. As such investments’ popularity grows, new services and tools emerge. The most popular instrument for crypto trading is a crypto coin calculator. This instrument allows users to exchange crypto instantly, showing all the details of this process – trading fees, the price for transactions, etc., and allowing them to “play” with different amounts and pick the most profitable.

Actually, there are some types of crypto calculator:

  • Crypto taxed calculator – helps to calculate your taxes when working with crypto assets without the need to hide a tax specialist.
  • Mining calculator – helps to understand your profit, electricity expenses, depending on mining difficulty, etc., if you are a miner.
  • Profit and loss calculator – such services do the math for you. It is convenient when you need to do hundreds of calculations a day because time is what matters a lot when it comes to successful investments.
  • Cryptocurrency calculator – this is what we mentioned at the beginning of this article. It is the most widespread converter offered by all prominent crypto exchanges.

We offer to look at the WhiteBIT cryptocurrency calculator. 

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Using the WhiteBIT Converter?

First, you need to move your funds to the trading balance. It may be fiat or crypto currencies – WhiteBIT supports these options. So you can buy both crypto coins with fiat and traditional money with digital assets. For that purpose, select the assets you have in your trade balance and want to sell and the currency you would like to get in return. Next, indicate how many coins (how many dollars, euros, etc.) you want to spend. The crypto coin calculator will show the current price and the fee. If it suits you, go ahead and convert assets. 

Top Cryptocurrencies by Market Cap

When deciding which cryptocurrency to invest in, it’s important to consider their market capitalization. The market cap is the total value of all the coins that have been mined. To calculate the market cap, you need to multiply the number of coins in circulation by their current value.

Here are some of the leading cryptocurrencies based on their market cap:

  1. Bitcoin (over $342.7 billion)
  2. Ethereum (over $163.3 billion)
  3. Tether (over $69.6 billion)
  4. Discover how to buy BNB and unlock its potential. BNB (over $49.7 billion)
  5. USD Coin (over $43.5 billion)

These are the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap. To find out about the other coins in the top 10, you can visit