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UV Laser Marker And Its Most Useful Features


UV Laser Marker And Its Most Useful Features

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When it comes to laser marking equipment, you will find that there is a variation present within this category as well. UV laser marking equipment is a commonly used system for creating impressions on a range of material. Here, we will discuss what this is and its most useful features.

What Is UV Laser Marking Equipment?

UV laser marking equipment is an effective method to target specific materials that the fiber laser marking equipment is not able to. The latter is not ideal for heat-sensitive items, and that is why UV laser marking machine came into being. It is a cold-source laser which allows you to make use of it on a variety of goods, including food packaging. UV laser marking allows you precision and quality on heat-sensitive items, and ensures that you make the most of its use.

How Does UV Laser Marking Work?

When it comes to the process of how UV laser marking equipment works, you must know that the process is pretty simple and unique. A wavelength of about 355nm is used for the laser beam. With this, the focused spot for marking is extremely fine and small. Not only this, but you will find that there is minimal heat produced in the entire process.

The use of UV laser marking is mainly for fine markings or punching. You will find the machine to have a low thermal effect, but that is not all. The laser beam of the laser marking machine will also be blue, which is why it is often referred to as the blue laser marking machine.

How Are UV Laser Marking Features Useful?

When it comes to UV laser marking, you will find that it offers you a range of features. Each of these features are highly effective and offer you a great use. Let’s have a look at the benefits of the UV laser marking equipment features.

  • Operational Efficiency

The first thing that you should know is that you get to avail operational efficiency through this. There is less wastage throughout the process, and you get access to the results much quicker than from other options. The process allows you to increase your productivity as well.

  • Effective Laser Beam

When it comes to the laser beam, you will find that it has a unique and fine diameter that it works with. So, you will be able to create markings in small processes. The laser beam can be used to engrave material with a character height of 0.3mm and character width of 0.03mm minimum. The process is fast as you’re able to create deep markings with the fine diameter of this tool.

  • Low Power Consumption

One thing is for sure, UV laser marking equipment ensures that you make use of low power consumption for your processes to take place. This is pretty amazing as you will not have to worry about excessive use of power for the product of your items.

  • Wide Usability

UV laser marking equipment is not limited to only specific use  as you get to make use of it for a wide range of materials. For instance, you get to make use of it for medical packaging materials, glass, food, plastic silicone, and much more.

  • Use Of Cold-Source Laser

Now, one thing that stands out when it comes to UV laser marking equipment is the cold source laser. You will find it to be highly effective in use. It has a blue shade to the laser beam, which might feel dazed, and would need about ten minutes for recovery.


At OTLASER, we provide advanced UV laser marking equipment for many application. You can get to be more precise and use it on materials that traditional laser marking systems cannot.

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