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My Viking Journey: Understanding Registration and Login Process and Benefits


My Viking Journey: Understanding Registration and Login Process and Benefits

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What is My Viking Journey?

My Viking Journey is a travel web portal that allows for full itinerary customization. There are multiple advantages of using My Viking Journey, which we will talk about later in this post.

My Viking Journey: Great Features

Remember that customising your cruises at My Viking Journey requires no service fee though an increased fare may apply to your chosen flights. Within 120 days before your departure, you can search for new flights, change your seats, update frequent flyer information and add a stopover. You will have round-the-clock access to your account and make necessary adjustments according to your convenience.

To some people, the best part of My Viking Journey portal is its adherence to written manuals. It is likely to make your cruise experience more enjoyable. All the cruise paperwork will be dispatched to your email id. If you are planning for a cruise, you deserve the best experience and My Viking Journey is hell-bent on living up to your expectation.

The web portal used to give travellers a check-in slip containing all the important information and basic luggage tags along with a leather luggage tag. A traveller gets two big stickers to put on his/her shirt after arriving at the airport. However, some people consider the stickers dumb-looking and are not willing to put them on their shirts.

The web portal provides excellent information. They have introduced a new custom brochure containing information about flights, transfers (if available), hotel stays (if applicable), deck-plans, on-board details, itinerary details, and wheelchairs-accessible short trips.

My Viking Journey has the Silver Spirits Beverage Package that includes all beers, spirits, wines and premium wines to make your cruising experience truly memorable.

Register Steps At

How to Register at

My Viking Journey is easily available to all. To use their service, you must have a reservation number on the portal. You can use the Viking Reservation Number to plan and customise your tour. You just need to type in your email address and reservation number to create an account.

The steps to join My Viking Journey have been described below:

Ø  Open

Ø  After opening the website, you can get started in two ways: “Create Account” and “Login.”. Hit on ‘Join New’ in the area that reads “Create an Account”.

Ø  You can now find the registration form. Provide information such as your first name and last name, job title, email address and reservation number.

Ø  Next, you have to confirm your email address and password.

Ø  Check the boxes that read “I agree to the booking conditions” and “Email me” to receive news, special deals, new flyers etc from Viking Cruises.

Ø  After completing the registration process, click “Create Account”.

How to Log in to My Viking Journey Web Portal? 

It is fairly easy for members to log in to My Viking Journey portal. Extra services are made available to members. After creating your account, you must be logged into your My VikingJourney account to get regular updates and book future trips.

Follow the simple steps described below for log in:

Ø  Visit the company’s website

Ø  After the website opens on your screen, you will find a place for ‘log in’ on the right side of the web portal.

Ø  Email (email protected) with a message.

Ø  Enter your username and password.

Ø  You will find a blue “Log in” button at the bottom of the two-field form.

Ø  Once you stay logged in to the web portal, you will continuously receive regular updates from My Viking Journey. These updates include information about travel tickets booking, lodging and online meals.

My Viking Journey: Conditions for Accessing Updates

The following conditions must be fulfilled to sign up for My Viking Journey.

Ø  A reliable web browser

Ø  Reliable internet connection

Ø  Having a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone

Ø  Username and password

Ø  A visit to the website

My Viking Journey: How to Change the Password? 

You need to choose a password when creating an account on My Viking Journey. Make sure to use a safe and secure password. Some users are too forgetful to remember the password they used during the last login process. Until the password is recovered or changed, you will not be able to get updates from My Viking Journey.

It is not difficult to change your login password. The steps are described below:

Ø  Visit the website

Ø  You will find the sign-in page.

Ø  Choose “Reset Password” from the menu.

Ø  Click on “Reset Password”. Next you will be required to enter your email address linked to your My Viking Journey account.

Ø  You will receive an email with a link that will allow you to change your password.

Ø  Click the secure URL to create a new password or reset a password.

My Viking Journey: How to Change Your Username?

Many users forget their usernames. So, how to fill out My Viking Journey Update on the website? The procedures to change your username are listed below:

Ø  Visit

Ø After the website opens, you will see “Sign in” on the home page. 

Ø  You will find a link that reads “Forgot your email?” on the same page where you signed in to My Viking Journey web portal.

Ø  Type in your first name and last name, your reservation number and the date of your departure. 

Ø  After you are done with providing the necessary information, click “Next”.

Ø  If you have lost your username, you will get a reminder from the page where you logged in to My Viking Journey.

My Viking Journey: Know the Benefits

If you have ever opted for Viking River Cruise services, you will automatically become a member of the Explorer Society. People, who are not members of the shipping company’s club, will not receive the deals and perks like the club members do.

My Viking Journey: Low-Cost Cruises

Customers having cruising experience with My Viking Journey get credits on their future trips. Your travel credits are based on the date of your last connection and when you are planning your next reservation. All Viking Ocean crossings are included in the deal.


Invitation to a Chosen Group of People

The members of the Viking Explorer Society will get a free cocktail on their next cruise. A great way to meet and mingle with others!

Members are first to receive notification about new cruises, ships and routes from Viking Explorer Society. Moreover, the members have freedom to choose their destinations and date of departure. You will get to know about all the deals on the list available only for a short time.

Great Privilege, Great Responsibility  

Always stay updated on new Viking Cruises ships and routes in order to choose the best destination and the most convenient date of departure. Depending on your choice, you will receive letters or emails about special deals. However, these special deals are available only for a short time.

Personal Recommendation Awarded 

Viking has plenty of offers for its members. Whether you are a solo traveller or are travelling with your family or a gang of friends, a Viking Cruise makes the best choice to explore the world.

Referring people will bring you rewards in the form of bonuses.

You will receive a $100 credit for your next trip for referring to a new travel partner. 

For referring a pair, you will get an award of $200.

You will receive a free cruise for the entire year if you can refer to a 13th friend.

For each new recommendation, the person can save $100 for his/her next trip.

My Viking Journey: Highlights

My Viking Journey is 100% safe and secured. Only Viking passengers can use this web portal. My Viking Journey always listens to customers’ preferences. They also have a plan for expansion. Here are some USPs of My Viking Journey:

Passengers should have the ability to check their past cruises but only in a “read-only” mode. After a cruise starts, turn off the portal for booking your trip and making payments.

Post the Viking Daily to My Viking Journey. This way, travellers can keep a journal, send their photos and rate their cruising experiences at each stop on their way to their destination. If travellers can take out prints and send it to Viking regularly, it would be a great idea.

Adding checkboxes will help passengers share their reviews, comments and photos of their cruise experiences with My Viking Journey members, Viking and common public.

Making forums for each Viking cruise will help people recognize the “new” addition to Viking Cruises. It will also allow people , who have gone on cruises before, to offer advice and help.

The Web Portal Suggests You to:

Ø  Update the list of traveller info

Ø  Visit the website for Viking Air to get more information about flights

Ø  Find out the features of the ship, itinerary and spa services

Ø  Have copies of all the paperwork and your cruise’s schedule

Ø  Pay bills to their bank account

Customer Service

Customers can contact the customer service department for My Viking Journey via phone, live chat or emails. You can get in touch with My Viking Journey customer service by visiting their official website and asking about reservations, travel agency contacts, updates and discounts.

Call them on their toll-free number 1-866-984-5464 or 1-855-338-4546 from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm (Monday through Saturday) and from 5.00 am to 7.00 pm (Sunday through Thursday) to receive necessary details about My Viking Journey, lodge a complaint or make a reservation (Sunday).

You can also contact via chat or emails. Here are their customer service ids:

Ø  [email protected]

Ø  [email protected]

Ø  [email protected]

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