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Shipment of goods from the warehouse: business processes


Shipment of goods from the warehouse: business processes

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Availability of warehouse stocks of products, as well as timely receipt of the desired range of goods upon request, are the most important conditions for building a successful business. Therefore, the use of dispatch and shipment management systems is simply necessary. Ensuring these conditions is possible only with a well-built business process of shipment in the warehouse. A number of important parameters for the cargo owner depend on it:

  • accuracy of accounting for inventory balances (inventory and materials) located on the storage area;
  • speed of processing applications for the issuance of goods and materials;
  • conformity of the complete set of the order with the submitted application;
  • timely shipment loading goods.

Difficulties at one of these stages of the business process can lead to a number of problems for the cargo owner – damage to goods and materials, shortages, incompleteness, delivery deadlines. All this threatens serious material losses and termination of contracts. To avoid these problems, it is worth understanding how the business process should be arranged, and what parameters to focus on when choosing a shipment warehouse.

Shipment Process Optimization

The optimization process aims to reduce costs in warehouse operations and increase processing speed. As a result, the warehouse operator improves shipping conditions and reduces the cost of services.

A tangible effect is given by the optimization of the following stages:

  • Implementation and optimization of the system for submitting and processing requests.
  • Improvement of the accounting system and implementation of restructuring.
  • Speed ​​up order picking.

Optimization is an unpredictable and individual process. To start it, you need to know the weak points, the current time and quality indicators of each stage. After their measurement, consistent optimization of processes and control of results begins.

Optimization of the system for receiving and processing applications

It is possible to achieve a high speed of receiving and processing applications using a specialized automatic system that allows you to:

  1. the bailor fills in the necessary data online in 3-5 minutes for issuing a consignment of goods;
  2. warehouse or transport company to instantly process the received application, put the order in the queue for processing, and carry out acceptance at the appointed time.

For example, the “Partner” company provides each client with access to a personal account, where the customer can create applications for the receipt, shipment, storage of products in a matter of minutes. And also view the applications submitted for the entire time and track the previously shipped goods.

Optimization of the accounting system and restructuring

Flexible working conditions, allowing to increase the speed of operations, can only be achieved using specialized automatic systems for accounting for goods. A-class warehouse complexes use the Warehouse Management System. It is designed to handle standard loads and therefore is not as flexible. The use of such systems allows you to increase the flexibility of work, due to the possibility of quickly changing the names and number of positions in the system.

In addition to the competent implementation of the accounting program, the application of restructuring is required – reducing the useless area occupied by products while ensuring easy access to each unit of goods. This allows not only to speed up processing, but also to reduce the cost of storing a unit of goods for the client.

Optimization of the order picking stage

The picking process is individual for each warehouse complex. Therefore, optimization is based on preliminary measurements of indicators, restructuring of the process based on the assumptions made and subsequent measurement of the result.