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What Are the Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders?


What Are the Best Apps for Motorcycle Riders?

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Bikers want to spend their time on the open road rather than sitting somewhere using a mobile device. However, digital technology has a lot to offer these individuals. Developers continue to produce apps to make any bike trip more enjoyable. The following apps are ones every motorcyclist should check out. 


Harley-Davidson owners love their rides. To see why, click here. However, once on their bike, they may need a little help. That’s why the bike manufacturer created the Harley-Davidson app. This app lets the biker plan a ride, use GPS navigation to ensure they get to their destination, and more. 

The app also allows the user to record rides and integrates with the infotainment system. Try it today to see how it can take any ride to the next level. Harley owners love their bikes and the manufacturer because they know they will get quality products for the modern age. 


Riders looking for a community-based navigation app find Waze is perfect for their needs. Users input information as they make their way through traffic. Other drivers then use this real-time information to alter their route as needed. 

The number of users providing accurate real-time data is extremely beneficial. People rave about the ease with which they can move from place to place with its help. Motorcyclists will find they benefit just as other drivers do. 


Custom route planning and navigation are at a biker’s fingertips with the help of Rever. In fact, many bikers rate this as the top GPS app because it offers many additional features. For example, bikers can find their friends with the help of live friend tracking. 

Riders can socialize with the help of the app, which works to keep them safe and connected. Create ride challenges or share favorite routes in Rever. Today, this app allows bikers to find thousands of roads, tracks, and trails they may wish to try. 

This app is not limited to one country either. In addition, dirt and street bike riders benefit from its use. The app records their speed, time, distance, and elevation change. A user can also choose which bike they are riding on any given day to have that information stored. 

Eat Sleep Ride

Similar to Waze in many areas, Eat Sleep Ride is a GPS app for riders. However, it differs in that it is designed with bikes in mind. The app allows riders to find new routes, establish private groups, and track rides. These features appear in the free version. 

Upgrade to the paid version and receive additional features. For example, the paid version tracks emergency situations with the help of CRASHLIGHT. Solo riders appreciate this, as it alerts someone if they have a problem while on a ride. 

Diablo Super Biker

Pirelli created Diablo Super Biker to allow users to collect valuable information about motorcycles. The app allows them to learn more about the bike’s maximum acceleration, the center of mass, and lean angle calculation. It also calculates the altitude and measures gravitational acceleration. 

The app takes it a step further. Receive information about the temperature and atmospheric pressure when riding and the type of asphalt the bike is traveling on. Riders love that it works even during periods when they don’t have network coverage. 

Dark Sky

Motorcyclists must track the weather to ensure they don’t find themselves riding in dangerous conditions. Dark Sky understands this and provides hyper-local forecasts that are up to the minute. It provides significant details related to weather conditions so riders know what they are facing. 

The app allows for voice notifications through a Bluetooth headset, which means the rider doesn’t need to monitor their device. These same notifications share extreme weather alerts. This provides riders with time to get off the road before the bad weather arrives. 


Autosist is ideal for any person with a vehicle on the road. This app allows them to track their vehicle’s service intervals and fuel costs. It alerts the owner to payment due dates and provides other data a person will find valuable. 

A person can scan receipts and documents while on the road. Track expenses and other information through the app to access later. Doing so is easy even for those who hate to handle tasks like this. 

Gas Buddy

While gas prices are currently dropping, they remain much higher than they were just a few years ago. Every driver, regardless of which vehicle they are using, wants a great deal on gas. Gas Buddy helps them find the best deal. 

The app shares current gas prices at different fueling stations and receives this information from users. In addition, users can share station reviews and compete in challenges to earn free gas. Paying for fuel through the app provides the rider with a discount, and a person can even use it to find discounted parking. 

Best Biking Roads

Some people avoid technology as much as possible. They don’t like using devices to gather the information they need. Best Biking Roads is built with these people in mind. 

This app is easy to use, and the interface is intuitive. A person can easily see motorcycle routes near where they currently are and can filter routes using different variables. A person can add new roads they find other bikers might enjoy, and existing routes come with reviews. 

Cycle Trader

As a person uses these motorcycle apps, they may find they want to upgrade their current bike or invest in a second one. Cycle Trader makes it easy to find a new bike, and a rider can also sell their motorcycle here. 

The app is basic but does its job. A user will find features to make it easy to buy or sell a ride. They can search by make, model, year, and other parameters. The clean and simple design ensures this app is enjoyable to use. 

Download Your Apps Today

These apps are designed to make every ride safer and easier. A biker doesn’t need to download and use them all, but every person should check out at least one or two. They might find the app they select has everything they need to make their upcoming ride amazing in every way.