What is good Samaritan law in Nevada? Check here!


What is good Samaritan law in Nevada? Check here!

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Sample this situation – You were standing on the road, when suddenly a speeding car hits another pedestrian on the road. Like most people, you will do what’s best for helping the victim. What if you are sued by the victim later because they claim that you exacerbated their injuries? In Nevada, there is the good Samaritan law that may work in your favor.

The basic grounds

The ‘Good Samaritan’ law in Nevada is basically intended to help bystanders who made an effort in good faith to help someone in an emergency. While there are exceptions to the rule, the ‘Good Samaritan’ law is an important one, because it encourages people to help others in emergency situations. Even if a bystander causes unexpected damage while trying to help someone, they cannot be held liable or sued for their act. Emergencies are unexpected and one is likely to behave in the most appropriate way possible, and this law ensures that someone who tried to help doesn’t get sued for the wrong reasons.

A bystander or any person who tries to help others in emergency cannot be sued or held liable, if-

  • It was an emergency
  • The person tried to help in an active manner
  • The person was not paid for their act or help
  • The person wasn’t negligent in their behavior

What are the exceptions?

Like we mentioned, there are some exceptions to the Good Samaritan law in Nevada. Firstly, if the person acted in a way that it meant intentional harm or gross negligence on their part, they may be held responsible for their efforts. The term to note here is “unreasonable conduct”. Secondly, if someone caused the accident and then tried to help the victim, they cannot expect to get protection under the Good Samaritan law. This law is meant for bystanders only.  For those who have a duty to help – like police or paramedics – they cannot get liability protection either.

Get help

If you have been sued for an innocent effort to help someone in an emergency, consider talking to a lawyer in Nevada, who can guide further on the case. They can help in understanding if you can get protection from being sued or held liability with the Good Samaritan law. A good lawyer can defend your position and ensure that you don’t suffer because of an act that was meant to save a life or help someone in an emergency.

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