What to Put on A Lanyard?


What to Put on A Lanyard?

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Thinking of getting a lanyard for your company? Not only are lanyards incredibly easy to carry around since they come with a cord, but they’re also great for identification since they usually have a pocket for cards.

If you’re looking to get lanyards, however, you might be overwhelmed by the number of choices there are out there. Here, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know about the different lanyard designs and more.

What are the different lanyard attachments?

There are a few lanyard attachments for you to choose from and these include:

  1. Key ring
    This attachment has a round shape and resembles the look of a ring. The key ring attachment is best for holding keys.

  2. J-Hook
    This type of attachment is typically used for identification cards.

  3. Bulldog Clip
    Best used for clipping IDs as well as for badges. As it has a relatively strong grip, this is a reliable attachment that’s typically used to hold items.

  4. Retractable badge holders
    This convenient attachment is great for when individuals need to swipe their  badge at work or for a particular event and can easily pull the badge out without having to fumble for it.

What are the different types of lanyards?

There are also a few different types of lanyards for you to choose from and they include:

  1. ID Lanyard

These are great for holding identification cards and are typically used by students or employees in Australia.

  1. Key Lanyard

As the name suggests, this type of lanyard is great for individuals that tend to forget their keys. With this type of lanyard, you can fasten your keys to the keychain lanyard’s attachment.

  1. Phone Lanyard

Durable and secure, these types of lanyards can hold a phone with no problems at all. They’re secure and have grown in popularity due to their convenience.

  1. Tool Lanyard

For those professions that require you to carry your tools around, a tool lanyard is exactly what you need. With this particular lanyard, you can place small screwdrivers or other small tools in a pouch that’s attached to your lanyard.

  1. Mask Lanyard

These particular lanyards can hold face masks with no issues at all. Not only will the mask lanyard keep your mask safe, but also unwrinkled. This can be done with either a bulldog clip or a J-hook.

  1. Breakaway lanyard

These particular lanyards are great for safety as they come with a plastic clip that slips off when pulled. This quick-release clasp will prevent choking just in case the strap gets caught onto something.

Selecting your lanyard

As seen from the above, lanyards come in a wide range of designs and attachments for you to choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, you can do some research to see which types of lanyards would suit your company’s needs best.

Once you’ve done so, take the time to ensure that you’re getting high-quality lanyards that reflect the professionality of your brand.