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<a></a><strong>WHERE IS THE BEST PLACE TO OPEN CSGO CASES?</strong><strong></strong>

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One of the most pressing questions in the CS:GO community is where to open csgo cases to knock out a beautiful and expensive skin. Everyone was divided into two groups, one group of people drowned for opening cases in CS:GO itself, and the other for opening cases on special sites. Following my example, I will say that when you open cases in CS:GO, you will pay several times more. An example of this would be the price for the keys and the purchase of cases, which will cost a tidy sum. I tried to open cases in the game itself several dozen times and I can say that everything is very bad. I only paid off once, in the rest I was always in the red.

After all these failures, I decided to try opening cases on special sites. I played on many projects, from little-known to well-known not only in the CIS, but also abroad. While playing on sites, I realized that 60% of open cases paid off, and some even brought me a big plus. Over time, my luck kept declining and it annoyed me. I again went looking for a site that could bring me a plus. As a result, I stumbled upon a project that was released in January 2021, you can easily visit the site Hotpizza (this is the name of the project, where you can open cases for CS:GO).

Since I love pizza, I liked this project. I decided to give it a try and made my first deposit of $10 – that’s equal to 10 slices of pizza. When replenishing, I was credited with a plus bonus of 5% of the deposit. If you deposit a larger amount, then the additional percentage is higher. The site has a lot of cases with different sets of skins. Cases range from cheap ($0.2) to expensive ($999) and each case is unique.

I opened the first case on the hot pizza site – “Ak Margherita”, it costs $1.6 and I got “AK-47 | Kolymaga” worth $10 from it.

I immediately realized that it was here that I could climb well. After such a successful discovery, my passion woke up and I went on to open cases. There were defeats, but do not forget about the victories that awaited me in the future. The site also has a CASE BATTLE mode (case battle), where the game takes place with other players in 1 vs 1 mode, a game for three, a game for four and a pair game 2 on 2. In this mode, you will spin cases at the same time and whoever has skins is more expensive, he wins. Soon they will have an upgrade, where you can improve the skins that were knocked out of the cases. But still, I’m an amateuropen cases cs go. One day, when I was opening hot pizza cases, I got a knife from the “Boris” case – Knife with a hook-blade | Gamma waves, it costs $173.

I immediately withdrew it. By the way, their withdrawal is quick and convenient. The skin came in a few minutes. Now I can say that for me the Hotpizza site is one of the best in the business. It has all the payback, quick withdrawal, cool referral system, by the way, I’ll tell you about it now.

I have a specialhot pizza promo code- settings , which will give you the opportunity to get free 0.5$. Each of you can also advertise your link and receive bonuses. I will post a link to the site below, click, get a bonus and display top skins.

Why is it worth opening cases on websites?

While the CSGO skins market has been constantly growing, players have been looking for new opportunities with higher drop rates for the best skins. We saw the opening of the first official CSGO case site back in 2016, and for many players trying to get new skins, they have become an integral part of that.

Opening cases on CSGO sites can be cost effective as cheaper skins are priced at a few cents instead of paying that price to Valve.